Down on The Farm – Minor League Rosters Announced

Minor league affiliates start today and tomorrow, so we’re starting to see rosters.

Gwinnett Strippers Roster

Nothing incredibly surprising with who is on the roster. Mike Soroka, Matt Wisler, Aaron Blair, Kolby Allard, and Lucas Sims appear to be the rotation with no real relief prospects to speak of unless you consider pitchers like Jesse Biddle or Philip Pfeifer prospects. Rio Ruiz and Dustin Peterson are your prospects to watch on the position player side. Oh, and Ronald Acuna Jr. manages to crack the roster. Hopefully he can hold his own.

Mississippi Braves Roster

The rotation is pretty stacked considering the quality both above and below it in the system. Kyle Wright is obviously your headliner prospect and begins his first stint at AA. Max Fried repeats AA after struggling at AA for most of last year. Tyler Pike, Touki Toussaint, and Ricardo Sanchez round out the rotation. Really a solid rotation. Watch for Adam McCreery, Corbin Clouse, and Josh Graham out of the pen. The position player side is also very talented. Alex Jackson will be behind the plate, Austin Riley will man third base, and Travis Demeritte is now listed as an outfielder on the roster. Tyler Neslony, a college draft pick sleeper, will also be at AA.

Florida Fire Frogs Roster

More studs in the rotation: Ian Anderson, Joey Wentz, Bryse Wilson, Tucker Davidson, and Jeremy Walker. I can’t decide which rotation I like the most. It’s noteworthy that Mauricio Cabrera, who we saw in 2016 at the major league level able to dial it up 102mph+, will begin the year at A+. Drew Harrington doesn’t seem to have a spot in the rotation, so I suppose we either see a 6-man rotation at times, or he gets some work in long relief. Brett Cumberland and Cristian Pache highlight the position players prospect, and another interesting position change is Braxton Davidson listed as a first baseman.

This will be yet another year where you can check the box scores on a nightly basis to see at least one, if not three, starting pitching prospects toeing the rubber for A+ through AAA. Our position player prospect depth is starting to catch up to the pitching side too, so there’s plenty to watch this year!

49 thoughts on “Down on The Farm – Minor League Rosters Announced”

  1. Peanut’s notes

    Foltynewicz did not throw a single changeup in his season debut on March 30, when he limited the Phillies to two earned runs over five innings. But he displayed the depth of his arsenal when he threw his changeup a career-high 21.1 percent (20 of 95) as he limited the Nationals to one run over 5 1/3 innings on Wednesday.

    It’s really hard getting jazzed up about another starter not even getting 6 innings in, but Folty with a third pitch is a career-altering improvement for him. The inability to locate a third pitch has plagued both Folty and Newcomb, but starting pitchers with incredible velocity and movement. I hope AA decides that keeping our SP prospects down in the minors until that major league requirement emerges in their arsenal.

  2. So, if Acuna would have started the year in Atlanta we would be missing this display from Preston Tucker and he may not even be a folk hero. I would say that giving Acuna 2 weeks in AAA is working out pretty well. For some reason I doubt that Acuna would be doing better than. 429 with a 1250 ops.

  3. Folty has 5 pitches, but yeah in the past there has been a big drop in quality after his 2 seamer and 4 seamer.

    I’m glad they have Max Fried repeating Double A. He was definitely rushed last year after struggling at that level. Hopefully he pitches a lot better without that blister problem bothering him — which begs the question, why did they let him pitch through it instead of letting it heal?

  4. I wonder if Coppy felt like he had to show fruit from the rebuild by having guys at higher levels, and AA doesn’t feel that pressure. Plus, our minor league won-loss records ought to be a little higher with guys not being so young for the levels.

  5. Looking at pitch data, Folty definitely had one of the best change ups on the team last year, only behind Dickey (!) and Jose Ramirez. It was a 55 grade pitch. So it is a good idea for him to use it a lot more.

