Phil Niekro (by Rusty S.)

Phil Niekro made his major league debut the year I was born; 18 years later, he pitched the Braves to their 2nd NL West Division title. The 43-year-old Niekro went 17-4 for the Braves that 1982 season, a team that ended up 16 games over .500, and whose only other starter with a record above … Continue reading “Phil Niekro (by Rusty S.)”

A Quick Statistical Exercise for Chipper (by JonathanF)

Now that Chipper has agreed to do work again for the Braves, speculation has naturally arisen that maybe he wants to manage. (Maybe he doesn’t… In fact, I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t. But let’s assume he does. Otherwise, I have nothing to write.) It has often been observed that the best players are … Continue reading “A Quick Statistical Exercise for Chipper (by JonathanF)”

Rufino Linares (by JonathanF)

Six hundred forty-two MLB players were born in the Dominican Republic1. Of these, 91 are from the town of San Pedro de Macoris. Of those, 57 are position players2. On this list there are great players (Sammy Sosa, Tony Fernandez) and players you never heard of (Elvio Jiminez). Rufino Linares is in the lower-middle-third of … Continue reading “Rufino Linares (by JonathanF)”

Biff Pocoroba (by bledsoe)

Biff Pocoroba. Let it roll off your tongue. Biff….Pooooooke…….arobah! Say it with me. If you were writing a short story for Boys’ Life about a professional baseball team, Biff Pocoroba might have been a name you would have thought up for the character of the crafty, bandy-legged catcher, or maybe the shy, wet-behind-the-ears rookie outfielder … Continue reading “Biff Pocoroba (by bledsoe)”

Ender Inciarte

When people talk about players statheads love, Ender Inciarte is the kind of guy they mean. Not a lot of power but a decent enough hitter with a very good glove, a pretty low profile as a prospect, but a well-rounded guy who’s at least decent at everything and the thing he’s quite good at … Continue reading “Ender Inciarte”

Dansby Swanson

My favorite anecdote about Dans isn’t really about Dans, but about an early opinion of Dans from a man whose opinions I respect more than pretty much anyone else’s when it comes to baseball things. Backstory: As I think everyone now knows, Dans went to Marietta High — “Dansby” is his mother’s maiden name; his … Continue reading “Dansby Swanson”

Where Do We Go From Here? Sign Jason Heyward.

We’ve been whispering about it for more than a year now in this dark corner, but with the Miller-for-Inciarte/Swanson/Blair trade it’s actually, unquestionably the move for the Braves to make now—if they can swing it: Outbid the other teams and bring Jason Heyward back to Atlanta. I’ll answer some questions you’re all asking yourselves: Do … Continue reading “Where Do We Go From Here? Sign Jason Heyward.”