Reds 5, Braves 1

I didn’t watch a single pitch of this game, so this recap will be about as perfunctory as a game in which Mike Leake two-hitting the Braves for eight innings deserves.

This was a game in which the Braves lost by four runs and gave up four solo homers, including one to Billy Hamilton, a speedster with a minor league ISO of .098; one to Mike Leake, who, as I said, was the pitcher; and one to something called “Tucker Barnhart,” which honestly sounds like a name that Don Sutton made up, and who is apparently the Reds’ third-string catcher — their second stringer is our old friend Brayan Pena, who I had no idea was still in the league — and he had a minor league ISO of .096.

The pitcher, the third-string catcher, and the speedy punchless center fielder are not people that you should be giving up home runs to, and the fact that the Braves did says something unflattering about the team’s approach. Then again, so does the fact that they got two-hit by Mike Leake.

So, Chris Johnson broke his hand last night, which implies that Alberto Callaspo is our full-time third baseman for now, and they called up Mike Foltynewicz to pitch tonight. The Reds counter with Anthony DeSclafani, a former Marlin who has been nearly unhittable so far this year. I’ll feel a little better about our chances if Fredi stops batting Andrelton Simmons second.

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  1. Right.

    *I* get to spell Foltinevich…Foltynyeviscz…Foltynewicz for the recap tonight. Thanks Alex, thanks a lot.

  2. I saw five pitches, which included Frazier’s home run off Veal. Does that make me a better fan than you?

    “Should I try the Veal?”
    “No, I hear it’s a little off tonight.”

    Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  3. We got some nice baseball in April, but I think it’s all downhill from here.

  4. Hawks and Falcons have been a good salve for Braves woes these last 2 days. Vic Beasley! Woo!

  5. With a very good chance of one of Landon Collins, La’el Collins, Randy Gregory or Dorial Greene Beckham still available when the Falcons pick next, if you like 1st round talent in the 2nd, with some risk.

  6. This recap and comment thread have been spot on today. Keep up the good work, guys.

  7. I started watching on Fox Sports Ohio. Glad I watched The Big Bang Theory instead. I hope the Braves pull their collective heads out of their collective fannies.

    Oh. Wait. I apologize. There I go having hope. Nuts.

  8. Smitty, we’re already carrying an extra pitcher now. We can’t just add two more.

  9. @12

    I can think of about 4 we could drop for Perez.

    Carlos Quinten is retiring, but for some reason we are still on the hook for the rest of his money.

  10. They say this Folty is quite good…that he Towers over his contemporaries.

  11. Do we have any options for a change in CF? Judging from overall numbers, neither Maybin nor EYJ are the answer offensively although Maybin can at least pull of the defensive side of the ball. I’d even like to see Cunningham out there if not just to see someone new get a chance.

  12. @27

    I agree, but Maybin has only shown he can hit LHP in limited at bats. He has had 33 PA against RHP with a .138/.242/.484 slash line against RHP. I do not even feel like putting EYJ slash line against RHP or LHP on here since they are both horrible.

    I say give Maybin a few games in a row to see what he can do, but after that, Get someone new in their and get rid of EYJ. We can keep Maybin around for defense at least.


    AJP has a hole in his glove. I really like watching him hit, but I cringe with each pitch with runners on wondering if this is going to be when he drops the next ball.

  13. Off the top of your head, no looking, name the most exciting moment you can think of that a DH has had this season.

  14. I really like Jace at 2nd, but I think the plan is still to have Peraza there eventually. I would like to see Jace start getting some playing time at several positions for a possible Prado situation eventually. I’m sure he can pull off 2nd, SS, and 3rd, but it would be nice to see him learn all the OF positions, too.

  15. Folty’s given up three, but he’s pitched a nice game. He’s wild as a March hare, but what an arm this kid’s got.

  16. Four innings of our bullpen. Can they avoid the urge to distribute souvenirs for once?

  17. 29 — True, but Maybin was once a top prospect. He hasn’t stayed healthy and needs a chance to play. Plus he is a better defender than EYJ. I wouldn’t base anything on a very small sample size so far.

  18. @43

    I am fine with giving Maybin some time in CF to see what we got there. I just do not understand this giving EYJ all this playing time. EYJ makes a good 5th OF and pinch runner, but he is in no way starter.

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