Orioles 7, Braves 3 (by coop)

The Braves are not good right now, but Freddie Freeman homered in the first to give Atlanta a two run lead. That’s the good news.

Road Julio Teheran showed up. So did Chris Davis. Davis hit a three run home run in the first and a two run blast in the second. After two, the Orioles led 5-2. They tacked on an earned run in the fifth and an unearned run in the sixth to put the game out of reach. Let’s face it. Our Braves probably won’t score eight runs on the rest of this road trip. They sure as heck weren’t going to score eight runs tonight.

The Braves offense continues to be offensive. After the first, Atlanta did not get another hit until the eighth, when Adonis Garcia, Jonny Gomes and Jace Peterson all singled. Peterson’s hit drove in the Braves third and final run. For the record, Nick Markakis collected two more hits in his continued celebration of his return to Baltimore.

Not counting Julio, tonight’s pitchers were good. Especially good was Andrew McKirahan. He pitched two strong innings, allowing nothing.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. Good night and God bless.

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  1. Kind of responding to the last thread. I haven’t cared about the Braves losses this year like I have in years past. My expectations were and are low for this bunch. At this point, I think we should be hearing any and all proposals on Teheran, JJ, AJ, CJ, and Aardsma. We should be listening on Maybin, but I would like to keep him around.

  2. I think it’s a sad statement, but it’s almost to the point where I am more interested in the Nats losing than what happened in the Bravos game.

    Ian Desmond with the Golden Sombrero. Swinging, swinging, swinging, and …. swinging.

  3. #3
    That’s what Braves baseball was like for me in the ’70s & ’80s. There was little to actually root for, so you found clubs & players to root against. (Sometimes the World Series was simply about the “lesser of 2 evils,” etc.)

    It remains my usual posture for the NFL, however, and today the Patriots are helping me maintain that position.

  4. @5

    Yeah, I thought for awhile they were just playing the heel, but I’m now becoming more and more convinced that they are so insulated in their own little bubble that they are completely tone deaf and have no idea how bad they look.

  5. We’ve got a bunch of cheap, young starting pitchers that are just as good (or better) as he is.

  6. Tidbits!

    -Evan Gattis has 7 triples on the season so far
    -Jace Peterson leads (trails?) the Braves with 73 strikeouts–that’s 58th most in baseball, and I think the only one on the team on pace for 100+. Looks like we’re actually practicing what we preach.

  7. @5 I know what you mean. Back then you had to adapt another club or find clubs to root against around May. If all the younger folks think this team sucks the 70’s 80’s teams, in general, were awful. Just awful.

  8. The 70’s and 80’s teams at least had the occasional good hitter. Bob Horner and Dale Murphy remain my favorite Braves and made those teams watchable. Then again I was a kid and didn’t know any better…

    This current team is as unwatchable as they come.

  9. I don’t see any reason to trade Teheran. What would we get for him now? He’s been well below-average this year, and if anything, you’re getting the worse version of him because he won’t be pitching in Atlanta when he’s on your team. Good pitchers have crap years from time to time. This year is lost already, so just keep running him out there and hope he returns to form next season. Much better to go into the season with extra potential starters than too few.

  10. I think it would only make sense to trade him now if the Braves think he’s broken and don’t want to be saddled with his contract. Trading him would be as much about shedding that contract as anything, IMO.

  11. Through July of the 1991 season, a 24-year-old John Smoltz was 6-12 with a 5.47 ERA. This was after being an All-Star in 1990. Smoltz, of course, caught fire the last 2 months of the season, but as of 7/31/1991, a lot of people thought he was a lost cause. Pitchers, especially young ones, can have disastrous stretches for a variety of reasons. It’s too early to sell Teheran for scrap.

  12. I’m talking about the Braves’ scouts and other personnel, not “a lot of people.” Obviously, the early-’90s Braves didn’t think Smoltz was broken, or they wouldn’t have hung onto him. Similarly, I wouldn’t expect Teheran to be dealt if the prevailing internal opinion is that he’s just going through typical young-pitcher stuff.

