This Team Is Bad. Game Thread.

I don’t know what to do any more. I think I’m in the fourth stage of grief (1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance) over the 2014 Braves, otherwise known as the “Buddy Carlyle phase.” Here is a short list of things that you have my personal permission to do tonight, other … Continue reading “This Team Is Bad. Game Thread.”

Nats 4, Braves 1 in 11 innings

4 hours of a rain delay and 11 innings made it a long long long night…. As a result of missing several opportunities to score, the Braves were handed a very tough loss last night sometime after 2:30 am. This game probably should have been called, however just moments before 11:00 EST, the Braves took the field against … Continue reading “Nats 4, Braves 1 in 11 innings”