The Burmese Railroad: Barves 6, Phillies 7, but swept out with the trash

Where do we go to consider the weekend of discontent? The Barves were embarrassed over and over. Then, today we have Mike Foltynewicz. Surely he will give us a good performance. Not quite. He Barved it up to 5 runs, all “earned,” in 4 innings. Why the Burmese Railroad. Although “Bridge on the River Kwai” … Continue reading “The Burmese Railroad: Barves 6, Phillies 7, but swept out with the trash”

THE SAME RIVER, TWICE……………………… Braves 3 Phils 4

  Well, the same result but by a different route. That book title came to mind last night watching the dispiriting performance we put up and being unable to see how we could avoid a repetition 24 hours later. We couldn’t as it turned out but at least we gave them a competitive game,  leading … Continue reading “THE SAME RIVER, TWICE……………………… Braves 3 Phils 4”

Phillies 10, Braves 3 (by JonathanF)

So AAR asks me to do a recap “for old times’ sake.” How can I refuse? I start to thinking about “old times sake,” the Braves, and how much I loathe Chip Caray. OK. The last part wasn’t really necessary, but I haven’t been the most devoted Braves fan this year, and Caray is partly … Continue reading “Phillies 10, Braves 3 (by JonathanF)”

Kasserine Pass: Diamondbacks 10, Braves 2

Richard Pryor had a saying “When you get your ass kicked, you know you made it.” Yep. Kasserine Pass is in the desert mountains of western Tunisia. So, setting “check.” When the desert is so harsh that you can spend almost unlimited funds to grow grass and it looks like a worn out Astro Turf … Continue reading “Kasserine Pass: Diamondbacks 10, Braves 2”

Belated Sunday recap — Dodgers 5, Braves 4 (10) (by Rusty S.)

Clayton Kershaw left after only 2 innings with back tightness, but the Braves were unable to take advantage. A Matt Adams 3 run homer to tie the game in the ninth off Kenley Jansen provided some drama, but Jim Johnson could only record one out in the 10th. Sean Newcomb went 6 innings, allowing only … Continue reading “Belated Sunday recap — Dodgers 5, Braves 4 (10) (by Rusty S.)”


The way this game went we looked over matched in the opening innings. Hill struck out the side in the 1st, Freddie on 3 pitches, and Julio’s poor control put us down 2 early.So thoughts of three in a row were set aside for the realists. But then Julio settled down and went through to … Continue reading “Dodgers 6, Braves 2…WE COULDA BEEN A CONTENDA”

Atlanta 12, Los Angeles 3

Well, well, well. Don’t you think the Twins are regretting the delay of that rumored trade for Jaime Garcia? Garcia went out and allowed the Dodgers three runs in seven innings, while hitting a grand slam in the fifth off Alex Wood. The Braves had their hitting shoes on, as Freddie Freeman hit his 18th … Continue reading “Atlanta 12, Los Angeles 3”