  13. I wasn’t really addressing your comment, Stu, just the general discussion by us common folk. But yes, I agree that if Teheran is dealt it will be because of internal opinions and not fans’ impatience.

  14. Smoltz was still throwing the hell out of the ball, even when he was bad. I’m concerned about Teheran’s ability to be effective when his fastball is 90mph.

  15. pre/post-game ‘entertainment’…

    …if you ever knew any of those old rugby songs – sung in the back of a bus as the skies darkened or in a pub after yet another road defeat – this may be the best remembered…Methusalam, of Jerusalem…no, not that one, this was a Lady and a shrewd businesswoman…she likely would have made a good GM.

    in days of old there lived a maid
    who much enjoyed the risque trade
    selections from the draft she made
    those starlets, what’s the use of them?

    there’s many now have dropped a grade
    abilities so quickly fade
    in Vegas odds on few were laid
    she ends up cutting loose of them.

    is disillusion then displayed?
    she lounging in her silk brocade
    she never from her goal once strayed
    despite it’s so abstruse of them.

    transparency she now conveyed
    must be the core of those who played
    so judgement better be displayed
    there’s many, so profuse of them.

    at season’s end her judgment swayed
    extensions for the few who stayed
    success now just a tad delayed
    the others, so obtuse of them.

    the winter meetings she parlayed
    a hitter all whose hits were sprayed
    for one who slugged the next decade
    those pitchers, such abuse of them.

    in Cooperstown it’s no charade
    for many she’s a big upgrade
    but Fredi she could not dissuade
    relievers, his misuse of them.

  16. Does someone have the splits on Teheran with the various catchers that have caught him? Hes got to be tipping something with his pitches. Every mistake is getting punished

  17. @26 is correct. Teheran is serving up some of the fattest pitches imaginable this year. He seems to lack the focus he had the last 2 seasons. Maybe he can see Betty’s shrink and get some Vyvanse.

  18. @26, my lying eyes don’t believe pitch/fx data in this case. He used to touch 95 occasionally. I don’t see that at all lately.

  19. I know Teheran’s peripherals were better last year, but I keep on thinking Jair Jurrjens when I think of Teheran. I know that are very different pitchers, but their age 23 seasons were pretty similar. I hope this is not an indicator of things ahead:
    Teheran(23)2014 – ERA 2.89; Innings – 221; WHIP – 1.08; k/9 – 7.6; W/L – 14-13
    Jurrjens(23)2009 – ERA 2.60; Innings 215; WHIP – 1.214; k/9 – 6.7; W/L – 14-10

  20. @15

    Yeah, haven’t heard a lot about that today. Almost like everyone’s forgotten about it…or conveniently ignoring it, I guess.

  21. I don’t necessarily think Teheran is toast. But I’m also pretty confident saying that he’s not John Smoltz either. You might not have noticed, but many young pitchers have a bad season early in their careers, and DON’T wind up in the hall of fame. In fact, I’d say MOST young pitchers who have a bad season do not end up in the hall of fame. Shocker, I know.

    But there are lots of reasons to trade Julio Teheran, foremost being the juxtaposition that a) he has made himself a huge question mark, and b) he remains your second, or more likely third most valuable pitcher, trade-market wise. Couple that with the juxtaposition that c) you have lots and lots of highly-regarded young pitching graduating in the next two seasons or so and d) you need hitters all over the field, and you’ve got plenty of reason to explore trading Teheran.

    Of all the young pitching, he’s the closest or second closest to free agency (probably behind Miller? I’m not certain.) he still has lots of value because of his potential and the amount of control he does retain. And while the rotation in ’16 might still be best with, say, Miller, Wood, Teheran, Wisler and Banuelos in it, the TEAM is probably better with, say, Miller, Wood, Wisler, Banuelos and Folty, with a couple of young, capable and CONTROLLABLE hitters that you got in return for Teheran.

