Braves 1 Fish 0


Alex Wood is a very good pitcher. If his team could score runs for him, he might have 15 wins. Don’t forget he spent a month and a half in the bullpen. I imagine he will undergo 14 Tommy John surgeries over the next five years.

Wood was outstanding. He went eight, striking out 12 Fish and scattering five hits.

The Braves decided to give Wood only one run on Sunday, when El Oso Blanco crushed a 416 footer in the second. Thankfully, that is all we would need. I am not sure how you only score one run on 11 hits, but these Braves are capable of anything.

BJ Upton had two hits, so I am sure Fredi will move him back to the lead off spot.

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  1. Re: @54 from the last thread

    I understand the tendency to shove the endings of the last few seasons out of one’s mind, but that’s not actually true. The 2012 team finished September/October on a 20-10 tear.

  2. The Marlins and Braves both scored 6 runs in this series. I guess the Braves are just better at knowing how to make theirs count.

  3. MVP
    Not a Slave Anymore
    Throw-in from the Chris Johnson Trade
    Little Goose
    The Defense
    Fredi Gonzalez
    Persian Julius

    Looking pretty good, although you’d think Fredi would have played the match up with the Big White Bear against Hollywood Cole (Sliced up! Wham! Bam!)

  4. Our 9/1 callups are: Jose Constanza, Joey Terdoslavich, Christian Bethancourt, Juan Jaime and Chasen Shreve.

    We should have bid more for Jorge Soler.

  5. @7

    But then we wouldn’t have had any cash to spare for Chris Johnson!

    Side note: I hope we don’t start playing September Baseball now that we have a couple more bullpen pitchers. Three batters per pitcher! Make it happen Bud! Everyone gives a lame duck a pass.

  6. @DOBrienAJC: #Braves lineup: Heyward 9, Bonifacio 8, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Johnson 5, Gosselin 4, Simmons 6, Laird 2, Teheran 1

    Id like to see


  7. Per DOB: #Braves lineup: Heyward 9, Bonifacio 8, Freeman 3, JUpton 7, Johnson 5, Gosselin 4, Simmons 6, Laird 2, Teheran 1

    Great choices against a lefty

  8. Bottom of the first, 0-0, JHey on 2nd, Constanza 3-1 count, tries to bunt, Joe: “Good idea”… Hm.

  9. @15

    He doesn’t know that you’re not allowed to bring in another pitcher after your opponent burns a pinch-hitter? I guess you could argue that, since the umpires inexplicably allowed him to do it, it’s on them and not him, but that’s twice as stupid as anything Fredi’s ever done.

  10. Our table setters did their job, but the heart of the lineup looked pretty bad. I have a feeling that inning will come back to bite.

  11. @15

    Furthermore, you don’t have to look very far to find word of trouble with his in-game managerial decisions and with the clubhouse atmosphere. So yes, there’s plenty of reason not to think replacing Fredi with Bo Porter is necessarily such a swift idea.

  12. Yet again, leaving two men on base. This has happened five times in the last seven innings. This is wearisome.

  13. So, no runs on Saturday, 1 yesterday, and no hits thru 5 today. I’m trying to figure out why I watch less baseball this season. Bring back the steroids.

  14. So I was deciding whether or not I wanted to buy the package for September so I could watch the Braves playoff hunt. Watching this game I think I might better spend my money elsewhere. Like using my cash for kindling.

  15. Lovely how Cole Hamels has as many runs as the Braves in the last 22 innings. At this point, a 31-year-old tape of Charley Lau’s cameo in “Max Dugan Returns” inserted into a VCR belching smoke would be a better hitting coach than what we have.

  16. Why did Fredi want to intentionally walk the 8 hitter? Either

    (a) Cole Hamels is faking and the Phils really want to use a pinch hitter. In which case, this decision is stupid because you give a free pass in exchange for getting to go after Sizemore instead of Asche (minimal gain, potentially costly price).

    or (b) Hamels isn’t faking and they really want him back out there. In which case, this decision is stupid because you should want to go after a 108-pitch-count Hamels during a hot day game.

    Instead, Fredi says “Ok, Asche is 2-2 against Tehran today. He’s killing him man. We gotta take the bat outta that guy’s hand. And as a bonus, we get Hamels off the field. He’s got a no-no going for Bobby’s sake! Gotta take the ball outta that guy’s hand. … And I can force them to show their hand. *Mental high five* for cleverness.”

  17. I’m at work, so I’ve only been keeping a half eye on this game. Just realized we’re getting no hit. Honestly, this offense kindof deserves the embarrassment.

  18. @35

    Oh, for the love of God! Are we not willing to admit there’s a difference between 105-or-so pitches through six and 90-or-so pitches through seven now?

    EDIT: Also, they said Hamels asked out. So are we also not willing to admit there’s a difference between Hamels asking out and Minor not asking out?

  19. Has there ever been a position player with 126 games played in a season to get 25% of his RBIs in a single game (Revere, Ben)?

  20. @39 Sure, but apparently, we not willing to admit there are times – like in the middle of a playoff run – that some statistical accomplishment has less value than the winning a game because the players will riot or something.

  21. @42

    My memory’s a little hazy, but I do seem to remember us winning that game.

    EDIT: So is Upton hurt or is Fredi trying to get no-hit?

  22. Couldn’t do worse. Don’t know what the holdup is, beyond the “we don’t do things that way” folderol. Time to relieve Walker and Fletcher of their duties.

  23. I went back to read the proclamations of PLAYOFF HOPE at the end of yesterday’s thread, just because.

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