Braves 9, Jays 5

The Braves tried the old score early, score often trick, and discovered it works quite well.

They put two runs up in the 1st inning, one in the 4th and two more in the 5th. One more in the 7th and three in the 9th sealed the deal. The Blue Jays came back to tie it in the 6th, but the Braves rejected the notion of hibernation mode, and continued in their scoring ways. By taking the lead back with their run in the 7th. The continuation of piling on runs proved beneficial, when the Blue Jays tried to chip away. In the end, though, the Braves offense overcame.

Several Braves are going to be sad to leave Canada. Dansby Swanson has as many multi-hit games there as he does in the U.S. (fingers crossed that’s a sign his bat is waking up), and Matt Kemp capped his Canadian venture off with a 4 RBI night. Freddie Freeman is just a hittin’ fool. He’s now the NL home run leader, and his OPS is up to 1.211. He’s ridiculous.

Two more against these guys at home. Let’s hope the Braves’ bats didn’t get lost going through customs.

Natspos delenda est.

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55 thoughts on “Braves 9, Jays 5”

  1. ‘Rissa thanks

    Luiz Gohara…

    some of us have just found out he’s from Brazil and it’s a ‘z’ not an ‘s’ in his first name…who knew? Tex Ritter knew.
    Luiz apparently features in the second half of the video, under his then stage name, Buce Low. A few pounds lighter but encouraging to see even then he featured his location mantra, low. Grleat voice, nice wheels. At night they’ll ride together. ‘neath the blue Atlanta skies.

    Ole i am a pitcher
    a pitcher from Brazil
    when i smile i charm the Ladies
    when i pitch they get a thrill.

  2. I love when ballplayers come from weird, traditionally non-baseball countries. Brazil has counted as that until very recently. In the last few years, all of a sudden there’s three Brazilian major leaguers: Yan Gomes (C, Indians), Paulo Orlando (OF, Royals), and Andre Rienzo (P, Padres organization). Is there organized baseball in Brazil? Are these guys coming up through an academy or something? Anyway, here’s hoping Gohara makes the fourth (and most successful).

  3. It’s Luiz – not LUIS! – Gohara
    From somewhere near Rio Day Janarra.
    What didja think, he’s from Guadalajara?
    He’s from Brazil, it’s not that hard. Duh!

  4. Worst part about STP by far: the 7:35 starts. (I haven’t been to the stadium yet, but still).

  5. That’s “Going to the Chapel” for Ryan Goins

    “I love you, you love me” for Darwin Barney

  6. I am so, so, so sorry for speaking about Freddie’s health this morning. He just left the game after getting hit by a pitch on his hand.

  7. @11 The outcome of today’s Braves game pales in importance compared to Freddie’s health status.

  8. Somebody’s ass better be getting hbp here this next inning .. Forty needs to rib somebody .. you don’t get away with hitting Freddie ..

  9. In the past 2+ games, the Braves have been hit 7 times already by Toronto pitchers while Braves hurlers have yet to retaliate. I’m sure the Braves must not feel any of them were intentional or we’d have seen something by now but it’s still rather astounding. I don’t ever recall this sort of disparity before and it’s got to be getting on our guys nerves intentional or not.
    Edit: or what the four previous posts said

  10. Smoak needs to be drilled next. The Braves never should have let it get this far without sending a message that you can’t pitch inside and hit our guys with impunity. If FF is hurt and out for long much of the reason for following this team is gone.

  11. You’re down 8-3, one of your pitchers has possibly broken the wrist of Freddie Freeman and hostilities are simmering. So what do you do when you’re Bautista? You hit a homer, admire for a couple extra beats, stare a hole in the pitcher, then aggressively flip the bat into the opposing team’s on deck circle.

    Yeah…that’s what you do.

  12. that little dust up should add two or three thousand to tomorrow’s gate…Dansby is tight, feels the extra pressure apparently of playing in front of a home crowd…did he deliberately drop that catch?

  13. I wish Jace put him on his back right in the baseline. He Odor’ed that bat flip! Ithankyou…

    On pace for 70 wins, your Atlanta Braves!

