Buffaloed Braves 2 Grateful Giants 11

Zeus most glorious and most great, Thundercloud, throned in the heavens! Let not the sun go down and the darkness come, until I cast down headlong the citadel of Priam in flames, and burn his gates with blazing fire, and tear to rags the shirt upon Hectors breast! May many of his men fall about him prone in the dust and bite the earth!            (Homer!)


It couldn’t be, could it? Deja Vu. The same river, twice. We had learned our lesson the day before, vowed to do better for the home fans. It was eerie how it formed the same pattern – a first inning run as per Ozzie and then a slow descent into the pitching underworld in the second innings that went on all evening till it totaled eleven runs from eighteen hits.

With hindsight, it was not and never had been a contest, rather perhaps an exhibition by the injury ridden Giants on how to play this game in all its aspects.First off they outpitched us comprehensively. Bloch showing great control, a fine change up, locating most everything down low.McCarthy, who came in with a scary record of having given up 42 runs in 37 innings against these Giants in seasons past resumed where he had left off as though it was preordained that he should.

Offensively we were well versed in the Buster Posey show and got that plus a whole lot more, up and down the order. The MLB box score, below, shows just how thoroughly we were outhit to total 11 runs and 18 hits. Apart from the amazing Cakes (who atypically swallow dived past two line drives, as they landed, sans ball) and encouraging at bats from Joey Bats we went quietly. Apart from one young man that is who will end this report in due time on a much more positive note, to cheer us all up. An 0 for 4 from Valhalla.

Before we get to that it must be said we need acknowledge our offense was badly hurt by a bizarre differential in what I believe I can safely call one game BABIP. Their ground balls sped through our infield like autonomous cars programmed not to collide with any infielders in the area. Ours – well, see below. The exact opposite, our luck was out.

But it might just be we saw some Braves offense last night that produced nothing tangible yet you and I will remember all our baseballing days – two thunderbolts from Hell which Zeus himself must have inspired and left us mere mortals gasping. (To say nothing of a very brave and skilled Mr. Crawford). Acuna’s two liners(?) were officially measured at an exit velocity a fraction either side of one hundred and twelve miles an hour. That same amount of power and contact had produced the 451 foot second deck blast in Citifield was compressed into a mere 90 feet journey sizzling just above the grass and ending, totally and abruptly, in a frightened glove. O my. What a spectacle, and he did it at least twice.

So it’s good to end on a positive note. Acuna himself might not agree, he must have been out of his mind at age 20 with the same results, over and over. But for us it was/is a sign of a prodigious talent that awaits, stretching out into the future. Two bad games pale by comparison. Forza Bravos!

48 thoughts on “Buffaloed Braves 2 Grateful Giants 11”

  1. There are certain things in life that will never change: The Giants suck and Posey was out.

  2. re Acuna’s wormburners ..

    …would like to ask my more qualified friends if his frustrations of the night were caused by a skewed up launch angle or, more likely, the crafty Bochy had called a meeting and said, ‘Nothing up, nothing remotely up. Sink.’ ??

  3. The basic fielding stats like errors and fielding percentage can be improved by simply giving the scorer the ability to assume a double play or have harsher standards for whether a play should have been made. That should happen.

  4. Joe Simpson hates Homer. He much prefers the great Egyptian poet HitLateDunkToRight.

  5. I hope the Strike Whisperer brings the A game today and is able to silence these Giants.

  6. This Dr. Andrews show is depressing. It’s no wonder ML pitchers are getting hurt at such a high clip… these guys have been battling injuries all through high school.

    This is crazy. I don’t know about others, but I don’t enjoy the crapshoot that is major league starting pitchers.

  7. Assuming he lives up to it, I love Strike Whisperer’s new nickname. I really hope it goes viral.

    blazon, I admire your ability to keep your classicism above the fray of all the plebeian commentary.

    However, I’m really missing the prior streak of Schultzianism. I say today Braves need to “…stomp ‘em. Stomp the piss out of ‘em. Stomp ‘em when they’re down. Kick ‘em and stomp ‘em.”

    And for the Strike Whisperer, “Give (them) some low smoke and we’ll go and pound some Budweiser.” Yeah!!!

  8. If you throw a first pitch strike, you ought to be able to throw at least one more strike in an AB. 22 pitches and two walks is an inauspicious beginning.

  9. Soroka has some jitters after witnessing the staff leaders get massacred in the first two games. He’s nibbling when he just needs to put in there and let these fools go after it.

  10. I think he’s starting to get dialed in. Three straight K’s. All of a sudden everything’s a strike – The Whisperer has shown up. I hope that’s what he needed to get his confidence up.

