Clayton Kershaw 4

Once again, a dominant left-hander utterly shut down the Braves and scored the winning run himself. There’s no particular shame in losing the Clayton Kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball and one of the greatest of all time.

But after getting three-hit by Kershaw in his six innings of work, our boys mustered a total of two hits and one walk against the Dodger bullpen, while Brian Snitker demonstrated that he has just as little an idea as Fredi of how to get through the eighth inning. It was 1-0 until that fateful eighth.

Then Alexi Ogando came in and gave up a single that Ender Inciarte misplayed into a double — I honestly have no idea how he didn’t get charged an error — and after a groundout moved him to third, Trayce Thompson worked a walk on a nine-pitch at-bat. Snitker leapt into action and brought in Ian Krol, who gave up a well-placed bunt on which there was no play. 2-0, Dodgers. Then Snitker ordered an intentional walk to load the bases and brought in John Gant, who is no one’s idea of a relief ace that you’d want with the game on the line. Gant gave up a sac fly and a single before getting the third out of the inning. By then it was 4-0 and I hope you weren’t still up watching.

Each of the first five hitters got one single each. That was it for the offense.

The umpires had a rough night, too. They missed three calls at second base, and each one went against the Braves: two Dodger stolen bases and one Brave caught stealing. In the 4th, Trayce Thompson was out by a literal country mile, but was called safe on the field, and then a video replay failed to overturn it. Later in the inning, the same thing happened. It was a closer play, a throw up the line where Daniel Castro had to lunge to tag Howie Kendrick on the leg before his hand touched the bag, but the television replays were not ambiguous. They were obvious. The failure to overturn was absurd.

In the eighth, some insult was added to injury when Ender Inciarte got caught stealing. He stayed on the bag, signaling to the dugout that he was certain he was safe, and the Braves convinced the umpires to order their own video review. The ball had beaten him to the bag but the tag was high and replays indicated that it was likely that he got his foot in under the tag. But, again, no dice. Against rookie second base umpire Ramon DeJesus (the first Dominican umpire in major league history, apparently), the Braves couldn’t get a break.

Get ’em tomorrow.

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  1. Greetings from Monaco. Perfect time to visit, just after F1 and before euro football championship. Love West coast games, was able to catch the last three innings. Our offense is offensive.

  2. Ramon deJesus
    c’mon just day-duce
    from the original Dominican ump
    we expect some help in getting over the hump.

    Clayton Kershaw
    the left arm points straight to God, we guffaw
    un peu pretentious?
    that fawning crowd would term us just contentious.

  3. Bud Norris?
    yes, that famous quote from Horace
    Daniel in the Lion’s Den
    a damn good job, extend him then.

  4. The umpire may be Dominican
    His calls are flawed again and again.
    He shows a certain lack
    Of judgment at the second sack.

    That said. the man in the sky
    Should correct the Dominican eye.
    Despite the local replay home crowd groans
    Dodger calls transmitted over headphones.

  5. Sticking a rookie umpire with Joe West is a bad idea. I assume Angel Hernandez or CB Bucknor were busy at the optometrist’s office.

  6. There are some bad umpires in the bigs. The umps union must be strong to keep these guys employed.

    Bud did well. Bud’s buds with bats did not. Nice recap, Alex. Thank you for all you do.

  7. @7..

    or at the barber’s.


    Strong unions ensuring ongoing employment? Well, how about the Player’s Union? We are a perfect example of their power. So many names come to mind, how could they otherwise still be around? There is a limit though – only last night the Union apparently messaged Freddie and told him to pull himself together.

    Alex does a fantastic job for us. Just keep him away from vacations in Iran.

  8. @2..

    How would you like timo’s job? A traveling man, the last three posts he’s made where he’s mentioned his location are not what you might expect from the likes of you and me.

    Not Murmansk/Philadelphia/Kiev
    or Chicago/Stuttgart/Alice Springs
    but rather…

    Barcelona/Hawaii/ and now Monaco.

    What have we done to deserve this comparison? Is it too late to go back to school and change majors?

    But thank you for your kind greeting!

  9. The Yanks look like they will be in dire need to replace Mark Texeira. Think they’d want to swing a deal for Freddie Freeman? They’d have to take Coppy’s left arm in the deal, too.

  10. @11… nah, trust me, my job – you don’t want it. Nothing special at all. And remember, this place is only a 45 min flight away from my home.

  11. Lucroy, perhaps; but I wouldn’t want to offer more than 3-4 years. I doubt he’d be interested in $15 million per year either, so probably not. No one else piques my interest, unless we sign Prado for old times’ sake or Bartolo for comic relief.

  12. Then we gonna suck next year too because half to 3/4 of these prospects are suspects. Odds are that even between Albies and Swanson, one of them will bust. Its just the way it is…

  13. Signing Wilson Ramos and trading for Ryan Braun and Joey Gallo would instantly change this team. You’d gut the farm (and probably have to trade Teheran), but that would be a 90+ win team overnight.

  14. #2

    Try McCarthy’s. It’s the principality’s only Irish pub, a touch of reality amid Bentley & Maserati dealerships.

  15. Listening to Scully’s call. It’s too bad he’s retiring, he sounds as sharp as ever.

  16. Bobby always wanted to take two out of three. I’m excited about the possibility of winning one. Pitch good, Matty. That might be all you get.

  17. @22, John, same here… so nice to hear him call some Braves runs as well.

    Listening to Vin Scully makes me dislike grumpy Joe Simpson even more. And we’re stuck with him and Chip while Scully is retiring. Just not fair.

  18. What the heck do you expect? Before today, Matt Wisler was a 23 year old with a 3.16 ERA. He’s steadily increasing his K/9 and reducing his BB/9. If it were up to some of you, you would have traded John Smoltz for a bag of magic beans and Tom Glavine for a PTBNL.

  19. Maybe we could get Jake Arrieta for Wisler. Arrieta wasn’t too good today, and I imagine the Cubs are fed up with his bull.

  20. It’s ironic you say that because Arrieta was terrible until he was 27. Some people don’t want to let Braves prospects stick around long enough for them to rent a car.

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