  22. Yes, after watching Gomes dive in slo mo for a ball that landed 10 ft away, the agility and athleticism of a dugong came to mind instantly.

  23. Not that I enjoy watching CJ at third, but how do the Braves expect to attract any interest in him if they do not play him? At this rate, he is going to be another Uggla in that we just end up releasing him and eating the rest of his contract. With the way this season is going, we might as well just let him play it out to see if he catches fire and attracts some buyers in the winter.

  24. @40

    I think it’s pretty clear that Fredi hates CJ at this point. No matter what his other option at third is, he uses it unless a left-hander is starting.

    On an unrelated note, Joe Simpson seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Yeesh…

  25. @41: Regarding Joe, I grow tired of him becoming more and more curmudgeonly as the days pass. I think he tries to find ways to criticize players on the other team. Give it a rest, Joe. Is there a reason the Braves couldn’t keep Boog Sciambi? I miss those days.

  26. @44

    Because he was offered a full-time job by ESPN. There’s no way he’d have stayed no matter what the Braves/Fox Sports South did, the ESPN gig is an objectively better job and it’s not like he’s a lifelong Braves fan or anything.

  27. Not defending Joe necessarily, but I’ve had jobs that I came to dislike after a while, and it would have been the worst thing in the world to have had an audience.

  28. Somehow, we have injected ourselves into the Latos/Morse deal. I wonder if we want to come out with Michael Morse?

  29. The Orioles don’t have that problem tonight.By Jeff Todd [July 29, 2015 at 7:36pm CDT]

    To jj’s post:

    7:36pm: If the deal gets done, a young starter will go from the Braves right into the Dodgers rotation, Sherman tweets. A reliever of some kind also factors into things, Jim Bowden of ESPN.com tweets.

    The sides have previously discussed catcher A.J. Pierzynski, Mark Bowman of MLB.com tweets, though it’s not clear he’s involved.

    7:23pm: The Braves are indeed involved, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post, who hears that “significant players” are involved in the three-team shuffle.

  30. Joel Sherman has us sending an ML or ML-ready starting pitcher to LA. No mention of who would be coming back.

    I understand being the team they flip Morse to, as we could try to flip him next off season or next deadline.

    Hard to imagine greater involvement than that, unless they deal becomes kind of huge.

  31. Not sure why we’d want Morse more than KJ or Uribe. Puig is supposed to be available, thoughts?

    Edit: I don’t see trading a ML ready pitcher for Morse alone for sure.

  32. I wonder if it’s Williams Perez, given that unsubtle interlude by Chip and Joe talking about why Folty and not the Bills in this start where they went onto mention that Fredi said they’d wait until we got through the trade deadline before resetting the rotation.

  33. No I certainly don’t expect to trade a starting pitcher for Michael Morse. I was saying I could comprehend the original rumor, that we were involved. The secondary rumor, that we’d be including a starting pitcher, now clarified as Alex Wood, only makes any sense to me if this deal has expanded astronomically.

  34. Well, that’s certainly interesting. Jim Johnson also in the deal, per Jim Bowden (which probably means he’s not).

  35. Not for Morse, I hope. Could Fredi’s Cuba connection be reason for us to obtain the mecurial Mr. Puig? I’d rather have Wood, I think.

    Or Ethier, maybe. Plus a bunch of $$$.

  36. Wood and JimJohnson from Braves to Dodgers.

    Morse, plus Marlins competitive balance pick to Braves. Plus, presumably, prospects.

  37. Well shit, Peraza is likely involved. Maybe it is Puig. Jeeze if it’s not, it’d have to be like, Joc Pedersen or something

  38. There had better be a hell of a haul coming back for a quality lefty MLB starter.

    And Chris Johnson remains a Brave. FFS.

  39. For those curious about Morse’s contract, I was too, so I looked it up. This is the first of a two-year, $16 million deal. He’s due a total of $7.5 million this year (we’d pay the pro-rated, two-month version if no cash switched sides, obviously) and $8.5 million next year.

