Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope

I wanted to announce some news: I am stepping down as editor of Braves Journal, and Rob Cope will be taking over, effective immediately. I’ve been largely absent from the site this year, as I just haven’t had the time to give to the site that I should. And Braves Journal deserves an editor who will give it the attention it deserves. I simply can’t think of a better person to run it.

Braves Journal was founded in 1998 — it is, we believe, the longest continually-running American sports blog, just as the Braves are the longest continually-running American sports franchise — and I’ve been here since 2005. I stepped in to become the editor in 2012, after Mac passed. I’ve tried to keep things as they were, though of course times have changed, the internet has moved on, the Braves have churned through three GMs, and a lot of our old buddies are no longer on this site. I am tremendously proud that Braves Journal is still here, and Rob is exactly the right person to bring Braves Journal into its third decade.

This is goodbye but it certainly isn’t farewell — I’m still here, and I’ll still be around. If Dansby Swanson ever gets off the schneid, you will definitely see me in the comments, predicting that he’ll turn into Renteria for the 93rd time. One of these days the Braves will not suck, and I believe in my namesake up in the front office.

As Rob says, this is a great bar. I love ALL YOU GUYS. And all you ladies too!

Be excellent to each other.

Party on.

58 thoughts on “Please Welcome the New Editor of Braves Journal: Rob Cope”

  1. Oh boy. Big shoes, Rob. Rebuild doubters and prospect haters, prepare to be perma-banned. (Kidding.)

    Thanks, Alex. Rock on.

  2. Rob! Congrats!

    Thank you AAR for keeping this going.

    Also, I know Mac is pleased on multiple levels today.

  3. Really appreciate you keeping this going Alex. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 5 years since Mac passed. You have done a great job. Also happy to have Rob carrying this on. Here’s to many more years of this blog and hopefully some good years for the Braves in the very near future.

  4. A budding young writer called Cope
    ascending Parnassus’ slope
    in words and with numbers
    our minds he encumbers
    attempting to follow his trope.

    Rob…congrats indeed…well earned, much diligence and sheer hard work.

  5. Thank you Alex. Thank you Rob. Thank you Dawgs for a great season (soul-crushing-Georgia-sports-curse-ridden-disaster-loss notwithstanding).

  6. @13…next time.

    Five in nine, none in forty
    Hawaiian slinger’s debut sortie
    gifted six, many thanks
    then first and forty, defense tanks.

  7. Alex,

    Terrific job as host/moderator/editor etc.etc. Thanks for letting me periodically attempt at providing the perspective of a long, long, long time Braves fan.

  8. I’ve followed this site for many years and I’m glad it will be in safe hands for many more. Hopefully as the team improves some of the old timers will return — maybe we can add some good laughs to the glossary as we see the young talent come through.

  9. I’ve been spending time at Braves Journal since college, which for me was 98-02. It’s one of the best places on the internet. Thank you for everything, Alex.

    Rob, thank you for stepping up to keep this place going. Don’t screw it up.

  10. @19

    I’ve been lurking with the occasional posts since around that time too. When I found it, I was living in Japan for high school and this site was the only way to keep up with what was going on with the Braves. Thanks for keeping this going Rob and thanks so much to Alex for stepping up when Mac passed. I think Mac would be pleased with how well this site has stayed consistent to what he started.

  11. I had the pleasure of meeting AAR in person, he is a tremendous guy and we have been lucky to have him at the helm of Braves Journal. My best to Rob as picks up the torch from Mac and Alex.

  12. Jay, I’ll try not to. Big shoes, indeed.

    Chief, absolutely. And it should be full of chastisement of every player who doesn’t hit for power and every young pitcher that failed us.

    Thanks everyone. I have a little note coming up in the morning.

  13. Congrats, Rob, although I think you should recuse yourself from any writing that has to do with Sean Rodriguez. You’re just too close to the subject. :-)

  14. Alex, let me add my thanks for your efforts in keeping things going after Mac passed away. Never had the pleasure to meet you personally, but sometime if I’m in the DC area and we could meet up I’ll buy you a beverage of your choice.

    Rob, good luck, I think you’ll bring a good energy and je ne sais quoi to the Journal. Looking forward to the AA era (now that the AAR era is sunsetting).

    And Chief did make me literally LOL with his comment @8.

  15. Meh. I’ve been on the Journal since it was Usenet and I was tapping you boys’ moms.

    Try not to fuck it up, Florida Man.

  16. Get off Sam’s lawn you whippersnappers!

    Thanks for taking the torch from Mac, AAR, and good luck herding this bunch of cats Rob.

  17. I’ve been lurking and occasionally posting since it was Usenet. You did a nice job, Alex. Thank you. Good luck, Rob.

  18. Not sure when I found this place but it was probably around 2005-2006. Not sure if i would want to know how many posts I’ve made or not.

    Alex, thanks for all that you have done. Rob, congrats!

  19. Congrats Rob! What a well-deserved honor. And I also want to echo all the thanks to Alex for holding a steady hand on the plow around here. I rarely comment these days, but this place is still my first visit every day and I’m so grateful to all of y’all for keeping the conversation alive and interesting.

  20. Thanks so much, Alex. You keeping the best blog on the internet running is very much appreciated. Glad to have you, Rob, and thank you for taking over.

  21. While everyone is gushing over the editors, I’ll just mention that there will be an ATL/regional internet baseball dork meetup happening at Krog Street Market on Feb 12. Exact time TBD, but most of them will be coming in from after work so I’d assume after 6:30 or 7:00 with traffic. This is a BBTF driven meet up, but I’m officially opening it up to Journalistas as well.

  22. Thank you Alex for your service to Braves Journal and all of us.

    Rob, as long as you don’t promote the jorts, I guess I can stand a Gator handling this site.

  23. Since Stu hasn’t chimed in to say it already, the main thing to remember is what Braves Journal is truly about has never changed:

    It’s about eating chicken wings, listening to metallica, drinking Keystone Light, and wanting to get into the stadium to scream as loud as you can.

    Congratulations to our new editor!

    ” width=”60%”>

  24. Creatures we can do without: mosquitoes, rattlesnakes, Gator fans.

    (Rob’s okay, I guess. At least he’s not a Tennessee fan, right, Smitty?)

  25. @38

    Video coferencing, Sam


    Video conferencing,Sam?

    Us exiles far distanced from suburbia would love to watch/participate.

  26. I think you can see how Markakis got maybe a million more per year and an extra year with how things are playing out in Miami. With Starlin Castro saying he wants out, you kinda see how when players feel like they have leverage (like in the midst of a mutiny or from the free agent market), they pick where they want to go. People kept saying, “Why didn’t we get Aoki?” Uhh, because he had Google? Because he knew that we were going to be terrible for 3+ years? It seems like if you don’t want any decent player to avoid you like the plague, don’t tell everybody you’re tearing it down to the studs.

  27. @53 – I feel it’s a different paradigm when the guy’s salary is already locked and guaranteed.

    All things equal, absolutely, but cash is still king.

  28. LolMets just signed Bruce to a 3 year deal. Money isn’t crazy, but they again have 4 corner OF for 2 spots…so they’ll probably screw up Dom Smith trying to make everyone happy. Never change Mets.

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