Braves – Gold Medal, Natspos – Silver

In this marathon of a season, the Braves vaulted over the NL wins leader Stephen Strasburg with an 8-5 win Friday night, ending a 14 game losing streak in DC with an Olympian effort Friday night.

Freddie Freeman led the way, shotputting a three run homer and an RBI double off his Strasburg, to continue his personal streak of being higher, faster, and stronger than the Washington hurler. Jace Peterson wrestled a solo shot off the Nats 15 game winner, while Anthony Recker sculled a two run dinger off Matt Belisle for his first homer as a Brave.

Jace completed the scoring, freestyling a sacrifice fly in the seventh for the final Braves tally. Mike Foltynewicz went 5 2/3 innings for the win, scoring a questionable 9.1 from the Bulgarian judge in the bottom of the sixth, but Ian Krol came in to quell the uprising. In the seventh, Jose Ramirez was summoned in to take Krol’s place in the 4×9 inning relay, but a questionable hand-off almost led to a dropped baton – but only one Grybo was assessed to Krol.

Mauricio Cabrera and Jim Johnson executed a near flawless synchronized dive through the eighth and ninth innings to nail down the win and lead the Braves to the gold medal spot.

35 thoughts on “Braves – Gold Medal, Natspos – Silver”

  1. Bryce Harper is also treating his stiff neck with “cupping.” The Nats made a big deal of changing up their medical staff over the winter. Apparently, the new guy is Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber.

  2. It would be incredibly frustrating to be losing leads in the 9th during a losing season like this, and Jim Johnson has been big for us. Looks like double hernia surgery is what really kept him down earlier this year.

    I think JJ had uniquely as much value to us as he would to another team in that if Coppy couldn’t get a projectable hitting prospect vs. some random pitching prospect, then he might as well hold onto him. He’s not making much, he’s filling a key role for us, and I bet he has some value to a hard-thrower like Cabrera who needs to learn how to pitch. I hope we bring him back next year.

  3. @2

    Somebody is going to have to explain to me how putting a series of bruises, which are areas where blood is clotting, by definition, on one’s neck and back is supposed to encourage better blood flow. Seems like complete BS to me.

  4. Maybe pressure builds trying to work through the clots?

    More likely, trainers don’t want to explain that it is BS and ruin whatever placebo effect might be at work

  5. Theodoric of York
    became best known as the quintessential dork
    suggesting platitudinus remedies
    to the gratitudinus younger set of Kennedys.

  6. @9

    All we have to do is convince everyone that the origins of it have been mistaken and that, rather than being an “ancient Chinese” remedy, it was really a development of modern Western medicine. If we can do that, no professional athlete will ever undergo cupping again.

  7. coop was almost able
    to climb the appalling Tower of Babel
    by using senior suction
    not cups – instead, his usual lengthy introduction.

    Quite enough from me – for now. Don’t miss the midnight recap where greatness on the ball field is certain to be distilled to a few memorable words – plus a musical introduction, guess.

  8. Arodys Vizcaino started and pitched a scoreless inning in a rehab outing for the GCL Braves.

    Also in that game, Brady Feigl pitched another scoreless inning in his third rehab appearance. I had nearly forgotten about this guy. He’s a lefty reliever who pitched well in high A in 2014 and pitched well enough in spring training last year to be considered for a roster spot. He was optioned to Gwinnett instead but only made one appearance, leaving with an injury and ultimately needing Tommy John surgery. WELP, he’s back rehabbing, so he’ll be a name to watch for our pen next year.

  9. @13. Dead on. In fact, cupping WAS practiced in Europe in medieval times probably into the 19th century, and found its way into American quackery as well. It had been largely discredited as lacking any scientific basis, and this recent renaissance is indeed due to the “ancient Chinese secret” gloss they put on it and some good ole logical fallacies –“cum hoc ergo propter hoc”…..

  10. Daniel Murphy’s bat point is one of my favorite idiosyncrasies of current MLB players.

  11. I like Rob Whalen a lot. He’s not flashy, but he can pitch. Folty’s broken more of a sweat tonight than Rob has.

  12. And Aybar at bat is loose and joking. He’s having fun playing the kid game right now. Sign him up, JWDB.

  13. Okay, Nats, here’s the deal. I’ll give you Dansby and Ozzie. You give me Trea Turner. Tell you what, I’ll throw in Rob Whalen too.

  14. Whalen’s allowing 2.70 HR/9 and a slugging percentage of .577. Um, no.

  15. Albies is destroying AA at age 19. Just hit a two out bases loaded triple in the 9th to turn a loss into what should be yet another win.

  16. Tonight’s a good time to get the first game jitters out of the way, I guess. At least Jason’s got that done.

  17. Close call, but the score and situation and batters due to hit next made Aybar’s choice inexcusably stupid.

  18. Apparently Akeel Morris was sent down and Ryan Weber was called up. Morris even pitched at AA today. He was brought up for depth yesterday because Weber wasn’t eligible to be called up until today.

    Flowers, Wisler, and Simmons all performed at AAA today. Flowers was 2-4, Wisler gave up 3 in 5 2/3, and Simmons pitched a scoreless inning.

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