102 thoughts on “An Important Message From Mike Mills Is Today’s Game Thread”

  1. I’ll voice the dissenting opinion in this thread: music about baseball is just too on the nose for me.

  2. @3, I didn’t say it was a good song, just that it was my favorite, mainly for the sentiment. Unfortunately REM’s songwriting chops vanished at some point in the early ’90s.

  3. A balk that moves our runner into scoring position and then we immediately cash in with a RBI single? That’s so not the 2014 Braves, but it sure is nice to see.

  4. I don’t think any team can turn a 3-6-3 double play like Freddie and Simmons can. That play is so pretty when they do it.

  5. Chris Johnson doesn’t hit for power, doesn’t walk, is not a good defender, and his empty batting average is suffering. It’s like we have Francoeur again.

  6. How is Chris Johnson not batting -.5000000? At .258, he has a higher batting average than Heyward, Gattis, B.J., and Doumit.

  7. Cue the circus music. I think I might become a Red Sox fan because the Braves suck right now

    And really, Uggla is worse?

    The supposed great outfield defense doing the job yet again

  8. The Braves will self-destruct in 3…2…1…

    We’re going to lose 4 very winnable games against the Red Sox, I can just feel it.

  9. In their defense, they really aren’t concentrating, so it’s hard to determine what their level of ability is.

  10. Did they really call that La Stella shit a hit? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!

  11. It’s really awesome how literally every Red Sox ball in play turns into a not-out. That’s just a totally likely thing to have happen.

  12. That botched play by La Stella could have been a double play leaving the bases empty and 2 outs.

  13. At least for once Fredi is doing stuff I agree with. That will make the loss a bit more palatable.

  14. Why does David Ross need a scouting report? Lol he caught Kimbrel for 2 years.

  15. Well, Kimbrel needs the work, I guess. Not like there’s going to be a save situation.

  16. So is Walker’s hitting philosophy to take strikes and swing at balls?

    Heyward over matched and way behind two high fastballs yet again

  17. For the record I didn’t agree with the bunt call. Fat chance of him doing anything differently though. You have 3 outs left. Giving up one on purpose is the dumbest thing ever.

  18. Does any team in baseball have a worse hitting philosophy than the Braves?

    I really hope the front office notices this.

  19. Braves have always given an anti-sabremetrics-and-proud-of-it vibe. Maybe it’s different behind closed doors. Who can say for sure unless you work there.

    The bizarre thing is that they were pretty open last year about seeing more pitches and grinding out at bats early to get into the pen mid-game. This year they decided to be more aggressive. That’s working well so far.

  20. Greg Walker was quoted the other day as saying we swing at too many bad pitches. He’s not an idiot.


  22. Yep, we lost all four games in a series that we could have easily swept. Very winnable games there that we handed to the Sox. Bleh. Hard to win when you can’t hit or field.

  23. Not a bad throw. Walks will beat you every time. Unfortunately, our team would rather swing at crap than take a walk.

  24. It’s as if we were playing the World Series against Boston with home field advantage. Swept in four, naturally.

  25. He was safe at 2nd anyways. TLS missing that one just spared us 3 more minutes of agony.

  26. There may have been worse four-game series in the regular season, but I can’t think of any right now.

  27. To be fair, blame goes to LaStella, BJ, and Justin in those last two innings. Team isn’t focused apparently.

  28. DOB will write nine articles on how the fans suck and Fredi, BJ, Walker and Uggla are a four headed monster of greatness.

  29. Not sure the outfield gaffes made much of difference to anything but my mood.

    LaStella was the difference. I think he is dealing with some nerves still.

  30. Not sure the outfield gaffes made much of difference to anything but my mood.

    LaStella was the difference. I think he is dealing with some nerves still.

  31. That this team is still in first (maybe 0.5 out now) is quite a storyline. However, I just see too many holes to finish above third.

  32. Justin and BJ let two totally unexceptional, garden variety base hits bound past them. I’m still shaking my head at seeing two major leaguers let that happen in such a short span of time.

  33. Think about this for a minute: BJ and Uggla are probably the two worst everyday players in the majors and have been for a year and a half…and we have literally nobody in our entire farm system that’s any better.

  34. If the Braves were in a bigger market, the media would call out the front office and the coaching staff on this crap and this wouldn’t happen as much.

    Instead we get homer articles and tons of crap on how we should be thankful to be in first place in a weak division.

  35. We would literally have 4-5 more wins this season if we could simply catch the ball. I know offenses slump (of course, ours slumps for like a month at a time), but defense never should. This may be yet another hint that we just don’t have a good team this year (being tied for first place aside). World Series contenders get beat; pretenders give games like that one away.

  36. krussell: That’s one heck of an observation, and a scary one. Maybe Rachel Phelps will buy the team and berate them until Fredi motivates them to win just to piss her off.

  37. @82 and @83 The top headline on our MLB.com website right now is “Braves among game’s best at finding top talent”. Ironic for both of those comments, in different ways.

  38. DOB will have an article praising someone then in the comment section he will rip a fan who calls him on it. He is part of the problem.

  39. The feed from Johnson looked catchable to me. Who are we blaming? Because I’m buying a pitchfork at Home Depot right now. Who has the torches?

  40. @90, blame the offense for not scoring. 3 runs is a loss unless you are playing the Cubs/Mets/Marlins/Phillies/etc.

  41. @89

    “The stats showing the numbers of TJ surgeries are totally blown out of proportion. The Braves have had some bad luck. But with the leadership of Fredi Gonzalez and the proven ability of BJ Upton, the Braves keep winning. Any fan who is critical is a moron and doesn’t deserve to read anything I write. Now for some classic Greg Almond lyrics that I have copied and pasted.”

  42. I was gonna post our record with and without Uggla in the lineup, but I think it’s just too soon…

  43. #88
    Don’t like him? You don’t have to read him.

    But he has nothing to do with the Braves dropping the ball all over the field for the past 4 games.

  44. I hate to see them play poorly, but I’ve really lost a lot of interest in the regular season over the last few years because of the new playoff format. They’re still likely to make a spot and once we’re in it’s basically a crapshoot anyway.

    Still cannot fathom extending Chris Johnson. How can an organization that does so well evaluating talent miss so badly on him?

  45. Well, we’re kind of a longshot to make the playoffs this year so the regular season should be more interesting in some respects.

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