36 thoughts on “Washington 7, Atlanta 2”

  1. What does everyone think about AJ Preller’s suspension? Could any of Atlanta’s “recent” trades with San Diego be under scrutiny?

  2. I don’t think there is any reason to have an issue. Every player that we’ve acquired in trades with them have stayed healthy. I think he’s just an idiot, a guy who makes bad trades and still cheats.

  3. Relievers combined for 7.1 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, and 8 K. Geez. Can we just get Aaron Harang back? This is pitiful.

    By the way, Lucas Harrell ended up with a 5.60 ERA in 4 GS for Texas, and Bud Norris has a 6.43 ERA in 12 G, 9 GS for the Dodgers. Jhoulys Chacin? 5.44 ERA in 26 G, 14 GS for LAA. Lolz.

  4. The Max Scherzer signing for the Nats is looking very good. They appear to have recouped about half the value of the contract on his first two 7 WAR seasons, not to mention the unmeasured benefits on the rest of the staff of having such a workhorse ace.

  5. Turner has 3.3 WAR through 58 games this season (prime Tulo type production). That was what I was hoping Dansby would do in a full season next year.

  6. Who gets the #1 pick if we tie Minny?

    Answered my own question:
    If tie, the year prior to previous is used as tiebreaker.

    So we win

  7. Well, they could get back some of what they traded us for Shelby, and by that I mean Aaron Blair. Heck, I’ll go Blair, Jenkins, Whalen, Gant, and a starting outfielder. And by that I mean Nick Markakis.

  8. Barring trades, AAA is going to have an amazing rotation with Gant, Jenkins, Blair, Sims, and Perez. Pretty much the ultimate AAAA rotation.

  9. Turner is playing like a young Jose Reyes, but he is not a young Jose Reyes. Promise. Unbelievably hot start, and he’s a good player, but he’s not MVP-caliber or even All-Star-most-years caliber. IMO.

  10. As bad as Collmenter has looked at times, he is somewhere between the 2nd or 3rd best starter we have right now. I don’t care how slow his fastball is, no starter we have other than Teheran and maybe Wisler would have given up only 2 runs and struck out 8 in 5 innings. That is a sad commentary on how bad our starting pitchers are right now, but I’m glad we have him.

  11. @23, I think you’re probably right – he isn’t walking, and there’s a decent amount of rookie Jeff Francoeur in him, but he has power, speed, and a good plate approach, and if he isn’t Healthy Jose Reyes, I think there’s a pretty reasonable chance he’s at least as good as one of the other young second basemen in baseball who are having great years this year, like Rougned Odor or Jonathan Schoop.

  12. @27, Good piece, Ryan c. I remember quipping a while ago about Kemp standing on the LF line and letting Mallex and Ender handle the rest. Heck, why not?

  13. I wouldn’t mind a Kemp-Inciarte-Markakis outfield for that matter as long as we get a major upgrade at 3rd and possibly catcher. I know I’m in the minority, but I think Markakis is a great 2 hole hitter. There’s something to be said for someone who can hit any pitching, doesn’t strike out much and bats .270 to .290 with a very consistent OPS of about .750.

  14. I don’t dislike Markakis. He’s a great singles and OBP hitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a bit of a rebound year next year. I think he’s got his power back and might sniff 20 HR. His defense isn’t good but I wish Kemp could play OF as well as Markakis. I would also trade him pretty eagerly in the right deal because he’s fully replaceable.

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