  40. Bowman suggests Hector Olivera, who is 30, and could have been had for money alone in the offseason. Don’t like that idea.

  41. @56 – Sorry, not implying you were suggesting that, just commenting on the general situation.

  42. On a side note, apparently the Mets have traded for Carlos Gomez. Probably Wheeler and Wilmer Flores going the other way, according to Rosenthal.

  43. Meanwhile on the field, Folty with an excellent finish there. Can we score any runs? Is there some rule that states we need to not score any runs when we get a decent pitching performance?

  44. Bowden saying it is Olivera… stopping to think about it, it does make sense. He didn’t “only cost money,” as I said above, he would have blown our international signing money for several years.

    If we liked him that much, letting someone else pay, and suffer, for him and then trading for him makes sense.

    And he is absolutely mashing in AAA to the tune of a .968 OPS.

    But it’s the PCL. And he’s still 30. Seems like there will be more involved.

  45. Joel Sherman: “#Braves also will be getting a big-lge reliever and a minor lge arm from #Dodgers when 3-way deal is final #Marlins”

  46. And for what it’s worth, Rosenthal thinks the Dodgers end-game is Price, not Hamels. So we won’t have to face Wood 6 times a year for the next 5 years.

  47. Let me just say as a Braves fan, the revolving door of players since the end of last season has me bummed out. Playoffs or not, I actually enjoyed watching last year’s team take the field every day. This collection of I don’t know what that we’re throwing out there now is just terrible.

  48. So Hector Olivera, Michael Morse, a top 40 pick in next years draft, an unknown ML reliever, and a prospect pitcher..

    And we’re giving up our number 2 starter, and our number 1 prospect. Seems to me that prospect pitcher better be a pretty decent prospect.

  49. @77 – Let me just say that the only disappointment I have regarding last years team, is that we traded the players instead of euthanizing them. I have never hated a Braves team as much as I hated that one.

  50. @78

    Well, to be fair, if Peraza is our No. 1 prospect (and I’m not convinced), he’s a pretty crappy one. Mike Trout or Jason Heyward he is not.

  51. @mlbtraderumors: 3-team deal (so far): ATL gets Olivera, MLB reliever, MiLB arm, Marlins comp pic; LAD gets Peraza, Wood, Avilan, Latos, Morse; MIA gets ?

  52. If the rumors are true about the return on this trade, it’s disappointing. They should ask for Puig and stick him in left field.

  53. @34,

    “You might not have noticed, but many young pitchers have a bad season early in their careers, and DON’T wind up in the hall of fame.”

    Actually I didn’t notice that. I don’t pay attention to things, so such subtleties elude me.

    “In fact, I’d say MOST young pitchers who have a bad season do not end up in the hall of fame.”

    And here I was making the case that merely having a bad season made you a HOF shoo-in!

    “Shocker, I know.”

    You got me read so well! I am shocked!

  54. @80 – That’s fair. And Rafael Furcal I wouldn’t buy, either. But trading him ties us to Jace Peterson for the near-to-mid term (unless we eventually move Olivera off 3B over to 2B to make room for Rio Ruiz, or unless Albies cracks the big leagues at 19 or something crazy.)

    @81 – That’s ignoring Rosenthal’s report that Morse goes to Braves.

  55. We can assume that the ML reliever is worse than Johnson, or it makes no sense for the Dodgers. Can’t imagine we’d trade Wood and Peraza for two 30+ year olds and the hope to get two guys someday as good as Wood and Peraza?

    Guess we have to wait for names.

  56. So now we’re giving up Avilan instead of Johnson and we’re not getting Morse? Not that either of those things in and of themselves is that cringe-inducing, but now this had definitely better be a great pitching prospect.

  57. Be kind to each other, or you’ll get no dessert.

    Folty had a nice game. Will we score tonight?

