Detroit 6, Atlanta 2

Annnd THAT’S the difference between playing a team just running out the schedule (*cough* Phillies *cough*) and playing a team that is desparate for a win like the Tiggers.

Miguel Cabrera was bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun – with two absolute bombs off Matt Wisler, and Pooh and Piglet (Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton) also homered. The game really wasn’t in much doubt, although The Heffalump (Matt Kemp) made it interesting with an 8th inning homer of his own, but it wasn’t enough on this blustery night to find our way out of the 100 Acre Woods.

It has been an interesting season, and the last month has sparked some hope for next year. I’m looking forward to it.

Caio, y’all!

14 thoughts on “Detroit 6, Atlanta 2”

  1. All this winning has been fun, but I’d just as soon lose these last 2 and nail down that 2nd pick. That would be a total win–end the season with hope, 9 games ahead of the 1-1 Twins, but still max out slot money and draft position. Aaron Blair is equal to the task.

  2. Matt Wisler is only good in comparison to Aaron Blair, John Gant, Tyrell Jenkins, and Rob Whalen.

  3. By the way, the answer to the trivia question yesterday,

    Q: who had the best record with a negative run differential?

    A: If we’re going most wins, it looks like a tie between the

    2007 Dbacks (-20) and 1997 Giants (-9) at 90-72

    If we’re going best winning percentage, it looks like the 1981 Orioles who were 59-46 (-8), on pace for 91 wins in a strike shortened season

  4. For the first time this year, I had resigned myself to losing these next couple games. And after watching the most exciting 30 minutes of college football I’d seen in a while (FSU/UNC and UGA/UT), I didn’t want to watch the Braves. But this felt like a playoff game from the highlights, and that’s what my Tiger fan buddy who was at the game said too. The exciting thing about young players is they play like every game is a playoff game. Dansby popped up after that play like this was a big game because, well, it was. To him. This team is playing like they’re trying to make the 2017 playoffs, and I really like that.

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