  14. Peanut says the mood in the clubhouse wouldn’t have been described as optimistic. Sounds to me they didn’t like the x-ray and are going to get a second look tomorrow with CT or MRI.


  15. Great. Hoping its not broken, but I fear the worst.

    There goes the one bright spot about following this season.

  16. If Freeman is out for 6-8 weeks as I fear he is, then who plays first base? Matt Tuiasosopo has been the primary first baseman for Gwinnett and has been awful. David Freitas, the primary catcher, has been hitting well and has experience at first. But I think the Braves would have to go outside the organization to find someone.

  17. MLB Trade Rumors also lists Ben Paulsen, recently released from the Twins, as an option.

  18. Thank you for the recap, ‘Rissa. Hope all’s well with you.

    Our bench looks mighty thin this morning.

  19. Did you note that one throw last night from Camargo?

    It’s been a while since an Atlanta infielder threw across the diamond with that velocity. Since you know who in fact. That level of arm power has an aesthetic all of its own. It can thrill the neophyte observer.

    Thirty some years ago a big name British sports journalist came over to write up his first impressions of a baseball game, how did its necessary skills compare with cricket. Pretty much the same, he said, with one glaring exception.

    Get lucky, Freddie.

  20. @8

    Our organist’s phenomenal memory bank and sense of humor are matched only by your ability to ‘get’ them. Have to confess that the thought arrived were he a woman it would be a mammary bank, right? Some of us never grow up.

  21. @3

    John R

    ‘Gohara/Rio Day Janarra’ is a great rhyme

    ‘Guadalahara/not hard duh’ approaches maestro status.

    Keep ’em coming.

  22. Drilling him gets someone(s) suspended, potentially gets someone(s) hurt, puts a guy on base, and accomplishes…what?

  23. The problem is that none of the Jays’ pitchers were trying to hit Braves batters. They have no control. That guy wasn’t trying to hit Freddie. Do you drill Bautista because he showboated after hitting a homer? He appeared to acknowledge his “transgression,” so let it go. The show of team unity was strong enough last night.

    If someone throws intentionally at one of the Braves, well, then, that’s an entirely different matter.

  24. I feel like baseball needs more bat-flips, not less…but…we’ve been hit like 7 times in this series so far. I know their pitching sucks, but sheesh. At some point enough is enough.

  25. Right, the bat flip doesn’t bother me at all. I thought it was pretty cool, actually. And if the Braves were on their game, it could have made a nice “You’re down by 27, brah” moment. (

    The issue is players being hit by pitches; the issue is Freddie Freeman being hurt by another pitch thrown too far inside. That’s why tempers are going to flare today.

    Also…what on Earth was O’Flaherty doing pitching to Jose Bautista? That’s a recipe for a big home run.

  26. Somebody better get drilled tonight ….. we are a bunch of pussy’s if Bautista or Smoak or Pillar doesnt get hit … 7 times they hit us and they go inside to our best player with no consequnces … we will be considered a bunch of cowards if we dont respond .. Teheran will if he is allowed too … I hate to have Teheran do it early they may throw him out if there is warning before game … but Id say 6 or 7 inning if things going well .. if Teheran is getting lit up then het take out frustration on Bautista or somebody … lets protect our guys period.

  27. Should the Braves fail to retaliate properly, then I say that it falls upon the shoulders of Braves Country itself to avenge Freddie. We shall draw up plans to lay siege to the CN Tower, or at the very least, the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Toronto. The streets will ring with our battle cry, “FREEMAN AND WAFFLE FRIES.” Our very honor is at stake, gentlemen!

  28. @40 – I agree, none of the 7 seemed intentional to me, BUT, at some point you’ve got to incentivize their pitchers to pitch more carefully. I’m not a beanball guy, but there are a limited number of ways to do that.

  29. @40, They may not have been trying to hit our guys, but they were not *not* trying to hit our guys. They were pitching inside with impunity until finally it caught up with everybody and now the best hitter in the game and our only chance of having a respectable record (if not actual contention) may have suffered a season-impairing/ending injury. I don’t know the exact form of remediating justice the Braves response will take, but whatever they come up with short of metal folding chairs applied to the back of the Blue Jays craniums I’ll be supporting.

