Typographical Error 5, Giants 0

Reports from the Pacific rim are scattered and confused, but seem to be stating that the Atlanta Braves scored 5 runs against a pitching staff not employed by the Chicago Cubs. All while holding the San Francisco Giants to less than that. These reports, if taken seriously, would suggest that the Braves beat the Giants … Continue reading “Typographical Error 5, Giants 0”

Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair Game Thread

In a stunning offensive explosion, the Braves’ bats woke up, silenced their critics, turned a corner, didn’t try to do too much, brought out the brooms, and swept the Cubs because our pitching continues to be awesome despite the fact that our hitters thoroughly suck. The Giants are basically playing like the best team in … Continue reading “Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair Game Thread”

Braves 5 Chicago Penicillin 3 2

ESPN BOX Nothing will cure what ails you like the Chicago Cubs. The Braves got the scoring going early. In the bottom of the second Ryan Doumit drove in Evan Gattis. Then Andrelton Simmons drove in Chris Johnson (who was seven for eleven this weekend) making it 2-0. After the Cubbies tied it up in … Continue reading “Braves 5 Chicago Penicillin 3 2″

Braves 2, Cubs 0 (by chasT)

Game 2 in this series was another pitching treat with Jeff Samardzija taking on Ervin Santana. Both are pitching lights-out this season and look like No. 1 staff aces. Last night’s game was pitching FUN! Samardzija, all 6’ 5”, 225 pounds of Notre Dame grad of him, is 0-3 in seven starts this year, but … Continue reading “Braves 2, Cubs 0 (by chasT)”

Stockholm Syndrome Is Thinking That Three Runs Is An Offensive Outburst Game Thread

Last night, the Braves scored three runs in ten innings — and, sadly, that equalled their run total over their previous 18 innings. This team looks about as comfortable at the plate as William Bendix in The Babe Ruth Story. But a win’s a win. Maybe tomorrow we can score three runs in nine innings, … Continue reading “Stockholm Syndrome Is Thinking That Three Runs Is An Offensive Outburst Game Thread”

Braves 3 Cubs 2, 10 Innings (by Seat Painter)

So there’s this thing in college baseball called the Friday Starter. It’s a team’s stud pitcher who starts every Friday game because that’s usually the conference rivals, and he’s supposed to be your team’s ace. Julio Teheran is definitely the Braves’ Friday Starter. Julio was dominant. Again. And he wound up with a no decision. … Continue reading “Braves 3 Cubs 2, 10 Innings (by Seat Painter)”

This Offense Is Pretty Much Driving Me Crazy Game Thread

We’ve played 33 games. We’ve scored more than one run 20 times. Five shutouts and eight one-run games on the season — and four of those one-run performances have come within the last six games. This offense is a lot like Kelly Johnson or Adam LaRoche or Yunel Escobar — hey, come to think of it, we’ve … Continue reading “This Offense Is Pretty Much Driving Me Crazy Game Thread”

Braves 2 Cardinals 1 (<—this really happened)

The streak is dead! Eight days after Freddie Freeman treated us to a walk off hit in the 10th inning, the Braves finally remembered how to win again. It wasn’t one of those offensive outbursts that we’re all hoping we’ll get to see soon and the team still turns into pumpkins when runners get into … Continue reading “Braves 2 Cardinals 1 (<—this really happened)”