Jeff Francoeur

Ed. note: With the news that Jeff Francoeur will be on the Opening Day roster for the 2016 Braves, it seemed apposite to republish Mac’s classic summation of his 2008 season. The sheer badness of Jeff Francoeur 2008 cannot be shown in the statistics. Oh, the statistics are bad, very bad. He hit .239, 25 … Continue reading “Jeff Francoeur”

Rafael Ramírez (by ububba)

Lookit, I’m not going to try to tell you that Rafael Ramírez was a good ballplayer. He wasn’t. But, much like that ’82 Braves team, while displaying some huge, obvious flaws, the Dominican shortstop could do a couple things well, things that could help you win… like, 89 games. How’s that? Well, the ’82 club … Continue reading “Rafael Ramírez (by ububba)”

A few true things that don’t matter

Hector Olivera is leading the team in hitting. In 50 at-bats over 17 games, he only has one walk, which is bad, but he only has five strikeouts, which isn’t so bad, and 20 hits in 50 at-bats is a .400 average whether or not the games count. Only four of those hits have gone … Continue reading “A few true things that don’t matter”

So Freddie’s Wrist is Okay, Maybe

From Pravda: When Freeman exited Friday’s game, there was immediate reaction that he had aggravated the wrist injury that limited him for last season’s final four months and throughout this past offseason. But it has since been learned the discomfort was located in his hand and that it was likely a product of scar tissue … Continue reading “So Freddie’s Wrist is Okay, Maybe”

“We definitely aren’t trying to trade Erick Aybar,” Braves GM says believably

Yesterday, John Coppolella said this: “We don’t want to trade Erick Aybar; he’s a great, winning player. We need to win more games this year, and he’s going to be a big part of that. So we’re very happy to hold onto Eric Aybar.” He also said that Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson “have all … Continue reading ““We definitely aren’t trying to trade Erick Aybar,” Braves GM says believably”

The Braves are on pace to give up ∞ runs this season

It’s a little galling to get beaten by Sean Gilmartin — the guy we traded for Ryan Doumit, who put up -0.5 WAR in 100 games in 2014 and then promptly retired — though it’s slightly reassuring that none of this counts. In other news that doesn’t count, Ender Inciarte and Hector Olivera are both hitting quite … Continue reading “The Braves are on pace to give up ∞ runs this season”

The Braves are on pace to score ∞ runs this season

The season hasn’t even started yet, and the Braves have already scored 15 runs, which means that the Braves are on pace to score an infinite number of runs. (Not in the same game, as Kenny Mayne would say. That would be a record.) With the caveat that none of this actually matters — at all, … Continue reading “The Braves are on pace to score ∞ runs this season”

Welcome to March — Williams Are Pitching At 1 PM!

We’ve finally entered March, and you know what that means: we’re only two weeks from St. Patrick’s Day, and only four hours from baseball! Over the last couple of months, I’ve become mildly obsessed with a Scottish folksinger named Dick Gaughan. His band 5 Hand Reel does a brilliant song of a traditional Irish tune … Continue reading “Welcome to March — Williams Are Pitching At 1 PM!”