Braves 2, Dodgers…I don’t want to talk about it

ESPN Box Score After working a 12-hour day today, I came home to feverishly scrub my house for six hours in anticipation of my lease expiring tomorrow and my wanting my security deposit back. As much as I normally hate west coast games, I was glad for this one, since my plan was that having … Continue reading “Braves 2, Dodgers…I don’t want to talk about it”

Bears 2, Religious people need not apply

A Monday afternoon affair. Well not really as torrid as one of those, not that I would really know, I just know they are always called torrid. I saw a snippet here and there on GameDay. Otherwise, like Sergeant Schulz, “I know nothing.” I can’t tell you if they “looked good” or if the pitch … Continue reading “Bears 2, Religious people need not apply”

Braves 8 Padres 3. They Were Chopping in New York

There was a baseball game played in Atlanta today. However, all Braves fans’s hearts, minds, thoughts and attention was in a little town in New York. As you know, today was induction day. (Here is the Box Score) Growing up in the south you gravitate towards your closest SEC team and the Atlanta Braves. I … Continue reading “Braves 8 Padres 3. They Were Chopping in New York”

Braves 5, Padres 3 (by spike)

So, San Diego with a lineup of household names (of tango singers or spelling bee contestants, apparently) against the Braves ace, Confirmation bias be damned, it’s a familiar scenario. Patented Braves rally of runners on second and third, nobody out yielding one run, followed by a DP failing to score a runner from third with … Continue reading “Braves 5, Padres 3 (by spike)”

San Diego 5, Drab City 2 The box score, if you care. I said it in the game thread, and it’s worth repeating now – This team is thoroughly, utterly, and completely mediocre. Since I’m still having trouble with the BBRef linking tool, I will recap the game without mentioning any names – although there are quite a few Braves … Continue readingSan Diego 5, Drab City 2

Marlins 3, Braves 2 (By Kyle B.)

On Thursday evening, the Braves turned the ball over to Aaron Harang in an effort to even the series against the Marlins ahead of next week’s significant West Coast road trip. Despite their inconsistent play since the All-Star Break, the Braves entered the contest only one game back of Washington (two in the loss column) … Continue reading “Marlins 3, Braves 2 (By Kyle B.)”