I hate off days

Last night’s debacle wasn’t really deserving of a recap, so I won’t really give it one — instead, in the headline I’ve decided to recycle one of Mac’s better jokes for all of the Braves’ worst performances.

The Brewers scored in literally every inning. (According to Elias, it’s the first time in franchise history that they’d ever done so. Whoopee.) Roberto “Fausto Carmona” Hernandez sucked, as he has in virtually every season other than 2007 (he was DFAed after the game), and the B team came out of the pen to throw a couple more Duraflames on the tire fire.

Erick Aybar and Nick Markakis got five of the Braves’ nine hits between them, continuing their second-half impersonation of competent baseball players and perhaps slightly increasing the chance that the Braves can trick Dave Stewart into trading us something good for them.

21 thoughts on “I hate off days”

  1. Nice to see the youth movement beginning as Akeel Morris and Jason Hursh are getting the call. Both are imperfect options but are ideal guys to get exposure to see if they stick.

  2. They’ll be pitchers #32 and 33 for this year’s squad. Didn’t think they stood a chance to match last year’s 36 (not including Jonny Gomes), but they might just do it.

  3. I had given up on Jason Hursh because he kept getting mashed year after year in the high minors. Best of luck to him.

    Akeel Morris I’m a little more bullish on.

  4. With today’s Kubitza and Hursh additions, by my count, they’ve now had between 65 and 67 different guys (depending on how you classify Tyler Moore and Brian Matusz, both of whom were immediately DFA’d upon acquisition) appear on the 40-man roster or 60-day DL so far in 2016. I wonder what the record is.

  5. It’s surprising to me that we DFA’d Banuelos at this point. Since he was on the Braves 40 man but was on the DL for AA, is it a given that this is the last time we’ll see him in a Braves’ uniform at any level?

  6. I think they need to open quite a few spots on the 40-man, especially if there’s going to be any kind of substantial September callups.

  7. @10

    I’m not sure there will be, except for maybe some pitchers. I don’t think we see Swanson and Albies. Maybe Ruiz.

  8. The MLBTR note about the recent roster maneuvers described things thusly:

    The Braves “recalled right-hander Akeel Morris from Double-A Mississippi and selected the contract of right-hander Jason Hursh from Gwinnett…”

    What’s the difference between “recalling” and “selecting the contract”?

  9. Morris was already on the 40-man; Hursh had to be added to it (which, because the 40-man was full, is why Hernandez had to be DFA’d).

  10. Gotta say, all this roster turnover is manna to the eternal optimists — an ever-refreshing wellspring of untapped potential. One gift-wrapped box after another, the fact that you’d just opened three consecutive page-a-day calendars from doddering aunts already forgotten….

  11. As a representative of the Eternal Optimists, I can assure you there was no manna from Roberto Hernandez or Joel de la Cruz. Top 30 prospects under the age of 25? That’s mildly nutritious.

  12. Very few of that under 25 crowd are on the 40 man. There’s gonna be a big turnover there in the next 12 months.

  13. The offense woes seem systemic in Metland. I think Conforto would enjoy leaving that place.

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