  6. Agree with Rob, Coppy et al rushing young players seems to have been a pr move to show progress. Some paying now as the get polished in mlb. Also overrating some of the youth coming thru the system (they had to sell something to the fans) will increase angst and disappointment when some/ most are traded or fail.

  7. Looking at pitch data, Folty definitely had one of the best change ups on the team last year, only behind Dickey (!) and Jose Ramirez. It was a 55 grade pitch. So it is a good idea for him to use it a lot more.

    This sort of thing is one of the main benefits of AA being in charge.

  8. I actually liked Coppy, but this team needed to turn to the outside for a leadership search long before offering promotions with no search process to people like Fredi Gonzalez, John Coppolella, and Brian Snitker.

    I remain thrilled that Anthopoulos is the guy in charge.

  9. @4

    He may understand how to grip five pitches, but he could only use two of them in a game

  10. Effectively, at least. And that’s clearly Newk’s issue as well.

    I became disenfranchised with the Coppy worship at some points of his tenure, but it’s inarguable his positive impact, which has also fueled the frustration of the team poopoo’ing the second GM as they showed him the door.

  11. I agree that Coppy had some good points, and the pushing of some prospects within the minors was actually fairly inspired (the pushing of guys who hadn’t mastered AAA yet was a big mistake, however, imho). The guys who jumped minor leagues — essentially Acuna, Allard, and Soroka — performed spectacularly. These decisions were a development success story, and I anticipate we will see other teams try it with advanced prospects, particularly pitchers with good secondary offerings (in other words, not Matt Wisler.)

  12. It’s a dumb list, but at the end of the day, lots of those arbitrarily generated “The N Greatest X-ers of All Time!” lists are dumb.

    Lefty Grove is too low. (Much as I love Spahn, Grove was clearly better, by every criterion other than pitcher wins.) Walter Johnson is too low. Tom Seaver is too low. I think it’s hard to avoid concluding that Roger Clemens is, too.

  13. When I talk to knowledgeable fans of other teams over the past couple weeks, they always say the same thing to me: “Man, the Braves are going to be really good.”

  14. When I think about where we’re at on AA’s timeline as the new GM, I think we’re experiencing the quiet and the twilight before the storm. Just give it time while he monitors development. We all know the trades will be coming, and I don’t mean just acquiring other teams’ overly expensive contracts. I anticipate some shrewd moves from this guy.

  15. We’re gonna get snowed out today. Too bad. I can’t help but look forward to the insanity of games at Coors.

  16. Chris Stewart accepted his demotion to Gwinnett.

    Suzuki is in the lineup batting 5th, but as Adam said, the game is likely to get banged.

  17. I know there were some active Braves Twitter people that thought that Stewart would elect free agency, but it seems like it’s tough for AAAA catchers. You don’t want to keep excess catchers on your 40-man, and they’re so disposable that you can just go grab one if your guy gets plucked. I think AA is doing a good job of managing the AAAA players and the fringe pitching prospects.

    I do find it interesting that with all of the players put through waivers to outright them off the 40-man that Wisler and Blair remain. That’s got to tell you something about their attractiveness to other teams. Also interesting that Kazmir has not been claimed. That could change when there are less off-days and more pitchers get injured.

  18. Who gets DFA’ed when Acuna and Camargo need a spot on the 40-man? Lane Adams will have to be waived off the 25-man for Acuna anyway, and with his performance so far, he’s probably gone. Which stinks. Culberson has options, so he’ll be optioned, but his spot on the 40-man remains. Unless they can transfer someone to the 60-day (Whitley and Ravin are the only pitchers on 10-day, but Ravin just had a “viral infection”), then you’re looking at DFA’ing Jesse Biddle, Whitley, Ravin, or Brothers. Or a trade.

    Is there anything factually inaccurate there?

  19. Unless they’re intending to postpone the game, judging by the radar this one should get underway soon. Unless snow flakes getting in players’ eyes is reason enough to hold everyone up. It doesn’t look too bad to me.

