Braves 5, Marlins 3 part 2

Second verse, same as the first. Jace Peterson with grand salami. Paul Pierce still hasn’t gotten it off before the buzzer. I’m in a beach house for the whole bleedin’ week. Good times, Roscoe. Good times.

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  1. Greetings from Baltimore…

    Did Angels/O’s from Camden Yards last night. Got there early & did a walkabout in the stadium. Strolled by Boog’s BBQ & saw that there was no line to speak with Mr. Boog Powell, so I walked over & said, “Hey Boog, nice to meet you. When I was a kid I really liked the Orioles because my dad met your third-baseman [Brooks Robinson] on a USO tour right after y’all won the ’66 series. Hank Aaron & Mel Allen were there, too.”

    And he said, “Y’know, I remember that. I was supposed to be on that tour & then another one in ’69, but for some reason it didn’t happen. Never found out why.” I noticed a line start to form behind me, some fathers & sons, so I wanted to cut it short, so he could do the schmooze, but it seemed like he wanted to keep talking.

    Nice guy, obviously, and still an imposing individual. It occurred to me to ask him about facing Sandy Koufax (or Sam McDowell), but, even though I’m sure he woulda answered anything, I figured I was taking away a thrill from some one else, so I just had him sign my scorebook. (Yup, I’m one of those scorekeeping geeks.)

    And he signed it: “John ‘Boog’ Powell, 1970 AL MVP.”

    The game was a shockingly quick (for the AL) 2:23 & saw Pujols hit a bomb. Walked out of the stadium & listened to the bizarre ending of the Hawks/Wash game. I’m sure it’s been said, but it was great to win one of those kindsa games. Lord knows, I’ve seen ’em lose enough like that. Let’s ride that thrill for all its worth. Been a fan since the Hudson/Maravich era, so… hell, yeah.

    Today, we did the Preakness and, yes, we got plenty wet at Pimlico.

    We won a few bets, but lost a few more. So cue Shane MacGowan:

    “Oh, the torn-up ticket stubs
    From a hundred thousand mugs
    Now washed away like dead dreams in the rain”


  2. And now when asked what Jace Peterson, Marcus Giles, Barry Bonnell and Vic Correll have in common, I’ll have something besides “played for the Braves and were never in my kitchen.”

  3. Odd one to challenge and have Shelby stand around for minutes.

    Edit: what do I know

  4. I suspect it was to preserve the no-hitter. But with Simmons, he’s out by four feet.

  5. I think it’s all part of Jason’s Evil Genius Plan to return the Braves to the top. Get traded for an ace, then suck for a year, and sign a hometown discount FA deal to make Chipper’s look like a robbery.

    Win 8 straight World Series and retire in Atlanta and never have to buy another drink the rest of his life.

    Make it so, Jason.

  6. @MBravesRadio: Roster Move: Ryan Weber (@BIGWEB48) promoted to AAA Gwinnett; Kanekoa Texeira to @MBraves #Braves

  7. Stuck at work in the height of allergy season when the AC’s out and all the doors are open is bad enough without the Braves nearly throwing a no-hitter on top of it. I took at break to go outside and cool off during the bottom of the 9th, pulled up on my phone, and got to see that heartbreak. Sounds like Miller was masterful all game. Would have been a good one to watch.

    I liked the Heyward trade at the time, but have been completely loving it over the past few weeks. Shelby’s fun to watch.

  8. This was a great game to watch – obviously. I love how quick Shelby is working, just like Medlen. Especially impressive was the Stanton strikeout on a 97 mph heater in the second. Shelby, you beauty.

  9. Wow:

    @richardjustice: Shelby Miller 1st pitcher in Braves history to open a season with eight starts of 2 earned runs or less.

  10. Todd Cunningham had a multihit game and dropped his average by nearly 100 points. Most of us didn’t think he would keep up that .750 clip, but let’s see if he can hit .650.

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