  58. I don’t know where MLBTR got Avilan. I haven’t seen him anywhere in this. Them ignoring Rosenthals report that Morse is going to Atlanta makes me think they are just missing something.

  59. We’re clearly not scoring tonight. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. And if you prefer this year’s dumpster fire to last year, well, there’s only you and me and we just disagree, as the song goes.

  60. I’m not sure this is getting overturned. Well, unless the MLB offices are mistaken and think it’s a Cardinals challenge coming in.

  61. Yeah I saw that. They don’t really report there, only compile, so I’m still guessing they are just wrong about Avilan. But who knows. That could be good news, because we’d still have Jim Johnson to trade somewhere else.

  62. Well, Joe and Chip have not even mentioned a thing about these rumors thus far unless I completely zoned out at one point. Are they not allowed to talk about things like this until they are finalized?

  63. @99

    I think that must be the case, because I was listening on the radio the night of the Uribe/Johnson trade and they didn’t mention that at all there, either.

    Chip has mentioned twice that it’s rumored that the Braves are the third team in the Latos/Morse deal. The last time he said if they hear anything final while on-air, they’ll pass it along.

  64. Maybe I over value Wood. But I don’t think I’d trade him for Olivera.

    I mean, Wood’s going to be arb eligible soon, we’ve used a few years of control, etc… But Olivera will be 36 at the end of his 6 years of control, so, there’s a good chance we non-tender him during his arb years.

    And I don’t buy Olivera got better moving from AA to AAA at 30 years old. (830 something OPS in AA, 960 something in AAA.) I’m putting that on the Pacific Coast league.

    Maybe I’m way off on Olivera. But if he was that good, the Dodgers would have him in the bigs. Turner has hitting the cover off the ball at 3B, Kendrick has been so-so, could have been moved for value, and Turner and Olivera are both supposed to be capable of playing 2B…. and certainly giving Callaspo’s job to Kendrick would have made their team better.

  65. Actually, I hate to see Alex Wood leave if that is the case. I really enjoy watching his starts. He’s a nice steady presence on the mound. I’ve enjoyed watching him mature as a pitcher the last couple of seasons and hoped that he would be a Brave long term. Of course, I want the Braves to do what is best for the team, but I am not sure giving up a pitcher like Wood for players in their 30s or unestablished talent is the right move.

  66. Jeff Passan is back to saying we’re not getting Morse, does say Johnson instead of Avilan, says the minor-league arm we’re getting is Zach Bird, says the Marlins are getting three low-level pitchers (who knows from where), and says that the deal is far from done because of injury concerns going in multiple directions, including with Olivera’s elbow. Other than that, it’s perfectly clear what the hell is going on.

  67. I hope we don’t trade a bunch of stuff for the right to pay 30-year-old prospect a lot of money. That’s just a gut reaction…

  68. Wood for Olivera is defensible. Wood, peraza, and johnson for Olivera is insanity. Surely there’s more.

  69. I’m inclined to agree with Alex and Joe Simpson at this point, at least for the rest of the night. It doesn’t look like anything’s getting done tonight, anyway.

  70. Zachary Bird is a decent get. And the comp pick has value.

    But yeah. I’m not exactly blown away. I’d understand Wood and Johnson. I might even be excited about it. But I don’t get including Peraza.

    Maybe I’m way off on Olivera, I dunno. The Dodgers gave him $28m that we won’t have to.

  71. Passan at Yahoo says we’re getting Olivera and prospect Zach Bird for Peraza, Wood , & JJohnson

  72. I was wrong, above, about the international bonus pool. Cubans under 23 count against the bonus pool, which obviously Olivera is not.

    So we could have signed him for just the money.

  73. We have to be getting more than the Dodgers’13th best prospect and a 30 year old outfielder for our top prospect, a young left handed SP with upside, and a cheap but effective RP. Doesn’t add up to me.

