Braves 5, Brewers 4

These Braves are entertaining. For good or bad, the games are often in doubt down to the last batter. For the past couple of weeks, that’s been mostly good. Last night, the Braves defeated the Brewers, for their sixth win in the last seven games. The final was 5-4, with the Brewers leaving the tying run in scoring position in both the 8th and 9th.

Well, it’s not so much that the Brewers “left” the tying runner on base, as it is the Braves’ much maligned infield defense turned in 3 stellar plays that preserved the narrow lead. The story of the game was the great plays turned in by Camargo in the 8th and Swanson in the 9th. In the 8th, Jose Ramirez entered with a 3 run lead and promptly walked 2. Of course they scored the third and fourth runs, pulling the Brewers within 1, thanks to a sharp double in the left field corner by Arcia. After a hit batsmen, Aguilar came to the plate with the tying run on second and the go ahead run on first. He hit a rope down the third base line that looked for all the world to be a replay of the Arcia double–but Blazon’s man Camargo speared it and started an inning ending 5-4-3 twin killing. In the 9th, Vizcaino allowed a lead off double to Thames. I didn’t consult those win probabilities that you see online at that point, but I was certain (as you were) that the Brewers would at least tie it. The next batter hit a sharp grounder to Swanson’s left. Dansby immediately fired to third in an attempt to get the lead runner. I said “Oh sh–t! Don’t do that!”—and then immediately said “Great play, kid!” What a difference—had that not worked, the tying run would have been on third with no outs. And the next hitter hit one to the wall in left. For the final out, Dansby dove and speared a liner to his right. Game over—Braves win again!

Folty had good stuff, striking out 9 in 5 innings. Took him 104 pitches to get through 5, though, so the bullpen was taxed. Offensively, Brandon Phillips continues to thrive, with a homer, double, 2 rbi’s and 2 runs scored. Flowers had 2 more hits and a big 2 out rbi. And Swanson is quietly getting his numbers closer to what we had hoped. Two more hits, and his OPS is up to .648.

Late afternoon game today at the Launching Pad. Which Dickey will show up?

Let’s keep it rolling.

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  1. Since 7/31/16, we are 66-63 in 129 games. A little bit above .500 in 4/5 of the season.

    Mattie Freedams update: .320/.414/.630 w/ 26 HR, 56 RBI. Leading Aaron Judge for most HR in MLB. And there was a 3 day gap between Freddie’s injury and Matt’s arrival.

  2. Really, I think we have all of the bullpen reinforcements we need in the high minors. Minter (AA), Morris (AAA), Dirks (AAA), Winkler (Rehab), Biddle (AA), Rex Brothers (AAA), Mo Cab (AAA), or even Medlen (AAA) could be in the pen at some point. I think the only spot you’d trade for is an elite closer and 1) Minter (if healthy) is probably the heir apparent there and 2) closers are freaking expensive at the deadline (or pretty much any time).

    According to @BravesOptions on Twitter, Dan Winkler will also need to be added to the ML roster by 7/16 or he would need to be returned to the Rockies. He’s 8 days into a maximum 30 day rehab assignment.

  3. If you want to be depressed go look at David Hernandez’s numbers for the Angels. We gave this guy away so we could keep EOF, Motte, and Collmenter at that time.

  4. I thought we were headed towards another bad start, but he’s actually been pretty good again today. Please for the love of God trade him.

  5. Our bullpen has been heavily used and Snitker hits for Dickey before he gets to 100 pitches. Not a big fan of that.

  6. I’m ok with it. I think managers lose more games leaving a guy in too long than pulling him too soon. But you’re right, the guys we’d want to use here have been worked hard.

  7. I’m generally ok with him pulling a guy too soon rather than too late as well. But Ramirez, Viz and JJ are showing signs of fatigue lately.

  8. Although I’m not fan of the sac bunt, Dickey’s spot was up with the leadoff man on and no outs. It’s not like you had a runner in scoring position and needed a hit.
    I’m a little concerned about Ramirez. He walked two last night and walked the first guy up today.
    But Sam Freeman is the Man!

  9. Camargo has improved the Braves much maligned infield defense as long as he’s not wildly aggressive at third. And he plays the position athletically — Ruiz just didn’t look like a Major League third baseman much of the time.

  10. Yeah if you squint you can see a little Prado in Camargo. The question is whether his bat will play over the long haul.

  11. Camargo is not even a top 30 guy. Takes so much pressure off this farm when these guys come off the grid.

  12. I may be cynical, but another possible reason for pulling Dickey could have been to get him out while he still had an attractive line.

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