    Of course, I spent nearly 20 years in the inland northwest. It looks like flurries to me. Nothing to stay home over.

  20. 23 — Hursh seems like an obvious choice. And maybe the Braves will DFA Bourjos instead of Adams.

  21. Forgive me, brothers, for I have sinned. Lapsed from the faith, mostly. It has been over 18 months since my last Braves game. No, not in person – on TV!

    You can understand, can’t you? Times like these try one’s faith. And it was so easy to become disillusioned with the leadership. We trusted Coppy and he betrayed us. Wren and even Father Schurholz turned out more mortal than divine. False saviors bred hope only to let me down. Dans, Maitan, Teheran – all promised salvation, but have not delivered. A false house of worship was built in a shopping mall.

    I even find myself, in the dark, cold winter, questioning if the fables of the old miracles are true or just stories made up by worried mothers to comfort their babes during losing streaks. Did St. Sid really slide? Is the homer of Justice nothing but a legend?

    But today I renew my faith (and my subscription) and will return to flock. Better to repent now and be granted forgiveness than to wait until after the Rebuilding has come and be branded forever as a bandwagoner, the most cursed and sinful heresy.

    Let’s play ball.

  22. They probably will DFA Adams over Bourjos because Bourjos has a bigger contract and Liberty is a cheapskate. But Adams seems like the better player right now.

  23. I don’t think Adams is the better player for what they want that roster spot to feature — a late-innings defensive replacement.

  24. I would have said previously DOB > Bowman, but DOB has been insufferable lately.

  25. It’s so painful that the one who can’t write is likeable, while the completely insufferable one can actually write.

  26. Yeah, Bourjos is the better glove. I think Adams is a better overall player because he’s not a zero with the bat and is probably a better base runner at this point. It sucks that we will probably just lose him. Maybe AA will swing a trade where we can at least get something for him.

  27. DOB is the better writer but I can’t stand him. Bowman seems like a likable guy with a sense of humor.

  28. Would an MLB rule saying that no game is allowed to start if the temperature at the time is freezing or below (or I guess below 30 degrees would also be OK) be just beyond the pale? This seems ridiculous, and also seems to happen to us every other year.

  29. Seems to me like Colorado should have their schedule loaded with road games in April and September and home games in between.

  30. DOB’s Twitter activity reminds me of an old Mike Ditka quip. While the press was asking him questions outside after a loss, he ignored them and instead engaged a heckler behind him. He then said to the reporter, “I’d rather talk to him; I know I’m smarter than that son of a bitch!”

    DOB’s Twitter replies rarely include conversation answering intelligent questions and creating good discussion, instead, he talks to trolls and ridicules fans who don’t know baseball very well.

  31. Bowman just retweeted someone who said Swanson ran to first at 30.2 feet per second on his IF single, which would have been the fastest time by anyone in 2017.

  32. 22 – If I was part of the Diamondbacks brain trust I would be looking for a low cost or no cost way to get Blair back. His minor league trajectory looked encouraging until he got to Atlanta. As for Wisler, he was 8 and 8 3 years ago as a 22/23 year old with an ERA under 5. Not special by any means, but as a former top prospect there’s very little downside to taking a low cost flyer on him.

  33. Rob, you’re wrong about Biddle. He’s the real deal. He was great at Miss last year after his return from TJS and he was babied by the Braves because it was his first year back. This year the leash will be a lot looser and he was great in his first appearance at GW. He would already make a superb LOOGY (freeing Freeman for a larger role in the bullpen). As soon as the Braves are tired of tweaking around the edges looking for needles in a haystack, they can start really improving the team by calling up guys like Biddle (already on the 40-man). I see three weak links in the current bullpen – Jackson, Carle, Ramirez – that is, if you believe in Anibal as a viable swingman. Jackson and Carle have options and one will go when Gohara is recalled. I’d take Biddle over the other in a heartbeat.

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