  30. I’ve always thought Gibbbons’ crew were a bunch of prima donnas. Now I know. Although I enjoy Bautista’s antics when it doesn’t involve us. Oh well.

    An MD on Twitter said “inconclusive” was cause for hope as a serious fracture would have been obvious on x-ray. But the bones are small in the area and a fracture could be hard to see without MRI or CT. Let’s hope.

  31. alot depends on how tonight’s game goes imho. If this one gets out of hand early, either way, it is not hard to see Julio and Stroman getting into a beanball war. Hope it doesn’t happen, shoot, there’s no-one on their team worth hitting!

  32. So this is weird. I think we all have our take on what happened at STP last night. Between the simmering beanball drama, Bautista’s tacky bat flip escapades, and the possible injury of the best hitter in baseball, there was a lot to chew on.

    However, the first thing that greets me on Yahoo is not the death of Chris Cornell or any political intrigue, but a banner image of Kevin Pillar looking all grousy and the headline “Kevin Pillar Appears to Yell Homophobic Slur at Braves Pitcher”:

    If you ever wanted a specimen of “reporting” that tries to create something out of nothing, it’s hard to top the linked piece. Check out the opening paragraph.

    “Tensions between the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves may have taken an uncomfortable turn Wednesday night when a frustrated Kevin Pillar appeared to shout a homophobic slur at Braves reliever Jason Motte.”

    That is so sensationalized and so stupid and so wrong it’s hard to know where to begin. “Tensions” had been bubbling “uncomfortably” all game. The Pillar thing barely ranked, and on its own hardly defined the events of last night. Hell, I didn’t even know (or care) the nature of what Pillar even yelled at Motte. Ironically, the one “fact” the article doesn’t relate is precisely what he said! So of course Yahoo wants to turn it into some sirens blaring moment. Whoever this “Mark Townsend” of “Big League Stew” is, he represents the increasingly lame style of mass media to distort reality for clicks.

  33. I dunno, 7 hit batters and this was the first time the benches cleared in 3 games. I think the sentence you hilited was absolutley on point.

    “Tensions between the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves may have taken an uncomfortable turn Wednesday night when a frustrated Kevin Pillar appeared to shout a homophobic slur at Braves reliever Jason Motte.”

    Things were tense, Jays pitchers couldn’t pitch inside, one could say based on the scores, they just couldn’t pitch. Finally culminating in one of the best hitters in baseball getting injured. Braves answer back with what you hoped would be the end of it. Then after altering his delivery (I refuse to believe Motte quick pitched), Pilar reacted in a poorly chosen way.

  34. Replying to @53 in the previous game thread:

    “Things were tense” but they weren’t “uncomfortable”? That’s lousy analysis. I think things got “uncomfortable” the sick-making moment Freddie was hit in the hand and taken from the game. I think that was the “uncomfortable” moment when you realized this wasn’t going to be just any other game.

    And let’s be honest, the theme of the article turns on the quality of the words that came out of Pillar’s mouth. I really don’t think it matters whether Pillar called Motte a “jerk” or something worse. I doubt if he’d called Motte’s mother something nasty there’d be a breathless headline about it.

    Yahoo manufactures news. They’re not alone but that’s what they did about last night’s game. The stuff about Freddie getting hit and the other HBPs and Joey Bats’ bat flip were buried in the text of the article. And to add leverage to the writer’s sensationalist narrative, he linked to an obscure Twitter guy with no followers and whose suggestions of MLB homophobia and call to action for MLB to “do something about it” got 1 like total. One has to wonder if it’s not the “journalist” himself creating a fake account upon which to base his peerless reporting.

    Anyway, it kind of blew my mind to see anything about last night’s game as the primary news story on Yahoo’s home page. Surely you agree that whatever Pillar said isn’t remotely the most newsworthy or interesting facet of last night’s game.

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