San Diego 5, Drab City 2 The box score, if you care.

I said it in the game thread, and it’s worth repeating now – This team is thoroughly, utterly, and completely mediocre. Since I’m still having trouble with the BBRef linking tool, I will recap the game without mentioning any names – although there are quite a few Braves who deserve to be called out. And not in the good call out way.

Anyway, the bottom of the 8th was a microcosm of the season as a whole, a brief flurry of activity, a false raising of hope, followed by the crushing of said hope. Last night felt like the turning point of the season. Back in the late 80s, the turning point usually came five minutes after the First Pitch of Opening Day when the first Rick Mahler meatball was ceremonially crushed into the stands. the second game when the first Zane Smith meatball was ceremonially crushed into the stands. I know we’re only 2.5 out and it’s a long season and yada yada, but it sure feels, after last night, that the Braves have peaked and are on the downslope. And with the August schedule looming, if we don’t sweep the rest of this series, it will be a disaster of Biblical proportions. You know, dogs and cats living together type stuff.

Anyway, I’ll email 500 quatloos to the first person to correctly suss the reference in the title line.

45 thoughts on “San Diego 5, Drab City 2

  1. 11 game home stand against the Phils, Marlins, and Padres. We’re 3-5 so far, not exactly playoff calibur teams here.

  2. Four hits … you saw that coming. Never heard of the Padres starter and he shuts down the hometown nine.


    Rick Mahler’s incredible streak of sensational first-game performances continued Tuesday night as the Atlanta Braves beat the Philadelphia Phillies, 6-0.

    It was Mahler’s third complete-game shutout on Opening Day, tying him for the major-league record with Cy Young and Chris Short. In addition, Mahler is unbeaten in four season-opening starts and has not allowed a run in those four games — a 34-inning streak.

    Just sayin’…

  4. Yes, I’d much prefer the front office realize they’re not going to win the division before the trading deadline so they can restock the farm system a bit …

  5. To me, the biggest crime the 2014 braves have committed is just being super boring. During stretches like this, they can be hard to root for.

  6. #6 – I’m not sure why, but I agree. There’s no excitement outside of watching Andrelton playing defense. Just a boring bunch.

  7. The Red Sox just got the Giants 2nd and 8th best prospect according to John Sickels for Jake Peavy, who’s owed roughly 6 million dollars and is sporting a 4.74 ERA.

    Our equivalent according to grading scale? Peraza and Sims.There’s reason Frank Wren is staying quiet. Holy smokes.

  8. 7: I think it’s just that they don’t score runs. As soon as they go down by 2 or more, you essentially know the game is over. Pretty much the opposite of the 2012 team.

  9. It’s a seller’s market, that’s for sure.

    Gattis can also be exciting. But yeah…it’s not a fun team.

    Off-topic: Given Sam’s memorable analogy from the preseason Kimbrel write-up and various folks’ observation that “Shae Simmons” is an astoundingly apt pornstar name, I’ve decided to start calling Shae “Cinemax” from here on out.

  10. Let’s trade Harang or Minor and move Hale back to the rotation. We could get a decent return and wouldn’t see much drop off…

  11. No team that wants to win this year could trade Harang.

    If he had this year somewhere else, I’d be careful trading for him. I don’t know if he’ll be good next year. But damn if he isn’t doing it at this time and in this place.

  12. No team that wants to win this year could trade Harang.

    If he had this year somewhere else, I’d be careful trading for him. I don’t know if he’ll be good next year. But damn if he isn’t doing it at this time and in this place.

  13. Ugh, so John Rocker is being his typical classy self in Cooperstown this weekend. No surprise I guess. What saddens me is that Ryan Klesko is sitting right next to him. Klesko was one of my first favorite Braves and this tarnishes the good memories I have of him lumbering through left field and mashing at the plate.

  14. @12
    Jake Peavy had a 4.71 ERA and a higher FIP, had a 14 million dollar contract and was just traded for the #2 and #8 prospect from the Giants. I think many in this board undervalue what Harang could bring back on the trade market.0

  15. Anyone want Mike Carp? He’s requested the Red Sox trade him.

    Bad year, but in very limited opportunities. He’s been good very recently, and is left handed.

  16. Kimbrel… When someone asks you if your a god you strike him out!

    Ghostbusters may be needed to turn this team around

  17. This is one long half-inning, all courtesy of the Padres pitcher’s inability to Take The Out Stupid.

  18. Would that Drab City be the album by the Features or the Care Bear Movie?

    C’mon Braves! Be a Care Bear and play everyday like you care!

  19. When faced with the decision to a.) take a chance and dive for the ball, or b.) pull up and keep it in front of you, count on Justin Upton to choose c.

  20. Boy, Andrelton grounded the first pitch softly back to the pitcher for a double play. You almost never see that.

  21. I wonder what Tommy La Stella’s batting practices look like. I bet he can hit the ball any place he wants.

  22. @10: I’m all behind ‘Cinemax’…

    Shae is probably friends with Jenna Haze and Lexi Belle.

  23. Okay, Varvaro. I’ve resisted all season, but you’ve convinced me. I’m a believer in your relief pitching skills.

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