Braves 3, Brewers 2 (11 innings; recapped by spike)

Well, that was as nice a day for a ballgame as you could ever ask for. An “€˜excuse me” ish double from Carlos Gomez opened the game, and an “I meant that” single from suddenly hot Ryan Braun put Shelby Miller in a first-inning hole, that doubled when Martin Maldonado drove in Aramis Ramirez in the fourth.

But the home boys decided to employ one of my favorite strategies, getting three doubles out of the bottom of the fifth to tie. Miller himself, along with Cameron Maybin and Cameron Freeman bellying up. The sides traded punches after that, but nothing came across for a long time thereafter, which was just fine.

The sangria was going down mighty easy in the early evening, and strumming a flattop on the porch to the rhythm of the play by play is a fine way to watch the world go around.

The Brewers tried to get something going with two puts off Jason Grilli, but anther nifty play by Andrelton Simmons cut down Sardinas after he got a little aggressive rounding first. So, on we went.

Finally, in the 11th, Alberto Callaspo drew a one-out walk and Simmons backed it up with an infield hit. Eric Young Jr. hit a double play ball that the covering pitcher converted into a fielders choice. Jace Peterson was up to the challenge and hit the first pitch from Brandon Kintzler into the gap for the game winner. Just delightful.

.500 isn’t so bad – at least you win every other day.

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  1. “Miller himself, along with Cameron Maybin and Cameron Freeman bellying up.” Who is Cameron Freeman?

  2. Infield hit by Simmons is technically correct, but he was really the hero yesterday. That could have either scored Callaspo or, at least, put him on third with one out. Add in that play on Sardinyas (which also has to be seen), and this was the Andrelton Simmons Show.

  3. Cameron Freeman is either as fast as Freddie and as consistent as Maybin or the other way around.

  4. Am I the only one who can’t see this recap on the main page? I only found it through the Recaps 2015 category.

  5. Good work with the small ball Frediiot. A predictable double play with 2 on and nobody out. I figured a bunt with your best hitter on deck might be the recipe, but not with Fredi

  6. Get Folty out of there. Or at least somebody up in the pen

    Chip: You’re not going to pinch hit your catcher in the national league, more often than not

  7. He’s only thrown like 87 pitches and his last one was 97mph. It was over the heart of the plate though. Let him throw. Why not?

  8. @16 yeah it’s probably best. I just saw a lot of wild stuff and wanted someone ready. Honestly he had Khris davis struck out but ump didn’t agree

  9. I think Folty is tipping his breaking ball. Yes, he’s hung a couple, but the hitters are right on it when he throws it

  10. @6, Yeah, I can’t see this game thread on my phone, but it appears just fine on my laptop.

  11. So so stupid.

    He had sat 15 minutes while we hit, came out and was all over the place, hit a guy, gave up several line drives, and a run (so there was no shut out to be had) had to throw 22 pitches, the first inning he had to labor at all and it was the 7th. You’d already gotten 7 innings out of him, and he’s thrown 8 innings exactly once in his entire career (and that was in the minors.) And in the next inning you’ll have to face Ryan Braun. You’re up by only one run and THAT pitcher is leading off the bottom of the 7th inning, and you give away a leadoff out by letting him hit for himself. AND you know you’re going to pull him if he allows a single baserunner.

    Why not let a hitter hit, and let a reliever, who you know you’ll have to use ANYWAY, start with a clean inning?

  12. The calculus is this:

    Can rest the bullpen
    Velocity is still there
    Get Folty deep into the game to possibly buld confidence

    Give up a chance to score
    Wildness has reared its head
    Tax the bullpen…a little
    Possibly have Folty blow the lead and destroy confidence

    On the balance I think cons win

  13. JUpton with a grand slam in the first against the Dodgers. Come on, Padres, get into the Dodgers bullpen early.

  14. Will this be the season that Justin has more than 2 good months? Certainly would be good timing….

  15. We are 22-21.

    We are 20-12 when neither Stults nor Cahill is the starting pitcher

  16. Folty might become one of my favorite Braves. He really reminds me of John Smoltz.

  17. Kid pitched well. Other than Shelby’s game against the Marlins, that may have been the best a Brave has pitched this year.

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