The Olivera Tragedy

This trade was a mess from the beginning. And after almost a year and a half since, time has not been kind to the evaluation. There’s the potential the trade could end up looking a little better, but that would be damning it with faint praise. It was a complicated trade that required a third … Continue reading “The Olivera Tragedy”

Where Do We Go From Here? — In Summary (by Rusty S.)

As an overview of the position players, here’s a brief summary of my findings and opinions from the “Where Do We Go From Here” series. The hard truth is that the Braves had only 2 position players (Freddie Freeman and Ender Inciarte) register above 2.0 WAR in 2016. Worse, there are 4 incumbent position players … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? — In Summary (by Rusty S.)”

The Best Players in Baseball, 2016 (by Edward)

Here we are at the beginning of the year arguing about Mark Kotsay, as usual. But did you know that according to my rankings method—see last year’s inaugural post—Mark Kotsay isn’t actually one of the best players in baseball anymore? Here are the 30 players who beat him out. (Rankings accomplished by my patented Math + … Continue reading “The Best Players in Baseball, 2016 (by Edward)”

Trade Recap: The Evan Gattis/Mike Foltynewicz Trade

Ed. note: Click here to see Rob’s recaps of the other major trades from the Great Teardown. The Braves continued their sell-off in the offseason of 2015 with a piece that they didn’t necessarily have to trade. Evan Gattis was under team control for 3 more seasons, was 27 and had only finished his second … Continue reading “Trade Recap: The Evan Gattis/Mike Foltynewicz Trade”