38 thoughts on “Rangers 3, Braves 2”

  1. We finally get to face someone who has been a key contributor in their terrible pitching staff. Can’t not hit this guy today.

  2. @4

    Way more fun to pretend that the 25-man Cubs roster is all being replaced by a single entity, “Krussell,” and that your home is about to be cramped with a multilingual assortment of young athletes than to think about what you really meant.

  3. Ha, ok to be more specific, I think the 5 year outlook for the Cubs looks somewhat promising. The outlook for the Braves is third and fourth place finishes while paying guys big money not to play.

  4. Most miserable sports city in the nation is definitely living up to its billing this weekend. I was counting on our football teams to bring some joy, but looks like that isn’t gonna work either.

    Let’s recap:

    Braves – hog-tied by bad contracts, nothing in the cupboard, losing guys to FA in a couple of years

    Hawks – total shit-show, new ownership will have to overcome a mountain of bad PR, no players that get fans excited, no fans that give a damn, team would probably be moved if there was anywhere else to go

    Falcons – worst defense in the league, might win 6 games if skill players stay healthy

    UGA – seems to always have talent but the collective IQ of coaching staff approaches room temperature, record against top 20 opponents is utterly depressing

    Tech – irrelevant for decades

    Let’s go soccer team!!!!?!!?!?!

  5. @9, figured I’d let it all out. Not sure which stage of grief I’m in, but acceptance isn’t far away.

  6. Yeah, good thing we signed Doumit over the winter. Otherwise we’d just be giving the other team an out every time the DH spot in the order came up.

  7. Another runner at 3rd with 1 out and we can’t score him. It’s pretty pointless to let a .199 hitter DH. Id rather let Laird swing the bat.

  8. CSG, think about all the value we’re getting back by not letting him make a fool of himself in the outfield, though.

  9. Continuing to play Ryan Doumit under any circumstances reeks of an organization that won’t admit when it’s made a mistake. He is miserable. He is completely miserable. We talk about there being no place in the line-up to hide Andrelton, but there’s no place in the stadium to hide Doumit.

    And I swear on my mother that’s the last bad thing I’ll say about Doumit until his next at bat.

  10. Chip: “A bad bounce cost Minor the game’s first run.”

    I think I need to fix that for him. “A bad bounce cost Minor the game.” There, done.

  11. Freddie was about to throw that ball back to Minor—even he didn’t think Minor had gotten the pickoff. However, watching the Rangers that half inning made me even more embarrassed that we’re in a good position to be swept by them today.

  12. Even if Mike had pitched a shutout, he could not have won. Someday, somehow, the Braves must address this abysmal offense.

    Enjoy (?) the rest of the game.

  13. What is more morbid: Watching the game to find out if anyone’s gotten fired yet, or watching the game to find out what’s happening with Gattis?

  14. “Everybody returning to Atlanta after this game, take one step forward. Not so fast, Hale, Upton, Upton.”

  15. I guess I actually appreciate the Rangers, for ending the last bit of delusion that this team could get into the postseason.

  16. 34- I missed that cut of Babe, with the farmer’s family sitting down to a fine ham dinner.

    But what else can be done with this team? Little Leaguers know things these guys have forgotten, like the need to shorten your swing to bring runners home from third with less than two outs.

  17. Maybe the team knows that Fredi and Wren are gone if they don’t make the playoffs, and are tanking it on purpose. If that’s the case then I feel better about things already.

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