St. Louis 1, Atlanta 0

Jaime Garcia pulled his Kelly Leak in Bad News Bears impression last night, throwing eight innings of three hit shutout baseball and driving in the games only run in the Card’s 1-0 win Friday night at Busch Stadium.

Joel de la Cruz looked like Walter Johnson in the headlines, but five walks in 5 1/3 is more like Walter Mitty, and he was lucky to be charged with only one run, as Brandon Moss (on third after two walks by de la Cruz and a walk by Jose Ramirez) was thrown out at the plate on a fly to right by Jeff Francoeur.

Offensively, the Braves were offensive, with singles by Gordon Beckham and Ender Inciarte, and a double by Anthony Recker pluys an Inciarte walk being the only “threats” Atlanta could muster. On to tonight with Mike Foltynewicz toeing the rubber against Carlos Martinez.

28 thoughts on “St. Louis 1, Atlanta 0”

  1. Not really sure why the Marlins are gutting their farm system to add all of these pieces to win, maybe, 90 games, but I’m glad we got something for a guy that was pitching in the California Penal League last year.

  2. @7

    Uh…because 90 wins gets you in the playoffs and if you get in the playoffs, you can win the World Series? That is the overriding goal, though it’s easy to forget being a fan of a team that’s not really trying to do that. When we’re in the situation they are in however-many years (hopefully one or two) and we need bullpen help, if we’re not willing to trade two Grade C prospects for that bullpen help, I’ll be pissed.

  3. The Marlins have a 100% success rate at winning the World Series merely by making it into the playoffs. As a Braves fan, it’s hard to fathom that, but that’s what their franchise has achieved.

  4. So we’re 2/3 through the season and it looks like I thought it would. Are we going to lose 100 games next year? That’s the part I can’t figure out quite yet. I’m leaning towards yes.

  5. @14, I think we should lose 100 games next year, but the kemp acquisition makes me worry management will screw around and try to win 70 games.

  6. I don’t think we scored this many runs during the last home stand in total. We’re bashing. Woo!

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