The Nationals Are Stupid Meanyheads.

We’re probably not going to beat these teams consistently. Or… inconsistently. The Nationals, who must delenda, added onto their already stacked roster by taking a big chunk out of their farm, and they’re in supreme “win now” mode with Bryce Harper heading to New York soon. They should be beat us.

Julio Teheran couldn’t find the zone, and when he did, the ball was hit very hard by Bryce Harper. Whatever. He’s a good pitcher, and Bryce Harper is a great hitter. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

Tip your cap. They’re a good squad, and they should be.

51 thoughts on “The Nationals Are Stupid Meanyheads.”

  1. I see a couple of moves in the near future.

    Kemp will replace Camargo
    Lane Adams will replace Bonifacio
    Anyone for Krol and EOF

    The problem is Atlanta will not rush these decisions. They will be given 30-40 games somehow.

  2. Has anyone in the FO checked to see what the Padres are doing next week? Are they free for a doubleheader or something?

  3. That’s the makings of a fine haiku, csg.

    Sean Kemp Camargo
    Lane Adams Bonifacio
    Krol O’Flarity

    Somewhere Van Lingel Mungo is smiling

  4. If Freddie goes cold, we’ll go into one of those last year losing streaks given the bullpen, and pitching for that matter, and the bench as currently constituted.

  5. Ruiz went 2 -4 today at Gwinnett ..time to bring him up while he is getting warm … play 3b against RH pitchers at least …

  6. Bobby would say that you need to beat the teams you should beat and break even against the good teams (or something like that), so I guess a non-contending team ought to still beat up on the lesser teams, but probably do less than break even against the good ones. Such is the current state of affairs.

    There are a couple of decent options for relief in AAA, but even with last night’s debacle, I’m not that worried about the pen. Unless a young, cost-controlled prospect emerges out of the pen, then we’re best sticking with who we have. Krol is fine, just had a bad night, and if EOF can just pitch against LHB, against whom he’s still very good, then I’d say just work with these guys to make them trade bait. I like Ramirez getting innings in higher leverage situations, and we’re still better off seeing if Vizcaino will become who he can be. Collmenter’s fine, Johnson’s fine, so really, what’s the big problem? I guess my only problem is EOF as a full inning guy.

  7. Braves now have 8 in MLB Top 100 prospects after Fried gets in because another prospect graduated. Gohara could be a 9th soon.

  8. Bonafacio is such a waste of a roster spot. Might as well be a random fan from the stands pinch hitting

  9. The Nats will probably win 100 games, so yeah, I’d say 40-122. It’d probably be similar to our record against the Padres considering the disparities between the two sets of teams.

  10. @19

    If you think Wil Myers is a .320 type hitter perennially, a 4.5+ WAR player for the next 10 years (he’s 26) you’d have to consider it. Maitan may be Miggy, but he might be nothing.

    Of course since the Braves are in build mode, not challenge for the playoffs-one more guy mode, I’d doubt that THEY would make that trade but I would be somewhat tempted.

  11. We may be 40-122 if we played 162 games against the Nationals, but my preference would be to play the Padres 162 games. We should at least salvage 100 wins from them.

  12. I don’t know what their record is, and there certainly have been much worse pitching staffs, but the Padres lineup is horrifically bad.

    I’d like to have Yangervis Solarte on the Braves, though.

  13. Eric Thames.

    Watching this guy during Braves commercials last night, sort of a Gattis plus..if only. The Brewers were brave enough and smart enough to commit to a 3yr/15M deal, sight unseen, after his couple of years in Korea. At 30 he took it. They had let Carter and his 41 homers go, what a replacement. Don’t know about his defense but he can sure run – 40/40 in Korea.

    So for just now he’s all everything. Leads the Majors in Home Runs, WAR and wRC+. Five a year,no trade required, wow.

    One that got away.

    He has evolved a contrarian view of what’s best for a hitter pre game. Believes over here there’s far too much batting practice, wears you down, takes away your freshness. He sits in the locker room staring at a blank wall and visualizes pitches coming at him and his reaction to them.

    So how long do you cynics think he will last?! Sure is fun to watch. But it hurts.

  14. I think the team needs to send Freddie down after last night’s 0 for 4. He’s now only OPS-ing 1.357 for the year.

  15. Is there any credible scouting on how he’s doing behind the plate? It seems like they have him rotating between DH/C/OF.

  16. In other news, Gohara’s pitching for A+ tonight in Clearwater, and this guy’s gonna go see the next CC Sabathia pitch. Yaheard.

  17. 24 – Eric Thames might be my favorite player right now. Definitely favorite story of the young season.
    (Since moving to Wisconsin years ago, I’ve adopted the Brewers as another team of interest. Somewhat fitting for a Braves fan, I guess.)

  18. I saw a 4-minute video on Alex Jackson behind the plate. “Raw” would be a compliment. He’s got a long way to go.

  19. Serving time in Extended Spring Training is what I heard, until short season leagues begin play–then probably Gulf Coast League or Appalachian League. App League would be an aggressive track, as I understand it, so probably GCL for starters. Just semi-educated guessing here.

  20. I’d rather have a raw catcher with a stick as our top catching prospect than an all-glove catcher who can’t actually catch whose future is in relief pitching.

  21. If I were the Giants I’d be so peeved at Bumgardner right now. I can’t stand them, though, so all I can really do is shake my head at the whole thing.

  22. Well, he’s got 5 total runs of support in his 4 starts, and 2 of those runs came off of his own home runs, so it probably doesn’t matter who stands on the mound during his starts (See: Teheran, Julio).

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  24. To be honest, if Bartolo pitches this way the rest of the season, it will be fine. Maybe a slight overpay, but not too much. His WHIP is fine, he’s serviceable and was the bridge they wanted him to be.

  25. Bartolo was a steal. We paid commensurate to a 2 WAR pitcher, but even if he’s worse than that, his innings eating has ripple effects on a young staff. He isn’t what’s wrong with the team. The problem is that he’s our #2 starter instead of #4, which he would be for most contenders.

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