Braves 4, IWOTM 3

The Braves are displaying a nice knack for winning games on nights when I forget to recap them, so here’s less than they deserve in hopes they’ll do it again speedily and soon:

Let’s start with Aaron Blair. It’s been a rocky rookie year for the burly Nevadan, but last night he had his second quality start of the season. It was exactly six innings and exactly three runs, two of which came via the longball. It wasn’t a commanding performance, but it was a performance. There is something on which to build. And, hey, our last Las Vegan worked out pretty well.

Francophiles rejoice, because Jeff Francoeur homered, and Chase d’Arnaud got an RBI against his brother’s squad. (Little sib Travis d’Arnaud, the regular Mets backstop, is on the DL.) Tyler Flowers also homered, showing how much of an improvement it is to replace a sucking chest wound with mere mediocrity.

Let’s beat these bums right in their inferiority complexes.

30 thoughts on “Braves 4, IWOTM 3”

  1. The Last Las Vegan is a wonderful turn of phrase, as is Aybad.
    Lowered expectations occasionally produce nice surprises. Thank you, Sir Alex.

    Expectations for the Braves, AAR. From you, I always expect stardom.

  2. My wife and I watched “Miracle” last night, the movie about the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Final score – 4 to 3. (Of course, that was the USSR score, they totally yada yada’d the gold medal game against Finland. In fact, I think they recycled Norway’s uniforms for the one shot of the Finns they did show.)

    Anyway, my central thesis – “Miracle.”

  3. Gosh, there were some incredible plays by Inciarte (I won’t call him Incifarte for this conversation). Taking third on Granderson, scoring on a wild pitch that barely left the catcher, starting the perfect relay to nail the runner in the 9th, he had a freaking game. You can only have one of Inciarte or Mallex, and I would prefer Mallex, but that’s great to see Inciarte having a game.

  4. I think I like Chase D’Arnaud. Looking at the guy’s career numbers it’s hard to imagine him even being in the big leagues, but he plays hard and looks like he’s having fun doing it (Neck you might want to look into that last part…).

  5. From the narrative, it seems like this has been his first extended period of time that he’s been healthy. We should totally trade him for a high-A lefty.

  6. @6

    I kind of agree with you on Chase d’Arnaud. He appears to be having fun. There is no way to tell if his numbers right now are a fluke or if he is a late bloomer who has figured some things out. If it’s the second, he could be a valuable player for the next few years at a relatively low cost. He’s got the speed and he looks average if not above average at every position he has played this year. If he could keep his OPS around .700, we would have our new Prado with less power but more speed. Granted that all rests on if his current success is an anomaly or not.

  7. All I’m saying is that I want our guys to play hard and act like they are having fun while getting paid handsomely to play a game. Markakis looks like he’s punching the clock in the coal mines or something. Yeah it sucks to be sentenced to years at Braves hard-labor camp, but get over it man.

  8. The way Chase (who was at the time playing short) jumped up and down like a little kid after Adonis made that amazing snag and throw a week or so ago really made me like that guy.

  9. I like chase d’arnaud and I’m glad to see him succeed and have fun doing it. It is a little different essentially being a 29-year old rookie who never thought he’d get this kind of chance having a possible breakout season vs. a 10-year vet having his worst season by far for a historically bad team. Doesn’t make it any easier to watch Markakis be godawful, though.

  10. Comp 2 pick Brett Cumberland just tweeted “Atlanta here I come,” so I’m guessing that means he’s signed.

  11. 13—Yeah, I’m interested to see how far above slot they had to go for him. My guess is he signed for north of the $1.2 million for which Bryse Wilson signed.

  12. Yeah. He was the one I was most anxious about, because you have them 2.4m over slot already, with an expected savings up $3m on Anderson. I wouldnt be shocked to see him sign for 600k over slot, around 1.5m. Since he’s signed I guess I can assume the Braves wouldn’t do it without being 100% dead certain that Anderson is a done deal, too.

  13. If Julio gets dealt, it better be for more than we got for Shelby, which is a very tall order. Julio, statistically, is an “ace”. He’ll be top-10 in WAR after this game.

  14. I don’t think they’d move him unless the return was huge. I’m still not sure how I feel about the idea.

  15. My feed said Jeff francoeur struck out swinging. That’s gotta be a hotkey, right?

  16. Yeah, Teheran is under a team friendly contract through 2020. It would require quite a haul.

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