Auburn Preview (by spike)

I don’t much feel like recapping today’s game for obvious reasons. Wisler pitched pretty well, but the offense couldn’t score if you spotted them a thousand bucks and dropped them off in Bangkok. Here’s an Auburn preview instead. “Farthest from your mind is the thought of falling back; in fact, it isn’t there at all. … Continue reading “Auburn Preview (by spike)”

Series Preview: Slumping Yanks @ Bad News Braves (by Ububba)

This weekend’s series finds the suddenly stumbling New York Yankees at Turner Field for a trio of games with the following pitching matchups:    • Friday night: Masahiro Tanaka (9-6, 3.61) vs. Williams Perez (4-4, 4.76)    • Saturday night: Luis Severino (1-2, 2.74) vs. Matt Wisler (5-4, 5.43)    • Sunday afternoon: Nathan Eovaldi (13-2, 4.00) vs. … Continue reading “Series Preview: Slumping Yanks @ Bad News Braves (by Ububba)”

Rockes 5, Braves 1 (by coop)

To err is human. Divinely named, Adonis Garcia was human tonight. He erred. He erred three times. Four runs resulted. None were earned, but all were counted; and Mike Foltynewicz was charged with them all. Folty pitched well. He went five innings, allowed five hits and a single walk and nary an earned run. The … Continue reading “Rockes 5, Braves 1 (by coop)”

Rocky Whoop Ass High: Appalachians 5, Rockies 3

I have had a dread summer in this 57th year. Braves gone back to twenty five years before. Looking at yesterday and more, never seemed to find a win. But this one night was a win once more. When I first followed the A Braves, Hank had no gray hair. In ninety one we changed … Continue reading “Rocky Whoop Ass High: Appalachians 5, Rockies 3”

Cubs 9, Braves 3 (by coop)

Chicago beat Atlanta 9-3. The game was over before it began. Matt Wisler got smacked around. In less than three innings, Wisler gave up seven runs. Of the six hits he allowed, three left the unfriendly confines. Matt also walked three and plunked one. The Braves did score. Ryan Lavarnway homered and singled, and Nick … Continue reading “Cubs 9, Braves 3 (by coop)”