Marlins 7, Braves 3 (by coop)


Is the lead-in music for all broadcasts the same? I swear the Marlins pre-game shtick is the same as the Braves, only the stadium being erected is that thing in Miami instead of the Ted.

Here’s a cheerful thought: the Braves will not always suck. Someday we fans can aspire to mediocrity. There will be better days. We just saw two good ‘uns in a row. May we have three, please?

I like Preston Wilson. The Marlins color guy is coherent, speaks concisely and enunciates each word, and is neither Chip nor Joe. I also like Marcell Ozuna, despite his recent travails afield; and Christian Yelich is no slouch. I’d rather have Julio than either of them. Both? Call me. Let’s talk. Otherwise, Julio’s mine, and you can’t have him, Miami.

At game’s start, Julio looks every bit the ace. I sometimes forget he’s still a kid. And he’s a bargain. Teheran’s pitching well. If he stays healthy, we have ourselves a pitcher; but that pitcher’s throwing a ton of pitches in the second. Thankfully, he gets a 6-4-3 GIDP to end it. Chase d’Arnaud looks smooth at short and runs like a deer. Erick Aybar delenda est.

Brag on him, and Chase boots one. With two out, Martin Prado walks. Now there’s two on for Yelich, and Teheran can’t find home plate. Freddie Freeman’s good play on a hot shot down the line keeps the Fish scoreless through three. Runs, please.

Gordon Beckham looks good in a Braves uni. One thing: Gordo’s not Aybar (Delenda est!), but he hit like him to end the third.

Julio’s hurt! Whew! He’s okay. No, he’s not. Come on Snit-for-brains; don’t go all Fredi on us. You’re supposed to protect Liberty’s investment. Who’s driving this train? Ill looms.

Ozuna bleeds one in, and Jason Bour — a large human — walks. I worry about Teheran. Does no one care?

Derek Dietrich’s up. Herr Dietrich bloops one over short to load the bases, and Julio ain’t right. We’re doomed!

Nobody out, bases jammed, and Miguel Rojas
faces the worst Julio I’ve seen lately. This may be the ballgame. It may be Julio’s career too, if Snitker leaves him out there. Snit does, and the Braves don’t turn the 3-6-1 as Teheran doesn’t (can’t?) cover first. One run’s in, and runners are on the corners with one out.

But Jeff Mathis looks at a called strike three, so now only the pitcher stands between Julio and getting out of this mess with only one run scoring. Tom Koehler goes down on strikes and settles for a one-zip lead. Julio Teheran for the Hall of Fame! Great pitching, kid.

Okay. let’s get it back. Freddie comes close, but Yelich catches his liner against the wall in fair territory down the left field line. Jeff Francouer walks to bring up Nick Markakis. I like the
Greek’s chances. Woo-hoo! Neck doubles into the right field corner, moving Frenchy to third; and A.J. Pierzynski ties it with a sacrifice fly to shallow left. Yelich’s throw is abysmal. Adonis Garcia hacks but fails. One all after four.

Julio’s still pitching. I’m an alarmist; but Ichiro flies to left, and AJP catches another pop. I kid you not. That pain in the posterior Yelich’s next and bounces to Freddie. This time Julio covers. He makes it through five, but he’s thrown a gazillion pitches.

Braves fail, and we’re still at ones with Teheran still on the bump. Lo and behold, Rafael Furcal makes a cameo. Furky’s a bit heavier than playing weight — aren’t we all? — but he’s still better than Aybar (Delenda est!). Bour Hawg rips a double; and with one out, that old yaller jacket Herr Dietrich stung a gassed Julio with a long (432 feet) home run to right. The horse is stolen. You pitched well, Julio, but with this team, just well enough to lose.

After that we just waited for the last out. The Braves made some noise, but so did the Marlins. It never got close again, and our Atlanta Braves ended up on the short end of a 7-3 score.

43 thoughts on “Marlins 7, Braves 3 (by coop)”

  1. Great recap Coop.

    Chase needs to swing the bat more.

    Julio had no luck today – – the 12 pitch ABs get old and tire out the arm.

    Free Freddie Freeman – – b/c his suck continueth.

    On a more positive note: I saw my Clemson Tigers win their record 10th overall ACC Tourney title – – which involved more than 4 hours of rain delays.

  2. @2, the only way I’ll admit I was wrong when I rolled my eyes and said the F word very loudly when I saw the Braves signed him is if we trade high on him over the next 60 days for something useful.

