Braves 2, Pirates 1 (by coop)

The Braves did not lose all six games of this road trip. Today they beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-1. Big Dawg Alex Wood was dominant. He had to be. Wood went 7.1 shutout innings. He allowed five hits, hit one Pirate, walked none and struck out eight. Offensively, the Braves EXPLODED for two runs. After … Continue reading “Braves 2, Pirates 1 (by coop)”

Nats 2, Braves 1 (11 innings) by ububba

The great American humorist Mark Twain once said, “œNever argue with stupid people — they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Along those lines (sort of), NBA coach/announcer Jeff Van Gundy, in moments of on-court malfeasance, has been known to say, “œStupid will get you beat.” It’s a … Continue reading “Nats 2, Braves 1 (11 innings) by ububba”

Natspos 3, Braves 1 (by coop)

The game should have been postponed. Instead, after a two hour and 12 minute rain delay, the Atlanta Braves lost to the Washington Nationals 3-1. The Braves could have won this game, had they taken advantage of the opportunities the Nats provided. Where is Freddie Freeman when we need him? More to the point, in … Continue reading “Natspos 3, Braves 1 (by coop)”

Braves 1, Mets 0 (by coop)

The New York Mets came down to Georgia in first place, 3.5 games ahead of the third place Braves. The Braves are still in third place. The Mets are no longer in first. The Braves swept the three game series, winning the finale behind the best Julio Teheran outing in memory. The erstwhile ace of … Continue reading “Braves 1, Mets 0 (by coop)”

Padres Braves 2, Mets 1

The Padres Braves top pitching prospect, Matt Wisler, made his major league debut last night, pitching eight Maddux-ian innings in a 2-1 win over IWOTM. The Padres Braves second baseman of the future, Jace Peterson, drove in the winning runs in the bottom of the eighth with a one out off Braves Mets lefthander Sean … Continue readingPadres Braves 2, Mets 1″