Braves 5, Mets 3 (recapped by spike)

Hey a starting pitcher got a win! More on that in a moment. Like any good horror movie, yesterday’s game started with a positive story arc —€” Freeman getting into one but good in the first for the lead, and Shelby Miller shelbymillerizing the Mets for 6 straight innings. After failing to score again off deGrom despite a couple of chances, and a rough 6th, the foreshadowing was over. Cue the shower scene music as the Mets slashed Miller for two on Maybin’s error, and Eveland came in to throw a wild pitch and give up a double to plate another. Masset managed to stop the bleeding there, but after another rally in the 8th resulted in another runner out at home, you got the feeling the credits were about to roll.

But in a bizarre plot twist, the Mets closer decided to split up and watch the birth of his child. CJ and Simmons got on base to start the ninth, but two outs later the team was tied up on the tracks with the train coming. Of course, that meant Maybin was at the plate and got some redemption immediately by singling in two. Freeman knocked in another to tie it, but the badsingle guy got away again. Extras were looking endless until Simmons started the 11th with a single and Uribe advanced him with an infield hit. Jace moved them up with a bunt bringing up our hero, Maybin, who delivered the knockout blow plating two with another base hit.

Thoroughly convinced the remainder of the pen was either spent or useless, Fredi gave the ball to Twin Bills who promptly gave up two hits. A line out into a double play was the deus ex machina of the picture and Perez got Lagares to drive a stake in it. I don’t like scary movies. Hopefelly a nice rom com today.

36 thoughts on “Braves 5, Mets 3 (recapped by spike)”

  1. Hopefully, today will be a disaster movie for the home 9.

    Let’s see the post-game show with Terry Collins singing Maureen McGovern.

  2. Bethancourt is making mistakes that should be corrected in Danville or Rome. I’d like to be optimistic, but I don’t think he’s fixable.

  3. Leaving the bunt on with two strikes and a man already on third is so, so stupid, Fredi.

    But Jace bails him out!

  4. Just tuned in a minute ago and saw we’d scored 4 off Gee, who usually pitches like Greg Maddux against us.

    And now 3 more hits!

    Edit: and the outs in this inning were harder than the hits

  5. While on the subject of foreshadowing doom, I believe that I will start calling the bullpen the Red Shirts.

  6. Had the pleasure (pain?) of listening to the Mets radio announcers on SiriusXM. In the bottom of the third, the play-by-play guy said that the Mets were facing a guy whose name is a “butt-dialed text.” Just classic stuff, I tell you. And we thought Chip was bad…

  7. Wow, Folty’s not looked sharp, but with our bullpen, I’m really surprised he was pulled there.

  8. LOL… Fredi at his best. He needs to go with the George Constanza opposite philosophy. If every thought Fredi has is wrong, the opposite would be right

  9. I want Cunniff off the roster tonight. Not that the alternatives are much better, but he’s answered any questions as to his incompetence.

  10. I may have underestimated the number of runs it will take for the Braves to win this game.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many home runs by weak hitters in one game. But boy did they tee off.

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