If Mets Hired Frank Wren and They Made a Movie About It Game Thread

Some of my favorite threads are the ones where we talk about who we’d cast in a fake movie. So:

If I were the Wren’s I would try to troll the Braves as hard as I could for the forseeable future. The fact that this story came from a Wren is pretty hilarious. -gaz, April 17th, 2015 at 9:49 am

Imagine a world in which Wren gets the Phillies or Mets GM job. They could’ve just fired him, but no, they had to try to ruin his career… -Adam R, April 17th, 2015 at 10:12 am

So, it’s a classic revenge movie. He won 96 games for them, and they fire him a year later. He’s not getting mad. He’s getting even. He is…


The Clubhouses:
Melvin “B.J.” Upton, Jr.: Derek Luke
Justin Upton: Rob Brown
David Wright: Jeremy Renner
Terry Collins: William Forsythe
Fredi Gonzalez: Miguel Ferrer

The Executive Lounges:
Frank Wren: William Fichtner
John Hart: Ed Harris
John Schuerholz: Michael Gambon
Fred Wilpon: Beau Bridges

Featuring Michael Imperioli as Rob Manfred, and Clint Eastwood as Bud Selig.

Edward suggests Richard Gere for Wren. Any other cast suggestions? We’ve got a whole lot of roster spots to fill!

105 thoughts on “If Mets Hired Frank Wren and They Made a Movie About It Game Thread”

  1. Not sure how a Brit ends up as Scherholtz… I’d go Harrison Ford or Alec Baldwin.

    Also William Shattner as Bud Selig but really William Shattner. I always imagined Selig’s last couple years in office as him drunk and hitting on interns in zero fucks given mode.

  2. Freddie Freeman: Adam Driver
    EY Jr.: Kevin Hart
    Chipper Jones: Liam Neesons! or Joel McHale maybe?

  3. Haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve always thought Kevin Spacey would make a good Schuerholz of the 90’s. So if there are any substantial flashbacks to that time then I’d vote Spacey.

    Also, he’s Taiwanese, but the guy who played Kato in the Green Hornet remake could be a good Kawakami maybe? And hell, give Jason Sudeikis a shot as Derek Lowe, see what kind of magic he could work.

  4. Sandra Bullock as Kim Hudson, Julianne Moore as Alex Wood’s mom, Pete Rose as himself, Benicio Del Toro as Carlos Tosca, Carl Weathers as TP, Tom Wilkinson as Tony DeMacio, and James Franco as Jordan Schafer.

  5. Fredi should be played by George Laird in his debut role.

    And the dad from Modern Family should play Chip Caray.

  6. And the dad from Modern Family should play Chip Caray.

    Both are clueless and have zero command of the English language.

  7. This is only going to get better as the season unfolds and the REAL Braves start showing up. It’s not like we are going to want to talk about the baseball being ‘played’.

  8. B.J. Upton should be played by Dave Chapelle. Justin Upton by Tom Lister, Jr. Chapelle could really nail the post-called-strike-three hysterics of Melvin.

  9. Is there a reason the pitcher can’t catch a pop fly in the front of the mound? Freeman almost missed that.

  10. Whatever the rule changes are to challenges this year, it’s a huge improvement. 2014, with the managers waddling out to the umpires and standing around waiting for a signal from the dugout, and seemingly for every other play, was just painful.

  11. @54 Thanks, Captain Obvious, says the guy who piles on after you’ve self-deprecated

  12. Well, Simmons, way to prove me wrong. Maybe they CAN come back and tie the game three times.

  13. Fredi is eating nachos on the toilet. How much longer is he going to be allowed to “manage.”

  14. Fredi is building Julio’s confidence for the stretch run. He has to learn he can pitch out of trouble.

    Or he’s playing angry birds in the dugout

  15. Good decision here by fredi to let Avilan pitch to the bottom of the order since it’s such a tough RHB lineup. Avilan isn’t of much use otherwise

  16. Wow, was not expecting us to take two different leads tonight. I’m loving this low-expectations/being-surprised theme to this season.

  17. Inning over, but Reitsma Room is gone. I hope Grilli has more confidence right now than I do.

  18. I feel like we should get a week’s worth of wins for that game. All that effort for one win seems cruel.

  19. On the Toronto radio feed they were talking about what a great person and presence Gomes is and that he keeps the clubhouse in line, no bitching about playing time…

    I don’t really believe in this team yet but I am having more fun then I thought I would.

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