Julio Teheran 3, Marlins 2

ESPN Box Score I feel about Julio Teheran about how I imagine I’d feel if I had a high school-age daughter: inordinately proud of all of his accomplishments, and at the same time desperately afraid that something might happen to him. After the Braves bumbled their way through a four-game home-and-home sweep against the Red … Continue reading “Julio Teheran 3, Marlins 2”

Red Sox 4, Braves 3 (By Kyle B.)

The Braves shipped up to Boston and managed to get swept out of town in a four game home-and-home series. After getting blanked on Wednesday at Fenway, the Braves took the field against Jake Peavy looking to snap their losing streak. Entering play only a half-game up on the idle Marlins, the Braves countered with … Continue reading “Red Sox 4, Braves 3 (By Kyle B.)”

Laundry (red hosiery) 8, Stinks 6

Well, yesterday began that most important of things, “the interleague rivalry game.” 10 years before I was born, the Braves shared Boston with the Red Sox. So they are our American League rival. Right. Seinfeld said we root for laundry. But for 3 teams, that couldn’t be more true (unless you think the Cincinnati Reds … Continue reading “Laundry (red hosiery) 8, Stinks 6”

Braves 5, Brewers 4 (by Kyle B.)

Wayne Campbell: So, do you come to Milwaukee often? Alice Cooper: Well, I’m a regular visitor here, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors. The French missionaries and explorers were coming here as early as the late 1600s to trade with the Native Americans. Pete: In fact, isn’t ‘Milwaukee’ an Indian name? Alice … Continue reading “Braves 5, Brewers 4 (by Kyle B.)”