Mallex Smith (by Smitty)

Mallex Smith was brought over from the Padres as part of the “Great Rebuild” in the Justin Upton deal. He has been a fun player to follow, based on his high batting averages, speed (he stole 88 bases in 2014) and, of course, he is a fellow Smitty. There is no doubt Mallex can hit … Continue reading “Mallex Smith (by Smitty)”

Someone asked for a Keltner on Andruw and I had a half day free…

Ed. note: Once a year, Mac used to write up a Keltner List for a retired Brave, as a way of debating whether he deserved to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A few years ago, I wrote one for Kenny Lofton; two years ago, Sansho wrote one for Deacon White, who played for the Boston … Continue reading “Someone asked for a Keltner on Andruw and I had a half day free…”

A Better Way To Do World Series Home Field Advantage (by JonathanF)

The change in the CBA which now will end the experiment to make the outcome of the All Star Game determine home field advantage in the World Series has met with general acclaim; this is mostly because people didn’t like the idea in the first place, not because it’s being replaced with something better. It’s … Continue reading “A Better Way To Do World Series Home Field Advantage (by JonathanF)”

Where Do We Go From Here? — Outfield (by Rusty S.)

Ed. note: Every year we publish a series of articles entitled “Where Do We Go From Here?” in which we analyze what the Braves need to do in order to get better the following year. Here’s the intro to the series. The Incumbents The outfield seems like a strong spot for the Braves. It is … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? — Outfield (by Rusty S.)”

Trade Recap: The Andrelton Simmons Trade

Ed. note: Click here to see Rob’s recaps of the other major trades from the Great Teardown. This may have been most controversial deal during the rebuild, and was likely the most heartwrenching. Andrelton Simmons was a fan favorite, a GIF maker’s delight, and was the best defensive shortstop in baseball by a significant margin. … Continue reading “Trade Recap: The Andrelton Simmons Trade”