BRAVES WILL NOT LOSE 100 (by coop)

The final week of the Braves 2015 season will be spent at home. Fans are ready for the season to end. The Braves are ready for the season to end. Both Braves fans and players know the season ended long before the last out in the 162nd game will be recorded, so I have only … Continue reading “BRAVES WILL NOT LOSE 100 (by coop)”

PANIC AT THE DISCO (by bledsoe, game thread)

From our Nats beat reporter, Chad N. Freud: Calling Dr. Phil… A few weeks ago, I referred to the Nats debacle as a soap opera. That was wrong. It’s now a WWE storyline. Holy freaking cow. You cannot make this stuff up. The last dugout fight I remember was the Cubs, four or five years … Continue reading “PANIC AT THE DISCO (by bledsoe, game thread)”

Marlins 6, Braves Pretty Much What You’d Expect

Julio Teheran got hung with the loss, which was kind of a shame since he only allowed two runs in the first and Brandon Cunniff was charged with four in the hellish eighth inning that I sincerely hope that very few of you were actually paying attention to. (I know I wasn’t; I was eating … Continue reading “Marlins 6, Braves Pretty Much What You’d Expect”

Pure Evil – Lots of Runs, Braves – Also Lots, Just Not As Many

Well, last night the Braves did something they almost never do – light up Jose Fernandez – with Nick Markakis leading off with his third homer of the year, and Atlanta tacking on three more runs, but that promising start, like this year’s promising start, turned out to be an illusion, as Ryan Weber immediately … Continue reading “Pure Evil – Lots of Runs, Braves – Also Lots, Just Not As Many”

She Loves You — Friday Open Thread

Unless you have spent a reasonable amount of time down the rabbit holes of British comedy, odds are good that you’ve never heard of Ted Chippington, a semi-cult figure in the 1980s who took anti-comedy to new extremes of aggressive boringness. Almost all of his “jokes” began with the phrase, “So I was walking down … Continue reading “She Loves You — Friday Open Thread”

Braves 6 (!), Mets 3 (!)

Freddie Freeman started the game on the bench, with Nick Swisher at 1st. Bartolo Colon started the game retiring the first 14 Braves batters he saw. The Williames started the game giving up two runs and sprinkling seven hits over six innings. This one seemed destined to follow the storyline of “back to normalcy”. After … Continue reading “Braves 6 (!), Mets 3 (!)”

Braves 6, Mets 2 (by coop)

Take that, Mets. Braves win 6-2. Not only did the Braves win, they dominated. Who’s your daddy, Mutts? Matt Wisler went seven strong innings. He limited the Mets to two runs on five hits and a walk while striking out eight. And yes, the Braves outscored and out-homered New York. Jace Peterson hit a solo … Continue reading “Braves 6, Mets 2 (by coop)”

Shelby’s Mother: Wilpons 4, Liberties $0.00

Shelby’s mother says Shelby is good, too good to play for these chumps. Everybody knows that Shelby is trying, too bad the offense’s a dump. Shelby’s mother says “Shelby should be happy, So why can’t he leave this bad team?” And Gonzalez says “tip your hat more” for the next 3 seasons, Please Mrs. Miller, … Continue reading “Shelby’s Mother: Wilpons 4, Liberties $0.00”