Hector Olivera

As you all no doubt know by now, the Braves just made a blockbuster trade: Alex Wood, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson, Luis Avilan, and most of Bronson Arroyo’s dead-money contract for Hector Olivera, Paco Rodriguez, Zach Bird, and a late-first round pick in the 2016 amateur draft. The key to all of this is Olivera, … Continue reading “Hector Olivera”

(Some) Braves Present, Birds Sweep

I had the opportunity to attend a lecture this evening on baseball in Richmond Virginia during the Civil War and Reconstruction. The speaker was brilliant and really knew his early baseball history, and the crowd was engaged and interested. On the whole, the evening was well spent. The speaker brought up some fascinating points I … Continue reading “(Some) Braves Present, Birds Sweep”

One Run Under the Line: Western & Atlantic 1, Chesapeake and Ohio 2

One run under the line Markakis, One run under the line, Sitting down next to a railway station, One run under the line. Braves had Alex Wood and he was dealin’. Kevin Gausman almost went nine. We cringe whenever Braves go to extras, One run under the line. Adonis Garcia, he’s Costanza hot. Jim’s Johnson … Continue reading “One Run Under the Line: Western & Atlantic 1, Chesapeake and Ohio 2”

CSI DC: Dissecting the corpse (by Bledsoe; game thread)

Braves fans living in or around the Disco of Columbia have an added hobby. If things aren’t going well for the Chop Squad, we can always take solace in watching the soap opera that is the 2015 Washington Nationals. I’ve been to opening day for the Nats almost every year, and my running joke with … Continue reading “CSI DC: Dissecting the corpse (by Bledsoe; game thread)”

Braves 3, Cardinals 2 (by coop)

Atlanta avoided getting swept by St. Louis thanks to rookie Matt Wisler. The Braves won 3-2. It shouldn’t have been that close. It’s ho-hum routine for Wisler to pitch well. He did so again today, going seven strong innings and limiting the Cardinals to two runs despite a blown double play and a mistakenly overturned … Continue reading “Braves 3, Cardinals 2 (by coop)”

Waiting For Fredot

WAITING FOR FREDOT Camerogon: (Is sitting on second base, struggling with his cleats) Markakimir (enters). “Ah, there you are!” Camerogon. Yes. As I have been since I don’t know… Markakimir: New York? Camerogon: Yes, I suppose. Markakimir: May one inquire where Your Mightiness spent the night? Camerogon: On second. I’m waiting on Fredot to drive … Continue reading “Waiting For Fredot”