  3. I was at this one. Letting Julio bat in the fifth made no sense. Yeah, he’d only given up one but he was at 103 and had been in trouble all game. I was shocked when he batted in the fifth and sure enough, out came the knives in the sixth.

  4. Anyone want to pay talent and $80m to get Ryan Brauns age 33 through 36 seasons?

  5. It’s so hard to pull your “ace” after 5 innings, even at 103 pitches. He still could have gotten through the sixth with any efficiency and stayed under 120 pitches. I guess it wasn’t hard to predict that you’d see a gopher ball from Bad Julio at 20 pitches an inning.

  6. With solid regulars in front of them, could a bench of Beckham, d’Arnaud, Frenchy and a speedy 5th outfielder be a playoff team? I’m inclined to think so.

  7. Francoeur’s rebond de chat mort increases the chance that he can one day be called by one (tortured, admittedly) measure the worst outfielder in major league history. He just needs to hang in there a little longer:

    Lowest career WAR among players with over 1390 games played, 50% or more in the outfield:

    -2.0, 1441 G, Jerry Morales (1969-1983)
    -2.0, 1485 G, Bob Kennedy (1939-1957)
    5.2, 1517 G, Mike Lum (1967-1981)
    5.5, 1704 G, Dante Bichette (1988-2001)
    5.5, 1494 G, Joe Orsulak (1983-1997)
    5.8, 1396 G, Jeff Francoeur (2005-2016)
    6.2, 1650 G, Jose Guillen (1997-2010)

    His clearest path to “victory” would be for his career to last another 122 games (to surpass Morales, Kennedy, and Lum) at -0.4 WAR or worse (to “surpass” Bichette). At that point it could be said that no outfielder ever with Francoeur’s career length achieved a lower WAR. So keep running him out there, Snits!

  8. It’s been six years since anybody has willingly parted with an asset in order to obtain Francoeur.

  9. Yesterday Julio looked the way I thought a rising ace ought to look, but Folty looks even better. We’ve got some promising young pitchers. I’d hate to trade them for just anybody with 25 HR power.

  10. Anybody can pull a pitcher after it’s too late. It takes guts to pull one before that.

  11. Had no bearing on the run that just scored, but AJ Pierzynski can’t catch. Yet another throw from the outfield bounces off his mitt. Pretty burned out on that.

  12. We tried to give it to them. Bad baseball was played in the ninth. Ender should have thrown to third, for a number of reasons, including who he was throwing to.

  13. 6-7 with Snitker. At that rate for the next 112 games, the Braves would finish … 67-95, just like last year.

  14. @29, I get a little uncomfortable in the britches when I see a delivery that smooth and uncomplicated from a 6’6″ frame… but I still want Kyle Lewis.

  15. I’d take any of the three. Senzel and Pint, the other guys I’ve seen tied to the Braves, are the ones who don’t excite me. Or Puk. Really do not want Puk.

    Ray doesn’t have superstar upside, but I think he’s gonna be pretty good for several years.

  16. The problem is that high school pitching is the most unpredictable category to draft, and coppy knows that. History is littered with Todd Van Poppels and Briien Taylors. Of course scouts think they *just know* this next guy is gonna make it, but they’re wrong.

  17. I get the Mallex Smith hype. The hit of the early summer, lovely to watch. So now they need to change the book, just stay outside. No. Go back in then. Really?

  18. a poster who is undefined
    suggests the early morning mind
    particularly with more to say
    in verse, you know, the subtle way.

  19. Buster Posey. Everything, always, centered. Or so it seems. If that hadn’t hit the mound last night, who knows. The exact antithesis of Jason, pure contact, the contrast still haunts. Yes, i should probably see a shrink.

    KJ…lucky, lucky, lucky…waiting for that third out. Interminable.

    Adonis…as that final ground ball headed his way what were you thinking? Be honest. Excoriate/celebrate? Good for him, now go long.

    ”if you can keep your head
    when all about you are losing theirs.’

  20. Jeff Samardija
    per astra ad ardua
    the lessons learned beneath the Golden Dome
    best choose the fastball not the cloistered cells of Rome.

    *awful license taken here, reversing word order to get a near perfect rhyme for a difficult name..should be ‘per ardua ad astra’, struggle through adversity to reach the stars, a motto embraced by several embryo National Flying Corps around the time of the First World War. Fine choice.

  21. @40

    what should we make of these?
    they reinforce
    a somewhat shorter course.

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