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  1. Regarding the Scivicque comments from the last thread…I’ve said more than once on this site that I thought he was our most promising catching prospect, even though he’s mostly been ignored by prospect followers who aren’t Braves fans. Then again, I’m a sucker for guys with SEC pedigrees. *cough*Mikie Mahtook*cough*

    Rob, it seems like Mackenzie Gore is the name most connected frequently to them, and that makes plenty of sense, although it will tick everyone here off because he’s a HS pitcher. I wish Kyle Wright would fall to 5, but I really can’t see that happening. *cough*Not tanking*cough* I’d love for them to take Jeren Kendall, but there’s been no smoke on that front.

  2. Thanks, Coppy. Here’s to you.

    It’s the process that’s important here, not today’s box score, that’s what you said. I’ve heard your spiel and swallowed the rhetorical kool aid. You talk a good game, but damn, son: just what the heck are you doing?

    As far as I can see, you’re either as subtle Eden’s snake or, just maybe, dumber than all us who thought you and the big Johns would lead us back to 1995’s glory.

    I believe, wee John. I truly do. Your process IS the way, the only way, to bring us important Septembers and Octobers. That’s what you sold, and I bought it. I believe.

    Believing without seeing is a hard way to live, when evil thrives and even the Cubs and the Indians — the Cubs and the Indians, Little Johnny!! — play for the world series. You were going to be our Epstein. Coppy, but we don’t need you to be Theo, just better than whoever leads the Nats and Mets. There are a few doubters who say you can’t even buff Theo’s GM cleats. Not me, L.J. I believe.

    We’re going to win big, right? Good times are going to roll, right? AAR, Cope and Smitty expect more than they’ve seen. They’re kids. But blazon seems anxious, and he’s a geezer. I too occasionally doubt. Be a sport, Coppy. Give us a sign of better things to come. Show us a little of things to be.

    Freddie Freeman doesn’t count. He’s spectacular, maybe the best first baseman playing now. He’s not yours. You inherited him. Tell us, John. What have you done for us lately? What have you given us to watch on mlb.com?

    Here’s what I see: Bartolo as Max Patkin with a smiley face; A.J.’s a sweet guy. He ain’t Knucksie; Jaime? Reviews are mixed.

    Dansby Swanson? Wunderkind’s hit a rough spot. When he hits it hard, they catch it. When they hit it, … well, he followed a tough act. (Where is Simba? What did we get for Andrelton? How’s that working?)

    We can only pray Dansby Swanson is not irrevocably broken. How he responds to his current disaster will show us what this kid is. Big time ball’s not easy. Otherwise, I’d have done it.

    Dansby might be a big time player, Jeter ultra lite, solid, steady, dependable, afield and at plate. Right now he’s in the mother of all slumps or possessed by demons. How he pulls out — if he pulls out — is up to him.

    It’s not pretty, Coppy. Adonis and Jace are okay parts, BP’s catching lightning while he can. The core of your team right now? Freddie, of course. Not yours. Tyler Flowers and Suzuki-san are surprisingly adequate. Matty K and Nicky Cakes too.

    Oh, but the future’s bright, right? Better wear shades, right, Little J? What a second coming that will be. Glory!

    Julio and Folty will stabilize the phenoms. They aren’t geezers, but neither are they kids. Them anchoring those yet to come may be wishcasting. Starting when, John Boy? What you see, I fear, is what you get. If I’m wrong, show me.

    Tomorrow’s offense flails in Gwinnett or should still be in high school. The arms of tomorrow sparkle at times. Other times, you have to squint to see the promise.

    Work your process, Coppy, but show me something soon. You said it takes time. You’ve had time. Now it’s time for show. No more tell.

    Give us reason to believe, Coppy. Show us. Now.

  3. Wasn’t there a lengthy discussion about whether there was any downside to rushing Dansby last year? Pretty sure there was, and I know which side krussell took.

  4. Chief:

    I don’t think John McGraw or Casey Stengel could do any better with this lineup.

  5. @6 better to find out now than later when we’re supposed to be good…I’ve said plenty of times he’s Jeff Blauser at best. We can win with that. We did win with that.

  6. I don’t think Dansby being in the big leagues is the problem. It’s batting him #2 and making him a huge marketing piece that I think is rushing him. We have 5 guys over the age of 30 in our lineup. Let the one kid bat 8-hole for crying out loud. I think he’ll keep putting it together slowly, but I think they rushed him on those ends.

  7. Especially with this staff.

    This is quite the good run of bad luck for our starters.

  8. Yeah that’s the thing–if he succeeds early, you can say “see, I knew it was correct to rush him”. And if he struggles, you can say “good thing we rushed him so we could find out what we had early.” You’re right either way, can’t lose–totally unfalsifiable argument.

    Unfortunately, we can’t clone a population of Dansbies and do a controlled experiment and really test your hypothesis.

  9. I never said he was a bust, and you know that. You’re changing the debate because you’re uncomfortable with having your shibboleths challenged.

    It’s a legitimate question whether these struggles are helpful or harmful, but that isn’t to say it will ruin his entire career. The talent is there; I’m just not sure promoting him after a middling performance at AA was best for his development.

  10. Inciarte just ran all the way from right center to catch a ball in the left center field gap.

  11. We don’t get to see how your alternative universe would play out, because the FO agrees with me on this one.

    He either can play or he can’t. Another year in the minors doesn’t change it.

  12. Seriously, someone eating and drinking in the RF stands is in harms way. Incoming!

  13. What if Aybar wasn’t terrible? Would we have rusher Dansby? Once again, another thing that falls at the feet of Coppy and his horrible 2016 roster. Couldn’t avoid having the worst SS in baseball.

  14. I do definitely agree that putting the full weight of Braves marketing on Dansby is dumb. But the Braves are dumb, so it is what it is.

  15. It is comical how some on this blog are silent when the Braves win and are quick to say I told you so when they lose. That being said, I don’t entirely blame them. Streaky teams that have more losing streaks than winning streaks are incredibly annoying. It is also excruciating when teams go through stretches like this when they seem to give up half way through the game.

  16. @17, you can’t consistently argue that the front office is stupid/incompetent and count it a feather in your cap when they “agree” with you.

    Heh. This reminds me of catch-22. I need to read that again.

  17. Also, you guys are simultaneously arguing that a rushed call up to the majors adds no undue psychological pressure, but being marketed by the team or batting 2nd is just crushing to the young ego of Dansby.

    And you’ll surely argue this isn’t any sort of contradiction…

  18. There are degrees. You can call a player up early, but stop short of putting additional pressure on him. It’s not binary.

  19. I’m not arguing it isn’t worse to market him and bat him 2nd. I agree with you there. The fact is, we don’t know if it was a good decision to rush him, and the early returns say it wasn’t.

    My position at the time was that we didn’t need to rush him since we weren’t in any kind of meaningful situation. So there was no upside, only downside. We’re still not good enough for him to make a difference.

  20. My position is that he’s not good enough to make a difference in the best case, so the risk is low. Same with Albies. They aren’t game changers.

    Mostly I just would rather watch a young team lose (and learn) than an ancient decrepit bunch that is just out there to keep from losing 120 games.

  21. Yeah, I got that. Your position was always that your personal entertainment trumped player development. Read you loud and clear then and now.

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