Last of the Mohicans: Braves 3, Other Native Americans 8

[The more common Hollywood movie pits European people against Native Americans. However, this movie has a theme of competition between portions of the Native American community over how to deal with these immigrants.] Just as we have become familiar with the 2016 Braves, early on we become familiar with Chincachgook (Chief of the Mohicans, think … Continue reading “Last of the Mohicans: Braves 3, Other Native Americans 8”

Guess That Stat UPDATE (by Bledsoe)

So the Braves record, as of this writing, is 26-49. That means the season is officially 46.3% over. You may remember our Guess that Stat contest. Time to see how the contest is shaping up, so you can figure out how far off your guesses are off the pace. If my math is right, the … Continue reading “Guess That Stat UPDATE (by Bledsoe)”

Braves 5, Mets 2 (by coop)

Bud Norris, Freddie Freeman and Adonis Garcia led the Atlanta Braves to a 5-2 victory over the defending National League champion New York Mets. Norris had his best outing as a Brave. He went seven, fanned eight and threw only 88 pitches, 61 of them strikes. Freddie Freeman led the offense. In fact, for seven … Continue reading “Braves 5, Mets 2 (by coop)”

The hand that fed you…Mets 1, Braves 0 …… by blazon

Teheran/De Grom in a rematch tonight after Sunday’s JT one hitter. Julio makes his 16th start, de Grom has not won in his last nine. Reyes in the background, signed today, you’re welcome to him.  Soon both teams could be evenly matched, one DV offender each.  Robles most fortunately indisposed after his personal shut out … Continue reading “The hand that fed you…Mets 1, Braves 0 …… by blazon”