At Least We’re Not In San Francisco Open Thread/Game Thread

Well, that sucked.

All in all, though, we ended the slide and reestablished the general perception that our players are aware that hitting is broadly a good thing, even if they are unable to act on this knowledge. Onward and upward.

Punk songs got us out of that mess but they didn’t keep us out. So I tried to think of a song that isn’t punk but isn’t not punk. Good thing Redd Kross reunited!

40 thoughts on “At Least We’re Not In San Francisco Open Thread/Game Thread”

  1. Apropos of nothing, I just saw Frenchy homer in El Paso. He also misplayed a foul-out earlier too.

  2. Aaaaand Folk Hero just struck out lookin with the bases loaded on a 3-2 count. Bummer.

  3. And there’s Buddy Carlyle, striking out the only batter he faced. If they leave him in to pitch the 9th, he could end up facing Frenhy.

  4. I’ve had tickets to the Saturday night show since it was announced in March.

  5. That Redd Kross song is terrific. I’m in a band whose music was compared to theirs years ago in a review, and I didn’t really ever bother to learn more about them until now. Now that I have, I know two things: 1) My band is not quite as good as Redd Kross. 2) Redd Kross are awesome.

    I hope their music gives the Braves the push they need to kick some redbird ass.

  6. Julio was the last player playing within a year of my age. Even pitchers at that time weren’t as old as him.
    One of many great Jim Fregosi led “gets.” I think that the Braves have a lot of people talented in discerning talent, but we could live to miss Fregosi.

  7. #10
    I managed a band that opened for Redd Kross in their “Neurotica” period, say, ’87-’88. They were a little slicker than I thought they’d be, but really good, very together.

    Finished a book about Black Flag a few months ago & some of the best stories were from the 2 McDonald brothers in Redd Kross. As teenagers, they used to get their dad to drive them up from the ‘burbs to the Hollywood punk-rock shows. Dad would wait outside for them until after the show.

    That worked fine, until the LAPD decided to stamp out punk rock. When the cops invariably showed up to the venues with overwhelming force, busting heads & creating a police riot, the teenagers would have to run the gauntlet of police sticks to find their dad’s station wagon & escape back to the ‘burbs. (Ah, the good ol’ days of punk rock…)

  8. When does Uggla get a start? I mean, he remains on the roster. Seems like something has to give.

  9. Fredi, when you have as few baserunners as we do, you need to be less cavalier about running them into outs.

  10. This game is coming up on an hour long, and we are still in the bottom of the second inning.

  11. Santana did a fine job getting out of the mess he made. It’s always hard to know how much credit to give a pitcher for that.

  12. Doesn’t have good hands. Still a very good CF (defensively).

    Playing center field is 90% legs. It’s that the other 10% is the most memorable.

  13. “I don’t even know what fangraphs is…”

    Ohhhhhh! Well good for fucking you Joe.

    It’s not like you analyze or commentate on baseball for a living or anything. But still, good for you for avoiding quality baseball analysis. It’s not like it shows in your mundane commentary as you’re dragged along in Chip Caray’s wake of shit.

  14. Lol, he was talking about Fangraphs like it was witchcraft. We suck and we have the worst announcers in baseball. Not a good combo.

  15. @31/32

    Between Joe and DOB (check out his Twitter feed from this afternoon in particular), we have a collection of media that has a circle jerk moaning about the concept of advanced stats.

  16. I thought DOB’s twitter thing yesterday afternoon was fine. He said “I’m not Fangraphs,” referring to his more general audience in contrast with the somewhat specialized audiences of Fangraphs.. He didn’t say, “I don’t know what Fangraphs is” or “Fangraphs is a buncha malarkey” or anything like that.

  17. Good thing for this team, we don’t need advanced stats to tell us how bad this offense is right now. Not sure what you do to fix it either.

  18. cheer up…

    go to your local Fox Station today at noon Eastern and watch something different.

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