  74. @120 – Well, technically he’s a 3B, capable of 2B and LF. And we’re supposedly getting a top 40 draft pick from the Marlins, and a major league reliever. But, yeah, that appears the be the gist.

  75. Wood, Johnson and Peraza for Olivera, a prospect and a pick isn’t a bad deal. Wood is a solid 3- low end 2 at best. We have tons of those. We all wanted Olivera this winter and he fills a hole for us, plus we got the Dodgers to pay the bonus. Peraza has a .317 OBP,

  76. Well the Dodgers have already paid Olivera’s bonus so we would be getting him at a huge discount. Peraza isn’t our #1 prospect. I like Wood also, but we have tons of pitching prospects/arms now

  77. Any chance they are just getting it wrong and it’s Chris Johnson going, cause that would make more sense.

  78. It seems I’m way more skeptical of Peraza than everyone else. I think he’s basically Jace Peterson.

  79. Good job Folty. This deal seems turrble right now, so I will hope the morning brings better news on it.

  80. Bowden saying we are trading wood, avilan, Johnson, and Peraza for Olivera, bird, and injured reliever paco Rodriguez, + Marlins comp pick

    He’s got morse and Latos going to the Dodgers. They also get a comp pick

    The Marlins gets three pitching prospects Jeff Brigham, victor araujo, and Kevin Guzman

  81. I think my reaction to the uncertainty of who is involved with this current deal is the same as my reaction to the incessant trading and rebuilding over the last 8 months: wake me up when we know who is on our team. Good gosh, it just gets exhausting trying to figure out who’s going to wear an A on their cap next season.

    Are we remotely close to setting a record of total players used in a major league season?

  82. Bird has been very good at walking lots of people. Olivera is 30. Rodriguez is injured. I would be elated if I were a dodger fan.

    There needs to be a premium paid if you are making a trade to win now. They should not be getting the better end of the deal long term.

  83. I wasn’t as attached to Miller yet. Are they sure they don’t want him?

    With one less year of control, I’d say we couldn’t get the same haul, but it’s not exactly a “haul” from my angle.

    Maybe this will look better in the morning, or not be happening in the morning. I’m good with either.

  84. Social media has really wreaked havoc on the trading deadline this year. Apparently the Mets’ trade for Gomez never existed. Could we be seeing the same thing here?

  85. Why would we trade our young #2 starter for a 30 year old guy with a history of injuries? If this is true we all need to pack it in for a long long while until we clean house at the top.

  86. @136, It’s not ridiculous pessimism. It’s justifiable pessimism. The same crew that signed BJ, that extended Uggla, that has drafted horribly for over half a decade, is still at the helm. They like Fredi G. If that’s not enough for you then I won’t be able to help…

  87. Rebuilds don’t have to take ten years, but they sure can. I’ve never disagreed that incompetent management can’t make us a perpetual loser. In fact, nearly everyone here I’ve seen has taken that same view. If we’re not contending in 5 years, it’s due to incompetent management or horrendous luck.

    People disagree in that it doesn’t have to and it shouldn’t take 10 years to get back to contention

  88. This makes no sense. I can almost wrap my head around Wood for Olivera. Jim Johnson and Avilan for Rodriguez and Bird is whatever. A top 25 prospect in Peraza for a comp pick is lunacy.

  89. My entire schtick from the start of this clown show is centered around the fact that the entire front office should’ve been replaced. All of them. That didn’t happen. Therefore, expect the same.

  90. JS and Bobby and Coppy were all here. They’ve always been here. Giving them a free pass and scapegoating Wren for everything just isn’t right.

  91. I just don’t understand this trade. What’s the point? Does it make the team better? Why get rid of Wood, one of the bright spots on the rotation? My lack of faith is disturbing.

  92. We could’ve had this guy before the season and he would’ve just cost money. Now he costs our 2nd best starter and our #1 prospect (who sucks btw, but still…)

    This can’t be the deal. How do you give your good player to a contender and come out on the short end? Unpossible. Let’s wait until tomorrow and then freak out.

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