AL Team win, Braves loss

Interleague baseball has not been good to us this season so far. The Braves sport an 0-5 record against the Junior Circuit going in to today’s game, and in each game the Braves were as instrumental in the other team’s victory as the other team was.

That held true against the Mariners on Tuesday, when the Braves jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first and then let Seattle out score them 7-1 the rest of the way. It was not a fun way to lose.

Mike Minor looks to break the streak and lead the Braves to a series split today, when the team plays at noon since we’re at home and have an off day tomorrow. Enjoy sneaking in some baseball at work today, since we’ll have to wait until late Friday night to watch them play again.

31 thoughts on “AL Team win, Braves loss”

  1. We are destined to lose today 6-2 or something as SEA is putting out a laughably horrendous lineup.

    @karabellespn 5m
    This might be worst lineup this season. Bloomquist at 1B! Cano surrounded by Endy Chavez and Stefan Romero. NL park so Iwakuma bats. Wow.

  2. I hope everybody knows that the game is already on?! Free game on as well.

  3. @3 Braves have failed to score through 3 innings; are we sure our own lineup knows the game is on?

  4. Hibernation Mode has carried over from last night.

    C’mon, Mike. You’re not likely to get much help.

  5. 11 consecutive scoreless innings and Mikey barfed up a walk to an AL pitcher. Time to walk away from this, and hope that it works out like last Friday night.

  6. Did BJ pass the strikeout bug to Freddie? A hat trick for The Offense by the 6th inning is pretty much summing up this game.

  7. That play demonstrates why Heyward is an above average defender. While BJ ran slowly and kept looking at La Stella, Heyward ran full out and caught the ball.

  8. Ah yes…and Chris Johnson did what he does second best to striking out, which is hit into untimely double plays

  9. Ugh, I’m starting to have Garrett Anderson/Casey Kotchman feelings about Chris Johnson. He brings absolutely nothing to the table while seeming unlikable. So glad we could extend him!

  10. God, what a miserable game to watch. I should know by now–if it’s a free game, it’s gonna be painful. This sure feels like a June Swoon.

  11. Yeah, the free games are always brutal. It’s rather uncanny.

    Wren has got to make finding a bullpen lefty his top priority right now, followed closely by doing something about our horrendous bench.

  12. It seems like a pretty uniform sentiment around these parts that the Chris Johnson extension was baffling and ill-advised. Actually ‘baffling’ isn’t the right word, as I’m pretty sure I know what the Braves were thinking: “Hey this guy might lead the league in average some day! Let’s lock him up now!” Ugh.

  13. @18
    I had the privilege to interview Kubitza when they were on the road in Pensacola. He’s a really good guy that understands his game. He talked with me about using OPS to measure his game as he knows that he’s not going to be a 20-30 HR guy but takes pride in his gap power and the ability to work counts. He also stated that he’d like to cut down on his Ks as he progresses through the minors. He has a .395 OBP this year, but his power has all but disappeared. That’s actually pretty normal at AA Mississippi as they play in the Minor’s most pitcher-friendly division. The only problem with Kyle is that he’s error prone (has 9 this year, and a lackluster .924 fielding %). He’ll have to prove he can stick at 3rd with the glove or he’ll make Chris Johnson look like Brooks Robinson over there. He’s most definitely athletic enough to get better.

  14. Well, that sucked.

    CJ’s having a lousy season so far, but he’s not going anywhere.

    Yup, that’s what he does. As a TB Ray, he tormented Yankee fans with that act.

  15. @27. I agree and I still don’t understand the extension. However, I do agree that it’s hard to find an adequate replacement to play third base, but I am not sure why we had to jump to this quick conclusion that CJ is that guy we want at third base.

  16. @28

    Can’t date forever. Gotta put a ring on it. CJ was good in AZ and great in ATL. Too early to conclude he’s a bust.

  17. @29 I am just thinking if we should have saved the money to keep both Justin and Heyward.

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