Phillies 9, Braves 3

Not much to say about this game. Neither of the Braves starting pitchers showed up – as Williams Perez gave up four first inning runs and then, aided by the double Grybo, five more in the fifth. Ryan Howard did what he always does to the Braves, driving in four runs, and Domonic Brown homered, again, in leading the rout.

David Buchanan was the beneficiary of the Phillies offensive largesse (and don’t you know Shelby Miller is thinking ‘I haven’t seen nine runs scored for me since April and this dude gets nine in five innings.’) to notch his second win of the season.

Freddie Freeman did hit a two run shot to left in the top of the eighth, but the ball only travelled 367 feet, so it probably was only a homer in Philadelphia. Oh well, at least the Braves didn’t trade off any other players for more injured Cuban infielders.

25 thoughts on “Phillies 9, Braves 3”

  1. Maybe Hart believes 30 year old Cuban infielders are the next market inefficiency to exploit.

  2. Yep coop, I didn’t have to kill many brain cells writing this morning. By the way, I will be out of town next week, can someone cover for me on next Friday’s whitewash…err…game?

  3. TMZ is so completely pathetic. The comments on those sites make me so happy I found this bar.

  4. Dodgers are only paying 500K OF Arroyo’s contract, so he’s actually an asset for them in that trade.

  5. Also, are they going to go ahead and shut Banuelos down for the year? I guess he was coming up on an innings limit anyway, so that would make sense. I hope we’re not penciling him in for anything more than a 5th starter next season.

    True or false: the Braves are a Wild Card team next year.

  6. @11, I’m going to say false for now, but that’s bc I’m assuming we will have a disappointing free agency season, just like always. If we sign Price and a corner OF, I will be pretty optimistic about playoff chances.

  7. @13 I don’t think it’s a dump. He’s probably worth that if he pitches at all this year.

  8. Freeman/Peterson/Simmons/Olivera is a pretty good infield.

    The OF needs work. They need a catcher. The rotation needs another projectable innings arm.

    The pen is the pen.

  9. Well, I’m guessing the Dodgers are now on the hook for that multimillion-dollar buyout next year (or they could pick up the option for $12 million, I guess). So that’s the first thing.

    Secondly, if we know for a fact that he’s not gonna pitch at all this year (and we would be in a position to know that), that’s $500,000 less into the bottomless pit.

  10. @6, just when I thought there’s no way I could increase my dislike for this deal, along comes…that. Lol. This is going to be epic.

  11. Freddie Freeman’s two-run homer, the 100th of his career, was the only offensive highlight for the Braves, who trailed 9-0 after six innings.

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