Mutatis Mutandis… Change but it’s still Braves 9 Nats 11

‘The necessary changes having been made’ – they were certainly necessary in our case but not too much seems to have changed. One awful pitched innings spoiled an otherwise stirring performance tonight.  Young Braves pitchers, shuffle them as you will, continue to show their fragility. In this instance a promising early 3-1 lead vaporized in … Continue reading “Mutatis Mutandis… Change but it’s still Braves 9 Nats 11”

Acction, Action, Action! (Nats 7, Braves 6 Version)

Wow. Lot’s of action all over the diamond last night, so let’s get to it. I swear, lately it seems every time I turn on a Braves game, the first thing I see is Trea Turner somewhere in scoring position. That’s getting old, especially when we’re playing Milwaukee…I think it’s time for us to admit … Continue reading “Acction, Action, Action! (Nats 7, Braves 6 Version)”

Natspos 8, Barves -1,000

Last night was embarrassing. It was basically a classic April game, one where the score appears deceptively close for much of it despite the fact that you know in your bones — and the lollygagging stiffs with the A across their chest are frantically attempting to demonstrate with every shruggingly botched attempt — that are no more … Continue reading “Natspos 8, Barves -1,000”

South Carolina Gamecocks Preview (by Hambone)

Are the good times really over? The South Carolina Gamecocks come into 2016 with a new coach, angry-man defensive guru and former gator head man, Will Muschamp. This will be the first season in a decade without Steve Spurrier at the helm, and to rub salt in the wound, he’s recently announced that he will … Continue reading “South Carolina Gamecocks Preview (by Hambone)”

Nationals 9, Atlanta Braves 1

It’s hot, damn hot. Tanner Roark’s throwing strikes, but Ender Inciarte lines the sixth pitch through the box. Last night’s goat Erick Aybar lifts a can of corn to left. One out, one on for Hitman Freddie Freeman. His line drive to right chases Ender to third. Matt Kemp bounces weakly to the pitcher, who … Continue reading “Nationals 9, Atlanta Braves 1”

In the Heat of the Night…Braves 6 Treaiffic Nationals 7 The Heat.  Steiger/Poitier, Bogart/Bacall, Whalen/Lopez – it seems the most charged confrontations always occur against the backdrop of hot steamy nights. Some in Georgia, some in the African jungle, this last one tonight in the cauldron of the Nation’s Capital. Our two protagonists were each 22 and pitching their third ML start. One was … Continue reading “In the Heat of the Night…Braves 6 Treaiffic Nationals 7”

Braves – Gold Medal, Natspos – Silver

In this marathon of a season, the Braves vaulted over the NL wins leader Stephen Strasburg with an 8-5 win Friday night, ending a 14 game losing streak in DC with an Olympian effort Friday night. Freddie Freeman led the way, shotputting a three run homer and an RBI double off his Strasburg, to continue … Continue reading “Braves – Gold Medal, Natspos – Silver”

2016 Alabama Preview (by W.C.G.)

So the bad news is, Alabama lost its Heisman Trophy running back, its senior quarterback, its most freakishly athletic defensive lineman, its Rimington Trophy center, its Butkus Award-finalist defensive captain, and its defensive coordinator from the 2015 national championship team. The good news is, the Crimson Tide have clear successors who shouldn’t miss a beat … Continue reading “2016 Alabama Preview (by W.C.G.)”