40 thoughts on “Nationals 8, Braves 2 (by spike)”

  1. Please, Braves, win today. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t recap a loss.

    Also, Natspos delenda est.

  2. A loss today means the 13th straight road loss, something that hasn’t happened for the franchise since 1923. It also means the 12th straight loss, something that hasn’t happened for the franchise since 1942.

  3. What’s worse, tanking a whole season, or tanking the playoffs due to insane innings limits? If our guys did that I think I’d have to quit baseball entirely.

  4. Probably giving Harvey too much credit, but for the sake of argument –

    Let’s say I have my gall bladder out. I get home from the hospital, and for my first meal, I order 20 hot wings. I swear I can eat 20 hot wings, and in fact, if I have the chance, when I am done, I will order half a dozen more. After 10 hot wings, I swear I am still going to finish 20 hot wings.

    But, after 16 hot wings, I say this is nuts. I can only eat a couple more hot wings.

    Obviously this comparison is only valid if Harvey truly feels like he cannot pitch any more. If he just doesn’t want to (which is how it seems,) then flame away.

  5. The doctor that does your surgery says “okay, to keep it from popping loose again, keep it under 180 innings.” What the hell are you supposed to do?

  6. Manage his innings so that it isn’t an issue, rather than have it look like a surprise at the end of the year?

  7. Glad we’re giving Olivera a day off. Wouldn’t want to actually have a reason to like the guy.

  8. The innings limits are stupid. There’s no proof they have any effect whatsoever. I thought this was decided after the Strasburg thing. This is literally so stupid I can’t even find the words. I agree with krussell, which doesn’t happen very often. If this happened to the Braves, I would become dangerously close to being done.

    And yeah, tanking the playoffs for these completely arbitrary innings limits is way worse than tanking a regular season for draft position.

    And you go right ahead and believe everything that Scott Boras says if you want to (including him insisting that it’s not him, it’s the doctors). I’ll be over here in reality.

  9. I just have trouble believing that the doctor put a strict innings-limit on him and no one told the Mets until just now.

  10. Skip and Mac are truly missed during stretches like this.

    “the bases are loaded and I wish I was too”

  11. I gave the Braves the benefit of the doubt and said that they would win one game/week for the rest of the season, but they are proving to me that I really do need to tone my homorism down. I’m working on that.

    Friday’s game was such a treat. I didn’t even care that we lost; the game was competitive, the result in doubt for most of the game, the players looked like they belonged in the same league. It was, in other words, a baseball game worth watching. That’s what is bugging me most about the Braves second half. Even though I expect the Braves to lose every game, I would still like to be able to enjoy the process of them losing (i.e. watch a good baseball game). This is just miserable. I feel gypped of a baseball season.

  12. Freeman, Simmons, Pierzynski, Markakis, Maybin and Miller are all welcome to return. If everybody else on this team was sent packing the day after the season, it wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  13. wow these guys are bad … our pitching looks bright for future .. Folty, Weisler , Banwelos .. yes looks good … never seen so many runs givin up by starters these past 20 games .. fire FG .. he is not getting the effort .. they all look so non chalant .. including the guys that are gonna be here .. Simmons, Freeman .. walk around so slow and disinterested .. and cant believe we gave the Dodgers Peraza and Wood for this chump … Peraza will be a 300 hitter and Wood 15 game winner .. this Olivera guy will hit 230 with 8 HR and 50 Rbi a year since he is getting paid good now .. even he looks out of it and he just got here .. somebody needs to take control .. FG is not gonna do it

  14. Last 7 days, our long reliever (Marimon) has 4 plate appearances (and another one today.) Miller has 4, Teheran 3, Perezes 2, Banuelos 0 (and 1 today) and Wisler 0. Miller, Teheran and (counting today) Banuelos have 2 starts.

  15. @18

    I’d be okay with Teheran; I’m just worried he’s peaked. But at least he’s proven to be a major-league quality player. Most of this lot should be getting ready to face the Mud Hens.

  16. I’m coming around to jj’s dislike of Simmons. I thought he’d figure things out at the plate by now. It just isn’t happening.

  17. In fact, it’s pretty clear to me that Scott Boras is pretty much screwing the Mets over big time. He didn’t want them to put him in the bullpen or use him sparingly early because it’s best for his client’s future money-making potential if he’s out there every fifth day. But he’d also rather not have him go over 180 innings, just to be on the safe side. So he waits until the Mets are stuck and then starts pulling this crap and trying to convince Harvey about the arbitrary innings limit. Pretty brilliant on his part, really. Back-handed and unnecessary and arguably actually against his client’s best interests at the end of the day assuming his client actually cares about winning (or neutral, at best), but brilliant. How the Mets didn’t see this coming given he did the exact same thing with Strasburg, I don’t know, but that’s why they’re the Mets, I guess.

    I like that he also thinks the Strasburg situation worked out pretty well. Of course, he would, but he’s certainly the only one.

  18. The “Harvey situation” basically benefits Boras, Harvey & New York sports radio. But in MetsLand there’s always going to be a little drama & this is the latest episode.

    I know we’re overmatched these days, but… c’mon guys, can we see a little bit of fight?

  19. well football season started thank goodness …. guess I will check back in 2017 .. when the experts say we should contend .. cant see 2016 being any better with the cast we have … yes SAM consistency .. like to see some !!

  20. I think the experts need to rethink the type of record a “replacement-level” team would have. I think we’re proving that a team full of AAA scrubs and washed-up vets is more than capable of playing .200 ball.

  21. Regarding consecutive road losses, I think the stat I heard is wrong. It’s not the last time since 1923. It appears the 1935 Boston Braves lost 15 in a row.

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