Philadelphia 4, Atlanta 3

In a battle of pitch to contact starters, the Phillies’ Jeremy Hellickson “outduelled” the Braves’ Bartolo Colon last night as Atlanta droppred its fourth straight contest to fall to 6-10 on the year.

Colon allowed 11 hits and four runs in his sven innings of work, while Hellickson allowed Atlanta 2 runs on three hits – Adonis Garcia singling after an Ender Inciarte double in the 4th, and a Freddie Freeman no-doubter solo shot in the 6th. Garcia then led off the 9th with a solo shot off Phils closer Hector Neris through a rain shower. Then after a 24 minute weather delay, the Braves made it interesting with two out – with a Nick Markakis single followed by a Brandon Phillips single. However, Tyler Flowers was unable to seal the deal, striking out after a long battle.

Jamie Garcia, with his more hits allowed than innings pitched goes tonight, looking to get back on the winning side.

25 thoughts on “Philadelphia 4, Atlanta 3”

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  2. Shades of Ron Gant with Madison Bumgarner. Riding a dirt bike in the offseason is dumb…in season, just unfathomably stupid.

  3. I am currently in the US and watching MLB network. Oh man, Preston Wilson. What the hell? He is the worst commentator I have ever listened to.

  4. I don’t hate announcers the way a lot of baseball fans do, but Preston Wilson definitely has some work to do.

    I echo the two other contributor’s concerns about rental properties. Blouses hit the concerns well. If you have a local market expert then you can make real estate investment work, but the streets are paved with people that get in over their heads.

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  5. Random thoughts:

    -I still don’t think the Fox Trax is accurate. It’s like the mapping is translated over a few-several balls to the left.
    -I didn’t watch the game yesterday, but it seems like Bartolo was dinked and dunked pretty good. I wonder if having average-to-below-average fielders pretty much everywhere but CF is going to have an impact on 4 non-strike out SPs in the rotation.
    -I get why Dansby was dropped in the order, especially since he was probably rushed into a prominent point in the offense, but has there been any official explanation for why they put Adonis in the 2-hole vs. Phillips? I guess they didn’t want to “mess up” the middle of the order, but you’d think Phillips belonged in the 2-hole from the beginning.

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  7. @ #7

    Snitker wanted García, who would be hitting in front of Freeman, to see more fastballs and maybe get his bat going.

  8. But if Dans is also struggling and the formula to break a player out of a hitting slump is batting 2nd (so they can see more fastballs) shouldn’t that demand Dans bats 2nd? After all, one of those two guys is The Future and the other one is Adonis Garcia.

    I feel like the ‘move a slumping hitter to 2nd’ is a questionable decision, period, but if you accept that logic doesn’t it makes more sense to keep Swanson at 2nd than to put Garcia there?

  9. Exactly. They’re two struggling hitters. I think it was more to take pressure off of Dansby, which I agree is necessary, but wouldn’t they accordingly put more pressure on Adonis? Honestly, I think our offense needs Brandon Phillips seeing and crushing a bunch of fastballs behind Ender and in front of Freddie. Whatevs.

  10. I think Bowman posted on Twitter that Dansby led the league in lineouts a few days ago.

    Brandon Phillips hasnt really been a high OBP guy in recent years, but he’s a better choice than Adonis. Pretty sure sabermetrics would put Freeman 2nd.

  11. Fangraphs has Dansby hitting about 15% more flyballs this season so far, which probably accounts for the loss of a few hits.

    His BABIP is .152 and his LD% is about the same as it was last season when he hit .300. I think he’ll be fine.

    Freeman is hitting .421 on BIP. I’m actually surprised it’s not higher. His LD% is actually down a tick. Needless to say, this hot streak won’t last forever.

  12. Anecdotally, it really seems like the other team has made all of their tough defensive plays and we’ve made little on this losing streak. I feel like there’s some bad luck there somewhere.

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