Toronto [big number], Atlanta [little number]

Coming into this season I knew my Braves fandom would be stretched in ways I, as a D.S. fan (became a fan During the Streak), had never been stretched before. I didn’t realize just how much it would change me, though. I used to believe when the Braves were losing that games weren’t over until … Continue reading “Toronto [big number], Atlanta [little number]”

BRAVES 3! BLUE JAYS 2 (by coop)

I’ve always liked the Toronto Blue Jays, mainly because I like Cito Gaston. Cito wasn’t a special player, although he did make the all star team once as a Padre. To me, Cito just seemed a special man. This judgment stems from a single statement he once made. When he was a Brave, Gaston was … Continue reading “BRAVES 3! BLUE JAYS 2 (by coop)”