Braves beat the Phillies 4 – 2

B.J. Upton and Justin Upton both made great defensive plays and both homered to gave Aaron Harang his 12th win of the season after winning just 2 times in his last 7 starts.

Once again, Aaron did what he usually does, … 8 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks in 6+ innings. Who knew that Aaron Harang would pitch over 200 innings and have 25 quality starts, which is more than Cole Hamels, Clayton Kershaw, Jordan Zimmermann, or Stephen Strasburg? All that for a million bucks.

B.J.’s 12th homer came with the game tied in the top of the third and Justin’s 29th came after Freddie Freeman walked in the 7th, giving the Braves a 4 – 2 lead. Both Uptons also threw runners out at home. Extra nice!!

Aaron departed with 2 outs and a 4 – 2 lead. Chasen Shreve finished the 7th by getting Ben Revere to ground out to 3rd. David Carpenter looked good to lock down the 8th.

Craig Kimbrel made it interesting in the 9th. A hit, an error, a walk and the bases were loaded. However, Craig got Revere to line out to Andrelton who made a diving play to his right to end the game.

It was number 46 for Kimbrel.

After a 17 – 9 start, we ended 5 and 19, depending on how tomorrow turns out. With John Hart at the realm, there will almost certainly be changes. He’s got nothing left to prove so let’s hope he is willing to take a few risks to get another championship in Atlanta.

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  1. Thanks, ChasT.

    And I raise my steamy mug of coffee to Aaron Harang, the biggest, most handsome bargain of the major leagues. Good work, BH. We’ll miss you. I hope you find some good cream for the bags under your eyes.

  2. John Hart basically said Braves need more team speed, Fredi deserves another chance, and guys need to have better years.

  3. I love that Twitter thread because it is so much fan stupidity condensed near perfectly into a tight space.

  4. Season over on a winning streak. Yay. Getting no hit after the first inning does not matter anymore. That is so 2014.

    Thank you, Braves Journal.

  5. Not that it matters, but finished tied with the Mets. Can’t like that.

    Nonetheless, thanks Braves Journalers for sharing the relative misery, and here’s an especially Hot Stove.

  6. @21

    That’s the funny thing about the GM role. If at some point during the offseason Frank Wren said, “Ya know, we think Aaron Harang is going to have a better season than Tim Hudson, so we’re gonna let Huddy go and pick up Big Handsome,” we would have gone crazy. But we let Huddy go because of Beachy, then Beachy gets injured, so Wren signs a reclaim, the reclaim ends up having a great season, and Wren looks like a genius.

    Man, if only BJ Upton had gotten injured in the beginning of the year and we were forced to do something about it…

  7. Got back in this afternoon and was able to catch the last couple of innings of the game. I didn’t think I’d get to see any more baseball this season, and it was fun to see the Braves go out on a win. Because the team reaches the playoffs so much, I’m not accustomed to them winning their last game.

    Anyone pick up the recap for Smitty today, or should I put something up? I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but if I can help, I’m willing to.

  8. Man, if only BJ Upton had gotten injured in the beginning of the year and we were forced to do something about it…

    The last time the Braves were forced to do something about center field in the midst of the season, it led to Nate McLouth.

  9. Conspiracy theory – there’s a very good chance we’re not going to be be very good next year, and Fredi is being kept around to take the blame if/when that happens.

  10. @28 No problem. I’ll throw something up; if someone else is already writing one, I’ll either not post mine or delete it.

  11. @29 Or, even to a lesser extent, the new GM won’t want to get his way on everything and look bad if it doesn’t work.

    Basically the same thing, but I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy

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