Cubs 8, Braves 2

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an extremely moveable object? Something like yesterday’s ballgame, when Jake Arrieta and the Chicago Cubs destroyed the Atlanta Braves 8-2.

Things didn’t look like they’d go the Braves’ way when the second batter of the game, Jason Heyward, pulled a solo shot to right field to give Jake Arrieta as much of a lead as he typically needs. But all doubt was removed in the fourth, when Anthony Rizzo hit another solo shot and Miguel Montero hit a three-run blast later in the inning. (Eric O’Flaherty, pitching the fifth and sixth, gave up a two-run homer to Kris Bryant and an RBI double to Dexter Fowler, long past the point that it could have mattered.

The Braves scoring came when Adonis Garcia doubled in Nick Markakis, and Ender Inciarte tripled in Jace Peterson — those are four hitters who it’s nice to see involved in the action.

Today is John Gant versus Jon Lester.

14 thoughts on “Cubs 8, Braves 2”

  1. Mariners draft Trey Griffey in the 24th (nyuk) round, even though he hasn’t played baseball since age 14. He’s a WR for Arizona football.

    It sounds like simply a gesture to KGJ, until you remember that Kenny Lofton hadn’t really played baseball until he was drafted by the Astros in the 17th round. He played basketball for Arizona, but he managed to make the baseball team as a walk-on and recorded just 1 AB before being drafted.

  2. Nice recovery, Johnny G.

    I have this fandom desire for one of these non-elite prospects to become the next Kris Medlen, Brandon Beachy, Jair Jurrjens type that has a couple-few good seasons and then implodes. It would take a lot of pressure off of the need for half-to-most of our elite prospects to develop.

  3. “We’re not stupid – we just look stupid and sometimes say stupid stuff.” – Chip Caray, attempting to clear up any confusion Bill Murray may have had about him and Joe Simpson

  4. I’m not sure we are going to score again off Lester, so we will need to stretch this 1 run.

  5. OK .. cant believe its took me this many game to really really really realize how bad we are .. I just cant watch anymore .. tired of watching Freeman mope around .. and tired of how bad our offense is .. Im outta here till next year .. see ya

  6. Watching the closing of the chasm between Withrow’s ERA and his FIP/xFIP sure has been something.

  7. Tad, I’ll go ahead and say welcome back. At some point we call up Dansby and Albies

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