  11. Did Flowers catch Soroka’s first game?

    EDIT: Found the answer myself. I’m starting to think Flowers is not calling a great game for Soroka. Too many pitches nibbling and basically far off the plate. This kinda sucks.

  12. Suzuki caught Soroka last week. This is scary. Three walks now. More balls than strikes. He has got to stop nibbling.

  13. These announcers are total crap when the Braves aren’t playing well. I’m ready to throw the remote. Don’t praise the opponent when they are beating our team.

  14. He’s nibbling because nobody on the Giants have missed a pitch in the strike zone all series.

  15. Confirmed: The Giants are stealing calls and know the pitch and location before it happens.

    Ban everyone in that organization between innings.

  16. Maybe I gotta cancel my cable TV package. Since I picked it up a couple of days ago, the team has played like poop.

  17. Weren’t the Giants like .500 coming in? Braves are making this look like an MLB team vs. a high school team.

  18. @24 Yep. Do that and the run scores anyway but no sac fly next….. Soroka is getting killed on dinks and poor team play. Two infield singles, a sac bunt, a fielder’s choice and sac fly get 2 runs. And the rout is probably on.

  19. I was just thinking about Dansby too. This team has surely missed him at SS since he went out. I simply do not like the way these Giants are playing the Braves this series. Everything is bouncing their way. Everything.

  20. Sam Freeman is earning some cred back. I guess he was seriously over-used at the beginning.

  21. It’s being speculated that Bryse Wilson and Kyle Muller have also been called up to AA and A+ respectively. Wilson has been uniquely impressive with a 0.34 ERA in 26.2 IP. He’s got 26 K’s, 7 BB, and 16 H. Muller, who you remember was a two-way player who had taken awhile to get into starting pitcher shape, has a 2.40 ERA in 30 IP with 23 K’s against 8 BB’s. Wilson getting to AA so quickly is impressive considering he’s only 20 and he’s, in theory, the 4th-best pitcher taken in that draft behind Anderson, Wentz, and Muller. He’s now ahead of all of them.

  22. @31 Definitely over-used. He was on pace for close to 110 appearances.

    Max Scherzer has 15 K’s though 6 1/3 IP. I’ve turned that game on instead. Scherzer is really incredible.

  23. Scherzer now done. He had thrown 111 pitches. He earned it. Arietta has pitched well opposite him too.

  24. Matt Adams has a 1.049 OPS and 7 HRs for Washington. Good for him. He really got his career back on track with us.

  25. @32 Soroka may have been on a soft pitch count that wasn’t helped by the fact the he wasn’t very effective and wasn’t throwing strikes. I think they need Freeman to go multiple innings. After seeing how well he did in the last inning, I’m not going to begrudge him an AB.

  26. Ruiz is still only 23-years old (though he turns 24 later this month). I’m sure the conversation will be how Austin Riley has obviously supplanted him on the org depth chart, but Ruiz could definitely be the second- or third-best player dealt in a trade to get a contributor, which is exactly what he was when we traded an contributor (Gattis) for him and Folty.

  27. We have an off day tomorrow, no excuse to let your relief pitcher hit. The score is only 4-1. Snit happens.

  28. Anfernee Seymour, the return for Chevanka, was released today. His best-in-the-org speed never translated to either being an elite defender (he pretty much always played right) or stolen bases (he had about a 60% success rate).

    Also, Matt Wisler is in a rain-delayed game for Gwinnett, so he could be finishing his line at 5 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 3 K on 67 pitches. He easily had a couple more innings in him.

    We could probably trade for an impact player with prospects fans have pretty much given up on: Wisler, Blair, Ruiz, Demeritte, Sanchez, etc. Numbskulls like Chief (kidding) will be amazed when we trade for a 3+ WAR player with table scraps he’s said we should have released.

    And I will spare you as this is my last comment for a little while.

  29. @41 I think you need to include something of consequence too, but I think many of those players can be a part of a decent trade. My bet is on the Royals. I think there’s enough depth to make a rental trade without sacrificing any part of the future.

    @42 Chief, it takes some good bait to get good catfish.

  30. The Braves are good at giving you a brief moment of hope. Then they rip out your heart, toss it in a wood chipper, and feed it back to you piece by piece.

    I need sleep.

  31. I probably share Chief’s pessimism on Ruiz. He’s 23 and has been in the minors 6 years with a few terrible stops in the majors. He has a .261 minor league BA and a .751 OPS. If we have any takers for him I would be shocked. The others guys have shown promise at times, I don’t see much for Rio. Maybe he’ll figure it out and start hitting for more power, but I’m not hopeful and don’t think many scouts are.

  32. Remember: this is a very young team and it’s a long season.
    There is still ample reason to believe this team is much better than last year’s.

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