B-b-b-b-Braves 6 R-r-r-r Reds 5…I read it in a magazine.

Saturday  Saturday   First things first. If you saw how we scored what turned out to be the winning run in the top of the 12th would you please be good enough to add your post here so those of us left in limbo can enjoy it, thank you. Somewhere in the 8th inning, tied … Continue reading “B-b-b-b-Braves 6 R-r-r-r Reds 5…I read it in a magazine.”

Cincinnati 3, Atlanta 2 (10 innings)

perspective: n – a mental view or prospect – dictionary.com So, in a season in which the Braves had little to no realistic chance of contending, and in which our cornerstone for the future had his wrist broken, one could be forgiven if one took last night’s squandered opportunity for a win hard. But, here’s … Continue reading “Cincinnati 3, Atlanta 2 (10 innings)”