Rainout/Doubleheader 2.0

The Braves have developed an allergy to playing games on Tuesdays with a seeming fondness for playing two on Wednesday. There’s nothing like the middle of the week that makes you want to stay twice as long at the ballpark, I suppose. This week fans are treated to the lucrative day/night doubleheader, as Braves management apparently wants to make sure as few fans as possible attend the first game.

We’ll see if the Braves can pull off another Wednesday doubleheader sweep miracle. I’m not holding my breath.

Natspos delenda est.

44 thoughts on “Rainout/Doubleheader 2.0”

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    Score after 1…Braves lead 2/1…Andrus and Kemp homers, FF walk

  2. after 2…still 2/1…Gohara strikes out, awesome swing



    Good news Dept…Center Field camera shows conclusively Gohara’s ass is only half the size most of us have assumed

    Ender leads off 3rd with homer, Ozzie triples…3/2 Braves, no outs

  4. A pretty good example of Matt Kemp’s value to a team:
    1. Hit a HR, 2RBI
    2. Misplayed liner, should’ve been caught, turns into a 2 RBI triple. Trickle down effect is player that hit a triple also scored later on a wild pitch. A 2 run swing.

  5. Not judging Gohara by any stretch, he looked raw but with good stuff. Problem is once the Rangers went once through the order they mostly figured him out, and therein lies the issue with rebuilding through pitching… Gonna take time. Time they didn’t promise the fan base and time they may not be willing to use. As many of us said when this started, it was always a 5 year project at best. Nothing I’ve seen has convinced me otherwise so far.

  6. @14 and maybe others
    score went from 4/2 braves to 8/4 Texas, now 9/4 bottom 5th

    Gohara lost his control walked 5 or so in toto, Texas got most of

    em in..Wisler relieved, got hammered…ugh

    shame really after such a promising start…

    so, going into the 6th we’re down 9/4.

    and have stopped hitting.

    @18…re 2nd time around, makes sense

  7. 11/4 in top of 6…

    Trivia…both Choo and his brother attended Univ. of TN where they were known as the Chattanooga Choo Choos.

  8. Fibbins Dirkx
    his lying still irks
    his claim to be in the Hall of Fame
    weakened by his very choice of name.

  9. I don’t think it’s going to be possible for the FO to show the same patience with our young pitching than that of the late 80’s Braves.

  10. 12/5…bottom of the 8th

    bright spot… Camargo on his return 2/2 incl double…scores on Ender’s third hit of the day. Gohara in the sauna.

    12/6 going into the 9th.

  11. Cole Hamels
    can only add to our trammals
    as Old King Cole
    he owns the Braves in a Partnership Sole.

    Matt Adams RBI double scores Adonis
    Ruiz drives in Adams

    Good afternoon, must go downtown. 12/8, hope yet.

  12. ? for those more astute than I.

    It seems a common thread in our system is lack of control, etc. Newcomb, et al are wild as hell.

    Is this just ‘a fluke’ relating to this crop or do you think this is something instructional and/or a coaching/instruction philosophy change would help, etc.?

    I’m genuinely asking, not memeing.

  13. @28
    Gohara- 3.2 BB/9 across 3 levels in MiLB
    Allard- 2.7 BB/9 at AA
    Soroka- 2.0 BB/9 at AA
    Wright- 3.2 BB/9 at High-A
    B.Wilson- 2.4 BB/9 at Low-A
    I.Anderson- 4.7 BB/9 at Low-A
    Wentz- 3.1 BB/9 at Low-A

    The answer is no, this isn’t accurate for the next wave of pitching prospects.

  14. Starting to think it’s going to be one and done for chuck Hernandez. I can’t think of a single pitcher who has shown progress from last year. Even Bartolo is showing some signs of life after leaving.

  15. @31 – Folty has made progress. While most weren’t in Atlanta much last year, Ramirez, Freeman and Vizcaino have exceeded expectations. Garcia was a little better at times than some expected. I’m not defending Hernandez, I just think it’s a mixed bag. I definitely don’t think he deserves any blame for the total failure of Colon.

  16. If a Braves exec finds it “not possible” to be patient with the org’s young pitchers, he should be fired. And, really, don’t wait another day to do it–fire that person tonight.

  17. You may be right overall about Folty. He looked great for a stretch and has seemed to tire out over the last month or so. He had a 4.31 era last year and it’s up to 4.75 this year. I guess I would say that he has made great strides at times and has fallen way back at other times. It goes along with the whole mixed bag that Hernandez has brought.

  18. Folty is worse than he was last season. So many people on here repeating that he has improved are just cherry-picking his best starts.

    Gohara doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with our wilder pitching prospects. 35 IP at AAA at age 21…like with his debut, just be happy he’s here and he’s healthy. It’s a very positive sign.

    Notice that our wilder pitching prospects tend to be the ones we traded for. It looks like we targeted arms with big upside when dealing. Their original teams wouldn’t have traded them to us if there wasn’t also some downside, and so we seem to have purposefully taken on the risk of control issues. The hope is that one of these guys turns into Syndergaard, whom the Blue Jays shouldn’t have dealt. You may or may not be able to fix command, but it’s significantly harder to teach someone Max Fried’s curveball.

  19. @37 Great points all around.

    IMO, Folty’s transition to back end bullpen should start next year. His splits against LHH (.878 OPS…seriously!) are a problem, but more than that is this:

    Hitters 1st PA in-game vs. Folty: .621 OPS
    Hitters 2nd PA in-game vs. Folty: .910 OPS
    Hitters 3rd PA in-game vs. Folty: .860 OPS
    Hitters 4th PA in-game vs. Folty: 1.333 OPS

    1st PA, hitters become Danny Santana
    2nd PA, hitters become Corey Seager
    3rd PA, hitters become Buster Posey
    4th PA, hitters become Barry frickin’ Bonds on ‘roids.

    This isn’t improvement…it’s disaster, and he’s downright lucky to have an ERA under 5.

    With Gohara, Soroka, Fried, Allard, Wright, Teheran, Newk, there’s no reason that the Braves cannot convert Folty back to a high-leverage reliever and make our relief core dominant again.

  20. @40
    I know…4th PA is hyperbole and really not needed to prove the point that is he’s not fooling many past the 1st PA of the game.

  21. @40

    And one of them was the HR that he gave up in the 9th against Oakland to lose the no-no.

    I don’t think the numbers tell anything more than another struggling SP that is still developing. If we had Randy Johnson, and we had 5 SPs better than Randy Johnson, then we’d trade Randy Johnson or put him in the pen. With our SPs, it’s that simple: until we have 5 better, then this is all we have. I doubt we go into 2018 with 5 question marks, and they all are right now.

  22. Mike Foltynewicz is a young pitcher who has neither proved he belongs nor proved he doesn’t belong. He’ll need to prove he belongs at some point next season, but for now and for the start of the 2018 season he’s as good a bet as anyone currently projected to be on the Braves roster to be a consistently good starting pitcher. He has good enough to turn in good starts frequently. He hasn’t been good enough to turn in good starts frequently enough yet. Patience is the key here.

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